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What’s in a name?
The Lowsleys were never a magical family, until the current generation. First was Nora, who attended Hogwarts as a Hufflepuff, and then her sister, who is currently a student at Beauxbatons. Both born and raised in Canada, they moved back to England to live with their grandparents. Not particularly wealthy, that branch of the family was rocked by the timewarp, throwing everything out of place.

Unbeknownst to the two, there was another group of magical children, running through Nora and Rosemary’s uncle, Professor Joseph Sampson Lowsley, the Rawlinson and Bosworth Professor of Anglo-Saxon studies at Oxford university, a position once held by J.R.R. Tolkien. Leading a privileged, upper-middle class lifestyle, his children, Aethelstan and Celandine, were raised with all the privileges that modern, muggle lifestyle in the 70ies could bring. Both educated at Public Schools, which are what Private Schools are called in the UK, they were in the circles of the wealthy and powerful at Oxford University.

The higher the heights, the longer the fall, and the fall that both Aethelstan and Celandine took after the timewarp was drastic. From a comfortable flat in the rich part of Oxford to living on the streets, the two orphans did not last long until picked up by the police, and then sent off to a muggle orphanage. It was not until Aethelstan was discovered to be magical and, by extension, his sister, were they transferred to St. Mungos. Celandine made her home there for the past two years as her brother attended Hogwarts, sorted into Ravenclaw.

Questions still remain. How will the four do in the current, anti-muggleborn regime of the Ministry for magic. How will the war affect their lives, how will they deal growing up without parents. Finally, why are there so many magical children in a family with no history of magic?

Who is she?
Celandine, pronounced Sel-en-dine, or Cel to her friends, can, at first sight, come off as a quiet, polite girl. In social settings, this is true, resulting from having to be seen and not heard at dinners she attended with her father. That said, first impressions are not everything. She is often struck by curiosity, and considers rules to be more of a guideline than absolutes. She will stick her nose in where it doesn’t belong, and try to smile it off if she gets caught. She will make a fast friend, though she will not forget past slights, no matter how long it has been. She is decently close, as close as a younger sister can be, to her older brother, though he can be a little overprotective of her, at times. These are flexible, and may be changed on request.

Where is she going?
Hogwarts, either this term or next. Her age is flexible in that department. As a muggleborn, she will face the natural stigmas that they currently face. On the other hand, she is more familiar with the magical world than a normal muggleborn would be, especially in regards to medical arts, and would be ahead of the curve in that regard. As a first year, she is very much a blank slate, and will be impacted by her choices of both classes and friends.

Age 10-11
Height Short
Build Slight
Hair Blond
Suggested Face Claim Avalon Robbins

Please send a PM Nora Lowsley or Aethelstan G. Lowsley.
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