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Vincenzo Jonquil Kedding

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Application for Hogwarts School

Name: Vincenzo Jonquil Kedding

Birthday: May 13th, 1925 (age 15)

Hometown: Carlisle, England, UK


Magical Strength (pick one):

Magical Weakness (pick one):
Conjuring & Summoning

Year (pick two):
5th (preferred), 4th (secondary)


Vincenzo is the fifth child of General Shepard T. Kedding. Upon first glance, some might assume Vincenzo suffers from what is traditionally known as “middle child syndrome”. With eight other siblings vying for the spotlight, the seemingly innocuous Vincenzo is easy to overlook. He’s quiet, well-mannered and exceeds expectations when it comes to his studies. Truthfully, he's never cared much for books (yawn), but knowledge is supposedly power. Forewarned is forearmed...or so they say.

Gingerly following in his eldest brother's footsteps and acquiescing to his mother's wishes, he has an acute interest in duelling and fencing. Gentlemen's pursuits are more his style (or so he'd lead anyone to believe). Life at Beauxbatons has made him a bit of a snob when it comes to cuisine, fashion and etiquette, but he tends to hold his tongue about these particular pet peeves due to his home life with his boisterous siblings. He attempts to get along with everyone simply because it makes life easier for him in the long run. It takes too much effort to argue about frivolous things with his stubborn kin and Enzo would prefer to invest his time and energy into more profitable endeavors.

Being home schooled has made Enzo rather listless. Frankly, he's bored when he's not being challenged. It’s in the midst of chaos that the middle child truly makes his niche and when no one’s looking it’s rather easy to get away with murder which is what, perhaps, qualifies him to be a Slytherin of the highest caliber. He often recruits his younger brother, Ezekiel, as Henchmen Number One and bribes the youngest Kedding, Admiral, to be his go-to fall guy. Unfortunately, Zeke is too much of a bumbling boob to be considered truly dependable and Admiral tends to tattle as soon as Father shows up.

What's so great about Father anyway?

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request: I haven't played a Hufflepuff yet... hint hint, wink wink.

Personality: Self-serving first and foremost. He does what he needs to do to skirt by or to placate others if only to make life easier for himself. People exhaust him and grate on his nerves, so he tends to be rather abrasive. His siblings are really the only exception to this. For as noisy and obnoxious as they can be, they're still his family. He firmly believes that he's the only one entitled to give them any grief. Mess with his kin and you're looking at a lifelong vendetta.

Appearance: Brunette with green eyes, slim build and moderate height. Lots of freckles.

Replying to Option 2.

Hogwarts was unnecessarily difficult to navigate. What was the point of moving staircases anyway other than to frustrate the countless students attempting to reach their various destinations? It had taken an extra twenty minutes to clear the bloody stairs and he could only hope they hadn't stopped serving lunch. It was late and his stomach was loudly growling its protests at the lack of sustenance. Unfortunately, he'd dozed off in the middle of doing his excessively tedious Divination homework. Who cared about that malarkey anyway? True divinatory skills were not something that could be taught.

The clacking of heavy footfalls headed in his direction caused his eyes to roll in suppressed irritation. Why did girls wear heels on stone or tile? Didn't they realize that it only amplified the noise to the point where they sounded like stampeding elephants? A hand lifted to pinch the bridge of his noise with an exaggerated sigh as he slowed down and turned to face the girl who had decided to flag him down.

Wonderful. Another delay. He really was going to miss lunch.

“What do you think about serving frog legs at lunch? Some say it’s a delicacy, but others think it’s plain gross.”

He stared; long and hard. "Excuse me?" Surely, he must have misheard her. After all, he couldn't possibly fathom how anyone could justify the menu as being newsworthy. On second thought, he reflected that the Hufflepuffs did seem absurdly enthusiastic about anything edible and he was a bit of a self-appointed food critic.

"I believe it's a matter of personal taste. However, it also depends upon the quality of the dish in question. Only French chefs should prepare French dishes, otherwise I feel the meal is sub-par." Why was he bothering to even respond? He could have simply walked away. Then again, he supposed that if the paper felt the need to dedicate an article on frog legs then he would rather read an educated response. "Of course, this is only my opinion." Both hands lifted to adjust his tie and he smirked.

After all, his opinion was the only one that truly mattered.


Previous Characters (if applicable): Juniper Ellwood-Luxe, Clio Rolfensen, Magnus Callum Kedding, Angel Dumont & co.

How did you find us?: I'm an excellent Seeker.

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Mr Kedding,

Congratulations, your application to Hogwarts School has been accepted. Term begins 01 January, 2014. Currently, students have gathered at Camp Loki. Your admission is joint for both the school and Camp Loki, and we encourage you to spend your summer there. Should you choose, you may also visit our Elsewhere board via the Floo Network to visit or purchase school supplies. We look forward to seeing you at the School.

Keep rockin',

PS: You're supposed to be a good finder.