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Author Topic: Arden Cadwallader || Tchaikovsky || Shop Permit  (Read 649 times)

Arden Cadwallader

    (04/07/2014 at 10:03)

Shop name: Tchaikovsky
Shop Type: Club/Hostel
Location: Hogsmeade / Diagon Alley / Knockturn Alley / London
Subforum? Yes please. (Will purchase subscription when permit is approved)

Short Description (50 words max):
A bed to rest your weary head for a low price, or a place to dance the night away to big band Jazz, this four-storied building has opportunity written in every nook and cranny.

Long Description (200 words min): The stone façade of Tchaikovsky isn’t flashy, with only a simple, bold lettered sign to indicate what might be there. Indeed, it would be easy to overlook the building if you didn’t know what you were looking for. A small set of steps takes the visitor down to a door that opens inward to reveal an impeccable foyer, decorated in the bold colors and geometric shapes of the art deco style that permeate the interior of Tchaikovsky. Inside, the stone that seemed so solid and opaque from the street looked more like glass, with what appeared as a low wall the only indicator that separated the street from the inside world. A handful of gold armchairs were arranged in the center of the room before a door marked “Employees only.” Upon entering, a guest could choose to go up either the left or right staircase to the first floor landing.  A fireplace crackles on either side of the door, directly facing each staircase. A chandelier hangs high over the center of the room, casting light that refuses to stay still.

The first floor landing looks out over the ground floor foyer. On the first floor landing there is a reception desk. In the center, perfectly aligned with the chandelier is a grand staircase that leads up to the second floor. On either side of the staircase were single doors: on the right was door marked “Witches” and on the left was a door marked “Wizards.” Each door led to a large room filled with bunk beds. At the back of each room were lockers and another door, through which bathrooms and showers could be accessed.

If, instead of trying to find a place to stay the night, the visitor had come to Tchaikovsky for a night of dancing, they would proceed up the staircase to the second floor. Upon arriving on the second floor, the first sight they are greeted with is what appears to be open air at the back of the club where gold couches and chairs are artfully arranged around small coffee tables. Guests can look out and up into the night sky until they reach the staircase where the appearance of sky dissolves into actual stone. To the right is a long bar decked out with golden accents and golden bar stools. Behind the spot where the staircase meets the second floor is a modest stage for the performers. A grand piano sits nearby, and a spacious dance floor is before it. Again, small tables and golden chairs can be seen as waitresses service the visitors from the bar.

Where the Sky meets the ceiling on the left side of the staircase is a spiral staircase to the third floor. Here, the wall facing the back of the building is glass with a balcony, golden tables and chairs on either side. The front wall is obscured by a simple kitchen serving room as long as a guest is available to be served. The third floor kitchen also serves breakfast to those in residence on the first floor.

Back on the ground floor behind the “Employees only” sign is a long hallway that leads back down a row of rooms set aside for performers residences. Any performer may choose to reside at Tchaikovsky so long as they perform at least 4 nights a week. All the way at the end of the hall is the main office, through which Arden’s room may be accessed, largest of all the Performer’s Residence Hall.

No one under the age of 16 may be permitted within the building except for special events. [Unenforced IC rule]

What purpose will this shop serve other than selling things and being the home of your character? Why would people want to RP there just for fun? The RP potential here is endless. Overnight stays, late night dancing, secret mobster meetings, dates.
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