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Roberta Bingley

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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Roberta ‘Bobby’ Bingley

Birthday: May First, 1928

Hometown: Much Wenlock, Shropshire

Bloodline: Halfblood

Magical Strength: Transfiguration

Magical Weakness: Conjuring & Summoning

Year: First, Second

Biography: The Bingleys are a little eccentric.

To a muggle perspective their house might be considered not quite structurally sound and the parallels continue from there. As far as the house goes there are three stories and they’re just about on top of each other. Ish. There are spells holding the walls in place where gravity is having a go at pulling them down. One of the walls relocated itself entirely during the warp and Mr. Bingley swears blind that one got left behind in the seventies. Or at least he did. When he still thought that the seventies were the past and not the future...

Mr. Bingley is prone to escapades of imagination. He is a poet and a writer, an actor, a composer. He leaves his manuscripts all over the house. When an idea comes to him he writes it there and then. There’s part of a play on the back of the toilet door and if you want to know what happens next you have to look under the sink where inspiration stuck in the middle of fixing the plumbing (which didn’t get fixed for 8 and 3/4 days). The conclusion was on the tablecloth but Mrs. Bingley washed it out. It was a big disaster at the time and instigated an artistic differences war in which the piano, an umbrella stand, and a piece of the toilet door were relocated to the garden shed.

Mr. Bingley’s a bit theatrical. He runs the local muggle AmDram society even though he knows very little about muggles. He hams up Shakespeare and cavorts about in heels and bloomers. He also plays an enchanted tuba. The instrument. Not the part of. It has also been known to plays itself. At the moment it’s hung on the wall and Mrs. Bingley is using it as a flowerpot and growing Himalayan poppies in it.

Mrs. Bingley is a maker of enchanted mosaics and also moving stained glass windows. Mrs. Bingley gets very fixated on projects and often isn’t seen for days. She also gets antsy when distracted or bothered. Everything has so be just so. She also has trouble making eye contact and is prone to bouts of overt passive aggression and artistic sabotagery if she is interrupted.

Sam is Roberta’s older brother. He’s 20 and sane and escaped a while ago. He’s a soldier now, a private in the infantry of Merlin’s Order of Defense.


House Request: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw

Personality: Bobby Bingley is a bit of an oddball free spirit. She’s slightly bonkers but can just about get away with this as she’s eleven and cute and naïve and inexperience with the world and it can be passed off as curiosity and an active imagination.

She’s a chatter box and she goes off on tangents. She’s not really that artistic like her parents but has inherited their curiosity and intrigue with the world around, but with a healthy dose of pragmaticism that seems lost and bizarre to them.

She dips in and out of books never reading from cover to cover but rather a random chunk here, a random chunk there and several books at once, mixing up and interweaving story lines as she goes. She invariably reads the ends before the beginnings.

She misunderstands things a lot but also has moments of really understanding the essence of things. She’s not that shy and hasn’t learnt yet to be self-conscious but she’s not overly rambunctious or outgoing either. She has moments of both caution and rashness and can be scared of things but do them anyway. She’s prone to rebellion, pigheadedness, temper tantrums, strops and mood swings and feels things deeply and with display.

Appearance: Bobby usually looks like she’s been through a bush backwards, twice. She’s got long brown hair of mid chest length that’s usually loose or half platted which exasperates this. Her uniform is often askew and is a size too large so she can “grow into it” but it just makes it look badly tailored. If she can ditch bits of it, she does. She’s not remotely image conscious.


”Are you talking about George’s Toad?” Bobby asked, “because he’d only been missing for a day and I’m pretty sure it was Frank in fifth year who took him because he’s friends with George’s older brother and he’s a bully and a pig but he’s really stupid he wouldn’t be able to cook him. He probably couldn’t even keep hold of him. And even if he did I don’t think he knows how to cook so I’m sure he wouldn’t be able to make something good enough to be served for dinner and even if he was George’s toad is tiny! He wouldn’t feed the whole hall so I don’t think you can be right,” she finished, with the assured nod of a case well argued.

“And he was missing a toe,” she added, remembering this pivotal piece of information. “Have you seen him?”

Roberta looked at Astrid curiously, taking in her heavy breathing and pen. “Are you in trouble?” she asked, the natural assumption for her being that running meant running away from something. “Did you write something on a wall? Because really a pen’s not the best thing for that it takes too long and sometimes they don’t work at that angle,” she imitated the action, almost bending herself in half sideways in the process. “I have some chalks you can borrow, if you like?” she offered, kindly.


Other Characters: Filipe [Beauxbatons, 5th] & Fenchurch [Private, 33rd Inf.]

How did you find us?: Google search

Eirwen Medraut

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Miss Bingley,

Congratulations, your application to Hogwarts School has been accepted. Term begins 01 September, 2013. Currently, students have gathered at Camp Loki. Your admission is joint for both the school and Camp Loki, and we encourage you to spend your summer there. Should you choose, you may also visit our Elsewhere board via the Floo Network to visit or purchase school supplies. We look forward to seeing you at the School.

Eirwen Medraut,