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Author Topic: The Chilton Family  (Read 569 times)

Clovis Chilton

    (23/12/2013 at 08:02)
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        I honestly have no clue whether or not this is the right thread to post this, but oh well here it is. I have decided to create a Narcoleptic, sleepwalker -Ie Clovis-. Though I do not want him to be alone. I guess that would make him lonely? So that's when I thought of the idea to give him a family. Whether cousins or siblings. I am aiming at making him a second of third year.

        To start off I should give information about Clovis (assuming you will want to know who your relative is). Clovis has Narcolepsy which means he randomly falls asleep, sometimes at the most crucial of moments. To top it off he is a sleep walker. So when he does fall asleep he doesn't stay still, which makes him even more of a liability...especially when he has a wand in his hands. For what he looks like refer to my forum picture (In case any of you wanted to find a face-claim with similar features, but it's really up to you).

        Clovis' personality is a good one. He's kind, a bit of a joker...though he more often then not falls asleep mid joke which can cause it to be even more comedic. He was never a fan of books reading always put him to sleep. He loves Quiddich and Dueling...but something about always falling asleep mid-activity....hmm but who knows. Potion brewing often becomes disastrous especially if he falls asleep and starts sleep-brewing. He's generally a great guy and would make a great friend, brother or relative in general. He would definitely make your life interesting.

        As for what I was planning for his family. I didn't want to create characters that you then adopted with pre-designed personalities and characteristics. I also didn't want to hamper your creativity by assigning names. At least for me coming up with a name, personality and finding the right appearance is half the fun of RP. The way things are looking however leans towards the Chiltons as being Half-bloods. That however doesn't stop them from being related to Purebloods on say the mother's side. Who knows. It also doesn't stop them from being related to Muggleborns.

        In any case I am open to planning this out with you so if any of you have any interest of joining Clovis on his adventures as a relative or even a friend then message me. I shall be starting to create his character sheet tomorrow but it probably won't be finished for a couple of days so there is definitely time to add you into it, if not now then later.