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Shop name: Bryce & Co. Bakery
Shop Type: Bakery (/cafe)
Location: Diagon Alley
Short Description (50 words max):
Quaint and homey, you'll find a variety of baked goods for every occasion, along with a place to relax, gossip, or catch up with old friends.
Long Description (200 words min):
The outside is a simple stone two-story, painted in bright pastels that draw the eye, and change color every month or so when the owner feels the need. A striped canopy hangs centrally above the wooden double doors with a large display window to either side, proclaiming “Bryce & Co. Bakery” in bold red letters. They show off baskets of the delicious breads available within, each loaf even taking to float and dance and spar one another when a customer gets close enough.

Inside, one is greeted with the chime of a bell and the warm scent of fresh bread. Old, warm woods make up the floor, tables and bookshelves. Books and knickknacks line the shelves, available for anyone to use — though a nasty curse awaits anyone who’d try to steal any of them.

The front half of the inside is home to an array of mismatched furniture, providing a seating area for those who wish to sit and enjoy their treats. There are comfy arm chairs with side-tables for those who want to be alone, and tables of various sizes with an interchangeable amount of cushioned wooden chairs around them for groups of people.

The lighting is mostly natural, with curtain-less wide windows to let in the sun. On dim, cloudy days, candles are lit above and on the tables.

The back half of the inside is the counter, old wood on top with a glass display case beneath, showing off treats such as cookies and single layer cakes. Behind the counter is a selving unit with a larger display of whatever pies, muffins, and bread were made that day.

Behind the counter is a wall painted whatever color the outside of the building is, with a large black board attached. A neat scrawl lists off the items and prices. Next to this is an open doorway to the kitchen, and to the very right of that is stairway that leads up to a two bedroom apartment belonging to Helen and her son, Eugene.

What purpose will this shop serve other than selling things and being the home of your character? Why would people want to RP there just for fun?
The warmth Helen brings with her could be comforting in light of the recent bombing. She opens her shop up to gossip, allowing others to sit around and talk for as long as they want to, even if they don’t buy anything. The new business would give opportunities for employment, allowing some characters the chance to maybe gain some cooking skill. It would give some competition to the Muffin Man in Hogsmeade Village, and it would also give players a homier, more relaxed place to RP at.