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Author Topic: Mizutori + Extended Family | Asian Pureblood Elitists  (Read 1015 times)

Richard Mizutori

    (12/11/2014 at 20:04)

the Mizutoris
Japanese, pureblood elitists

The Mizutoris originate from Japan, and are a long line of distant relatives to the Imperial Family, specifically to the princess, believed to be missing centuries ago, who had ran off with the wizard Mizutori, according to ancient records written by the first Mizutori himself. This fact is only known by members of the Mizutori family, it is tradition for when a member of the bloodline turns 21, they are then told and forced to make an unbreakable vow to not tell anyone else, no matter who they are. They hold connections with many powerful figures across Asia, and have been subtly influencing Japan for many years from “behind the scenes”, most of their actions either only for their own gain or the wizarding world, but never do they consider the welfare of muggles. They are regarded as powerful, high-ranking families in both the wizarding and muggle world.

An elitist family of purebloods who originated from Japan. They are a long line of distant relatives to the imperial family of Japan, although this is only known by the Mizutoris, and hold connections with many powerful figures across Eastern Asia, subtlety influencing Japan for centuries.

The Mizutoris mainly reside in Asia, but a few (including the children of the man branch) reside in western countries, such as England. The head of the main branch is the head of the whole family, but each individual branch has its own sort of "sub-head". Regular meetings are held between the Mizutori heads where they will share news and discuss anything of importance.

If you want to adopt a Mizutori, first ensure that the person you want isn't taken, and make sure you know you will be active with said character. Family relations are also welcome, be it enemies, allies or marriage.

Please pm Rin Hunter for any adoptions, family relation ideas, or anything else relevant, and it would be much appreciated if you didn't reply to this post, since I still have other branches yet to be added.

Thank you for reading ~.

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Richard Mizutori

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mizutori castle
Japan, Osaka

Osamu Mizutori | 64 | takeshi kitano | open
Current head of the Mizutori family's main branch, Osamu has become wise during his years as head and knows how to twist things to his advantage. He can easily manipulate others and is extremely loyal to his family. Half brother to Lynn Hunter (née Mizutori), he had always, and still has, a good relationship with her, as well as her husband, James Hunter, even naming his first child's middle name after him.

Hina Mizutori | 60 | mayumi tanaka | open
The wife of Osamu Mizutori, Hina (née Matsuda) is firm but fair. With her good judgement, she is able to make the right decisions. Her sole attention lays with her eldest child, Richard, and making sure he can reach the appropriate standards as next head of the Mizutori Japan branch.

the Mizutori children | previous residents
See "Mizutori Residence".

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Richard Mizutori

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mizutori residence
England, London

Richard James Mizutori | 24 | haruma miura | taken
The eldest child of the Japan branch and heir to the title of branch head, Richard currently lives in Hogsmeade as the acting guardian of his youngest sister, Alisa, and also holds a job in the Ministry as an auror in-training. His polite attitude is almost always insincere and has a somewhat sadistic, cold side to him.

Jun Williams Mizutori | 22 | masaki okada | taken
Second son and older twin to Adeline, Jun also lives in Hogsmeade, having moved over to London with his twin shortly after Richard and Alisa. Jun has a separate persona publicly and appears to be a relatively easy-going, friendly individual, his likable attitude making him many friends. In reality, he is as cold as his older brother, as well as being a bit of a pessimist, and is also overly protective of his family. He currently works in Hogwarts as a professor.

Adeline Tamara Mizutori | 22 | meisa kuroki | open
Adeline (or "Aline, as she likes to be called), is the younger twin to Jun, also sharing a house with him located in Hogsmeade. She has a somewhat dark sense of humor, but is generally a nice person, if you overlook her vanity and rude attitude. More interested in her looks rather than studying, Adeline was always scolded by her parents on the rare occasion where they would give her more than a glance. She can be a bit of an attention seeker due to her and her other siblings', other than Richard, neglect from their parents. She now works in St Mungos.

Alisa Beatrix Mizutori | 16 | bae suzy | open
Alisa lives in the Mizutori Residence with her older brother and acting guardian, Richard, and shares an extremely close bond with him. She appears to not have the disdain for halfbloods and muggleborns that her siblings carry, but unknowingly pities and looks down on them even though she does not intend to. Shy and reserved, Alisa will only speak when spoken to and will rarely be the one to start a conversation. She has a love for novels, as well as old muggle classics, and can often be found with her nose in a book.

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Richard Mizutori

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shiro castle
Japan, Niigata

Nori Masato Mizutori | 48 | ? | open
Info to be added.

Yaeko Umeka Mizutori | 45 | ? | open
Info to be added.

Taniko Mae Mizutori | 22 | ? | open
First born and daughter to Yaeko and Nori, Taniko is a traditionalist by nature, always sticking by the rules and doing what she's told. Her obedience towards her parents is something she is teased often about by her siblings. Nevertheless, she has a good head on her shoulders, and is very intelligent, possibly too much for her own good. Armed with her witty remarks and sarcasm, get past the first conversation and you'll have a loyal friend.

Megumi Hoshina Mizutori | 17 | ? | open
Fun loving party-animal, Megumi's the polar opposite of her older sister. As a child, she was constantly wreaking havoc and vandalizing the castle, until Taniko caught her that was. Despite her carefree personality and short temper, Leah can keep her emotions under control and doesn't buckle under stress. She's currently a student in Hogwarts.

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yoru manor
Japan, Sapporo

Rei Mizutori | 52 | ? | open
Info to be added.

Kikuko Mizutori | 49 | ? | open
Info to be added.

Kenji Yuko Mizutori | ? | takeru sato | open
An eldest child who has no interest in anything related to his family. Kenji cuts himself from the rest of his family and is a bit of a loner. He's strong minded, tough, and can be quite snappish.

Haruko Sho Mizutori | ? | tori matsuzaka | open
Calm and collected, Haruko's practically the polar opposite of his brother. Despite the other's wishes, he tries his best to pull him back to their family. The most mature of his siblings, he can also be the coldest if he wishes to.

Yasuo Takuya Mizutori | ? | kento yamazaki | open
Bold and somewhat arrogant, Yasuo doesn't know the meaning of the saying 'think before you speak'. Honest to a fault, he says whatever he likes and believes himself to be always right. His attitude tends to get him scolded by Haruko a lot.

Suzu Nori Mizutori | ? | yudai chiba | open
Quiet and underestimated, Suzu is the youngest out of him and his brothers. Although Haruko is the one who persists with him the most, Suzu is the closest to their oldest brother, Kenji. He gets attached to people easily and can be slightly clingy to his brothers.