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Author Topic: The Webster Boys in Need of Adoption - Mixed Blood Wizarding Family  (Read 458 times)

Chiara Novelli

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General Description:
The Webster family are not elitist purebloods nor are they muggleborn. They had existed as a wizarding family since 1623, and blood had never been an issue. Purebloods as well as muggles and muggleborns had married into this family though due to them being rich and successful merchants in the magical world, their reputation had most of the time been relatively high. In recent years, as a result of various circumstances, the family had dwindled down in number and now consists of one branch. While they lead a humble life, live in a normal-looking house and don't even employ house elves or any form of household assistance, this is merely done so as not to spoil the children. The Webster estate has retained its worth and while the precise net value is unknown, there is a rumour that this small quiet family may possibly be holding onto one of the greatest fortunes in the wizarding Britain.
Location: Leek, Staffordshire, England
The Websters' Home: The House is built of wood and consists of two floors, a basement and an attic. There are five bedrooms in the house, four on the second floor and one on the ground floor. The one on the ground floor had belonged to Grandfather Hale Webster (who had trouble climbing stairs), after he passed it became another guest-room, in addition to the one on the second floor. It remained empty until Francesca Cappa arrived. The house is always very clean and orderly due to Martha being a clean-freak. There is a little poodle named Bloopsy and that was only allowed because she hardly sheds. All owls in the house are permitted only in the attic. There is a front garden as well as a back one. The front one is well manicured and the Webster boys can't set foot there. The back one is where all the messy family things happen.
Atmosphere: Aside from Martha's quirks, the Websters seem like a relatively normal middle-class English family. Their household allows a lot of freedom and warmth, there are no high expectations concerning which house each boy is sorted into at Hogwarts and what their achievements are. While the Websters can certainly afford many things, they tend to be frugal and calculated and even though the Webster boys lacked for nothing growing up, nothing they wanted came easily if it even came at all. They know that money shouldn't be wasted and that prizes should always be earned. When their Italian cousin, Francesca Cappa, moved in, things at first were rather explosive in the house. But gradually that rift is smoothing over.

Father: Fred Webster (45) (Occupation: Wizarding merchant. Imports and exports wizarding good throughout the entire wizarding world)
Mother: Martha Webster (43) (Occupation: Housewife)
-----Colin Hugh Webster (around 15-16)
-----Liam James Webster (around 13-14)

*Fred Webster's sister, Sophia, had married a pureblooded Italian wizard named Leonardo Cappa and gave birth to Francesca and Giovanni. However, she and her husband died in 1930 during a conflict between the leading wizarding families in Napoli and Padova.
*In 13 of November 1939, Giovanni Cappa (25) was found murdered for reasons unknown.
*On April 1940 Francesca Cappa (13) came to live in the Websters' home along with Giovanni's widow, Chiara Novelli (23)