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Author Topic: My Family Is Dysfunctional / Cimorelli  (Read 1290 times)

Lila Cimorelli

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The Cimorellis are muggleborns, hailing from New Orleans. They were raised on a big farm and went to Salem. After their parents left Liam took over, and they moved to London so he could find a better job.

Liam Cimorelli
Late 20s | Alex Loomans | Slytherin | Open

The eldest of the siblings, his parents, Lily and Shane, found out their children were magical when he made his first spell… With his younger sister's rattle. When their patents abandoned them it was up to him to take care of his younger siblings. So, there had been a lot if pressure on the lad.

He's incredibly strong willed and determined. However, he had grown quiet and brooding because he hasn't had a lot a fun in a long time.

Emeline Cimorelli

24 | Kate Mara | Hufflepuff | Open
Em has that type of vibe that just makes people want to be around her. Happy go lucky and kind, Em lives to please the ones around her. A hopeless romantic, she dreams of finding her prince charming… But she still hasn't found him yet. Em has fallen on hard times lately- so she's moved into Lila's house. Overdramatic, overbearing, and sensitive can be described as her three deadly sins. (She owns a dog named Vixen)

Lila Cimorelli

22 | Katherine McNamara | Ravenclaw | TAKEN
Twins with Apollo, but was born first. Highly intelligent and not afraid to play dirty, Lila isn't the type of person you mess with. Lila is calculating, elegant and classy. She seems perfectly composed, but on the inside she's slowly going mad. She doesn't understand why her parents would leave her so she's come up with theories… Done countless experiments.

Apollo Cimorelli

22 | Adam Hicks | Any House | Open
Apollo is the embodiment of young recklessness. Fearless and compulsive, Apollo often finds himself in bad situations… Yet always finds a way to get himself out of trouble. A dashing bad boy, woman (and men) often fall to his charms. People often accuse him of being lazy, but he just let's it roll of his back because he's chill.

Harmonia Cimorelli

Years 3-7 | Molly Quinn | Any House | Open
 Harmonia- or Harmony, as she likes to be called, is our favorite little underdog. Sweet, kind, poetic, lonely, and timid, Harmony is a natural born follower. Born with a form of Synthesia (the type where you see colors with sound), she lost it when her parents left because it was so tragic. She attends Hogwarts.

So, if you want to adopt someone or you have a question, post here or send me a message! Everything is adjustable, and if you want to write a family member in, PM me!
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Updated with pictures of everyone except Liam!

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