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Rosemary Lowsley

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Transfer Application

Name: Rosemary Lowsley

Birthday: February 12,1925. 

Hometown: London, England.


Current Levels: C2D0T1S1

Current Year: Rising 2de Annee

Year Requested: 5th

Reason for Transfer:
Beauxbatons has fallen. Hogwarts is the only real option left as a school.

Rosemary Lowsley. Born in England, moved to Canada in her infancy. She doesn’t remember much of it, and her family moved back to England when they were still young. A year after they moved back, Rosemary was about to start primary school when her sister got the letter. The letter to Hogwarts. She didn’t understand it, not really. Her parents explained that she was a witch.

School was difficult when they had to talk about family. Everyone in the class laughed when she said that her sister was a witch and went to a magical school far away. It wasn’t until her parents picked her up from the headmaster’s office, wiping off the tears from her face, that is was a secret and she couldn’t tell anybody.

Rosemary had wanted to go, to follow in her sister’s footsteps, but she had other things she wanted to do. Her parents signed her up for ballet, and she loved it. She would do it every day after school, and would often dance through the halls of her home.

Finally, the letters came. Two, in fact. One from the Royal Ballet School, inviting her to attend. The other, from Hogwarts. Attending one would mean she would have to give up the other, until a third way was found. Beauxbatons.

It was French. Everyone spoke French. She tried and tried to study it, but it took her a long time to master the foreign language. Difficulty aside, it let her study magic and ballet both. She would spend a lot of the time in the Salle, practicing on the bars as she would reading her books.

In class, she could get the theory. Theory of dark magic, theory of charms, theory of military history. It was always the application of said theory that escaped her. Her charmswork was her best, but she still quickly fell behind the rest of her peers. She knew the spells, off by heart. It was just summoning them forth which was the problem.

Her parents vanished. Losing both parents, and everything else, all at once was quite difficult. She kept it inside herself as much as she could, and never spoke of it to anyone. Most at the school wouldn’t understand, they all still had their parents.

The clouds of war descended upon Europe, yet they seemed safe at the school. France wasn’t being invaded, it seemed, and they would be able to escape. But then France was invaded, and so was the school. Closed, she had to leave, return to her country of birth, and start anew. New school, new courses, new people, new life.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

[Hogwarts] House Request:
Gryffindor / Hufflepuff / Slytherin

Rosemary has a quiet dedication to her craft. She believes that skill is all that matters and, when it comes to ballet, even more. She doesn’t care about who your parents are, what they did, or what your name is: someone can only prove themselves by what they do. She also tends to be quiet and recessive, used to not talking to people by going to a school where her mother tongue is not the language of choice. She dreads being wrong, and will only speak up if she knows that she’s in the right.

Rosemary is lithe and slender. Not too tall or short, her body is the perfect size for a ballerina. She often ties her hair into a french bun, as was required by her ballet teachers, and it is almost second nature for her now to do so. Her clothes are often second hand, either from her sister or from charity stores. She can often be seen stretching, and will not hesitate to do the splits whilst she is listening to people giving a speech with herself on the floor. Her feet have quite high arches, something she is quite proud of. 

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