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Author Topic: Wanted: Muggleborn Orphans - Gringotts Points Incentive!  (Read 560 times)

* Theodore Beauchamp

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Muggleborn Orphans

The Admin Team are offering members a total of 40 Gringotts points for creating and threading muggleborn orphan characters. Players will receive 20 points upon their application being accepted, and a further 20 points upon completion of the blitz plotline - at three posts in three threads per orphan character. 

There are plenty of up-and-coming thread opportunities coming up for muggleborn orphan characters, with the blitz forcing them to be evacuated from their current home at St Mungo's Orphanage (or other London-based orphanages), and moving them into the castle, where they will be temporarily dwelling in the Great Hall before being assigned to host families for one OOC month (and three IC months). Characters should be under the age of eleven years old.
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