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Chartreuse Greene

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Application for Hogwarts School

Name: Chartreuse Greene (Submitting as Delphinus, with a ticket in to change the name)

Birthday: June 4, 1927

Hometown: Bartley, Hampshire

Bloodline: Pureblood
Muggleborn / Halfblood / Pureblood / Unknown

Magical Strength (pick one): Divination
Divination / Transfiguration / Charms / Conjuring & Summoning

Magical Weakness (pick one): Charms
Divination / Transfiguration / Charms / Conjuring & Summoning

Year (pick two): 4th or 3rd

Chartreuse Greene was born to a pirate. Well, he wasn't really a pirate. He just happened to look like a pirate. His name was Dark Greene. He lost an eye in an unfortunate incident back in 1910 that led him to wear a patch. He was also a writer, but his accent made it sound like a raider. Chartreuse didn't know much about raiding, other than it was the business of Pirates.

Chartreuse wasn't special. She wasn't an orphan. She wasn't a nanny, far as you know. She was ordinary and gross. She wasn't much to look at, either. That is, unless you liked to look at odd things. Her hair was often oily and matted. Her fingers were usually dirty. Chartreuse wasn't playing out in the mud. She just didn't wash well. She thought it was because her father lived the life of a pirate. In all reality, her parents tried to keep her clean and well-fed, but Chartreuse was stubborn and angry about not being a pirate.

Chartreuse knew her parents were wizards, but she had much preferred to follow her father's footsteps and become a full fledged pirate. That would be the life for her. Sad days were ahead for this unkempt child. An owl delivered the news, and Chartreuse was packed up and wallabied off.

If you must know a little of her backstory, Chartreuse loved to read; however, she often forgot about her love to read when she found herself outside in the world. It was a big playground, this world. She could pretend like no other, and no other she was. She saw no need for magic because she could imagine whatever she fancied. The reality of this magic world seemed to nullify her dreams and fairy tales, rather than cement them.

Her parents was glad to see her go. They weren't tired of her. They simply hoped school would enlighten their dull child.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request:

Personality: Gross, yet imaginative.

Appearance: Gross, yet imaginative.

Please reply to one of the Sample Roleplays below.
Chartreuse Greene had not settled well into life at Hogwarts. She was frequently running behind or running into someone's behind, which led to many an awkward encounter. She was bound to crash into the boy named James who had suddenly turned in front of her.

WHAT! Haven't you ever seen a loser before? Why don't you just take a picture!"

Chartreuse was put off. She did not care for this sort of behavior in boys, at all. "My dear, James. You mustn't treat me so. I dare say you wouldn't want others cherishing pictures of you in this state, but if you say so…" She gave him the once over, pulled out her camera from her pack, and tried to snap a picture of him before he could run off or some sort.

"Just you wait. I'll run to the bathroom and try to make myself cry, so we can look like quite the pair!" Her voice was giddy in an awful way.


Previous Characters (if applicable): Paula F Klein, Adonis Blythe.

How did you find us?: You know.

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B. Llewellyn Thatcher

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Miss Greene,

Congratulations, your application to Hogwarts School has been accepted. Term begins 01 May 2014. Currently, students have gathered at Camp Loki. Your admission is joint for both the school and Camp Loki, and we encourage you to spend your summer there. Should you choose, you may also visit our Elsewhere board via the Floo Network to visit or purchase school supplies. We look forward to seeing you at the School.

B. Llewellyn Thatcher,
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