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Author Topic: Katherine Cross (Pureblood Squib, Sister Dear)  (Read 749 times)

Julian Cross

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Katherine Rose Cross | aged 19 | Pureblood | Squib | FC: Alexandra Tikerpuu


"Julian’s younger sister, Katie, is kind and gentle but has a stubborn personality that rivals that of her brother’s.

Despite being magically handicapped, Katie is as smart as a whip, pursuing her studies in the London, integrating herself with Muggles. Much to her guardians’ displeasure, Seamus and Victoria Cross, she has developed an interest in Muggle technology and such. Seeing that her the Magical Community wasn’t as partial to Muggles as she was, Katie tamped down such incriminating interests. This could be why her older brother keeps a chestful of Muggle paraphernalia - so that she could continue her Muggle curiosity in secret.

Despite being looked down upon, she is determined to prove that magical deficiency is not a liability. Someday, Katie wishes to be of use to the Wizarding Community, to wrought out changes in perspectives and attitudes towards their Muggle counterparts.

During the events of  early 1939, however, she has developed an unknown illness that weakens her muscles, particularly in legs and thighs, rendering her entire lower body useless. A physician has advised the family grimly that Katie might never be able to walk again. 

Being Katie, however, this upsetting news did not dampen her spirits, nor did it crush her will. She was the ever-bouyant, sweet and cheerful girl she will always be.

Julian visits her regularly, to bring her Muggle treats and treasures, trying to offer her his support, just as he did when they were younger, being the (awesome) older brother that he was. He might never admit it, but Katie is the only weakness Julian would ever have; there was nothing in this world he would not do for her.


Would love to have Jules' sister played out, so we can have sibling moments! PM me if you're interested in playing her or if you have any questions about the Cross Family.