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E L S E W H E R E   A D U L T

Character Name: Zeus Ricardus
Gender: Male.
Age: 31 August 1896 - currently 44 y.o

Watsworth, Batch of 1914.

Their family seat is in Italy, somewhere near Rome. Assuming that the Italian branch will not be welcomed in Ricardus Hall, they reside in an affluent Wizarding town just outside of London.


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  • Charms: 11
  • Divination: 6.
  • Transfiguration: 7.
  • Summoning: 8.
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The Ricardi. We are here to conquer Britannia.

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Biography: (300 words minimum.)

A man in his prime, Zeus Lysander Ricardus, swilled the glass goblet before taking a sip of his fine red wine. The wench that sat on his lap, fair and eager to please, tittered and played with his hair. Zeus tried not to flinch, keeping a charming smile on his lips, to hide his disgust.

Needless to say, he did not like to be touched, much less by the women of this godforsaken country. He was not used to the nippy weather, nor was he satisfied with the lodgings his venerable host and friend had provided him. It would have to do in the meantime should he go about his business of claiming his rightful title as Head of the Ricardi of both branches.

Zeus had decided that it may be safe for him to leave for the UK alone, with Italy caught up in the war, he thought it best to leave his brothers to keep their family and their influence over the Wizarding community safe. He trusted his brothers wouldn't muck it all up, jumping at the seat he'd just vacated.

But thank the Gods for their mother, may Juno bless her, Psyche knew how to reign her boys. Italian women, though docile, held their pride in the land in which they'd thrived in and knew just how to run it. Perhaps much better than the men did, although he always thought she favoured him, he was the eldest son after all.

He would never forget all those lessons his mother had rapped into his head, the stories of the old. The tale, despite having been passed down for centuries, remained the same.

The rightful head of both branches would be the original Brittanicus, the older twin, whose very blood ran in his veins. Brittanicus had mingled with the Muggleborns and the Halfbloods, using his influence over them to rise to power.

However, Otho could not see reason with his brother's tactics and had been lying in wait for the right moment to strike his brother down. From there, the story got muddled and all relations between the two branches remained as a matter of fact; it was a taut string, fraying at the edges only held together by bitter blood and the united goal of preserving their purist bloodline and its powerful influence.

That was all Zeus had known all of his life and so he was schooled in such matters, and the lessons were thorough and unforgiving, the boy learned quickly enough that it was a matter of survival and should it come to it, the weak were weeded out and left to rot.

Such beliefs made Zeus a man of irrefutable influence and power. His austere character and unpredictability would make him a deadly foe. Much like his long dead ancestor, he could twist the expressions on his face to deal with a low-ranking peer, only to gain and turn the tide in his favour, nothing more.

When it came to the matters of the heart, Zeus only cared after his own family and no one else. If someone were to dare even meddle with one of his family, even in the slightest, he would make sure the man never saw daylight again. He would smite the world for his family and therein lie his weakness.

Although it broke his mother's heart to bid him farewell, she’d blessed his journey and shared with him a knowing smile. She'd held her eldest son, Zeus, against her bosom and whispered to him,

'Reclaim your crown...and reign.'

And so he would.

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Roleplay Response:

He had been watching her.

Perched upon his seat in an open cafe, Zeus observed the redhead, his cup of tea cold and his crumpets untouched. He was merely across the street yet she did not seem to see him, and he was a striking man at his age.

He thought that she was relentless against the crowd, spirited and driven. For a reporter, those were qualities most needed. For a businessman, even more so but with more cutting brutality.

Had he any mercy, he would've put her out of her misery and given her a piece of his mind on whatever she was working on, but seeing her struggle had been more amusing than anything.

Zeus watched her seemingly defeated figure disappear from the sea of faces. This did not worry him, nothing truly did. He remained composed, almost like a statue as he stared out into nothingness.

After some time, the young woman reappeared only to blink out with a shriek.

“Merlin’s fog watch, my heel is broken! Help!”

Zeus stood, checked his stopwatch languidly before rising from his chair. He left a galleon on the table and crossed the crowded street as if he were merely strolling the beautiful streets of Rome - not that this squalid alley could ever hold a torch to Roma's opulent architecture.

He held out a gloved hand and offered an amiable smile.

"Might I be of assistance, cara?"

She definitely would be useful.

How did you find us? Juno, goddess of Wisdom, led me here.

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