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Jim Knowles

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Merlin's Order of Defense

Character Name: Jim Knowles
Age: 18
Gender: male
Blood Status (choose one): Pureblood

Salem Institute

Boston, Ma.

33rd Wizarding Infantry Division. Jim has always been the type to put himself out there. He needs to be apart of something that will put him out there. He's never been one to sit around and support. He's the type who would rather get his hands dirty knowing he did it himself. It could be because he's Irish but he feels the need to be out there. 

If applying for anything other than the rank of 'private', please include a reasoning of over 100 words.

If applying for any special skill (Reconnaissance Officer/Signal Engineer/Codebreaker, etc.), please include a reasoning of over 100 words.

Requested Magical Levels:  (see here on how to do this)
If you want levels above the usual 32 total, please fill out and submit the Special Request form here.
  • Charms: 6
  • Divination: 9
  • Transfiguration: 4
  • Summoning: 7

Please list any other characters you already have at the site:
Gale Snow

Biography: (300 words minimum.)
Jim opened the door to his house and walked in. He laid his duffle bag on the marble floor and looked around,
"Ma! Da I'm back!"
he called out. He had spent the weekend at his cousins house in Dublin. He wandered around the bottom floor and decided t see if they were upstairs in their room. Jim climbed the staircase and turned left. He walked down the hall until he got to the very last room.
He heard muffled voices and stopped. He walked towards the door quietly and put his ear to the door. The door then opened and standing in front of Jim was his father. His fathers icy blue eyes just stared at his younger son,
"Pack yer bags boy. We're moving." he said as he walked away. Jim stood frozen, moving? Where? Why? The twelve year old looked at his mother who gave him a sympathetic expression.
"Ma...I...I...what's happening?"
he asked walking towards her.
She enveloped him in a hug and replied softly,
"It's going to be alright Jae, just as long as we are all togeder noting will harm us."
Born in Mullingar, Ireland; Jim was the youngest out of two sons. Jim had an alright life except for the fact that his father never found any worth in him. Growing up in a pureblood home was pretty mundane to Jim. The parties and the constant having to be perfect annoyed him. As a result his mother decided that both of her boys should be involved with people of different blood types. She taught her boys early on that all muggles and all people in the wizarding world were equal. Jim's father was firmly against the idea but let them do as they pleased. What Jim lacked in a father was made up for in his mother. He absolutely adored his mother and would move heaven and earth to have his mother remain happy. Jim's father soon tried to pit his two sons against each other but his oldest son refused to let Jim be treated that way. It didn't stop their father from putting Jim down every chance he got. Despite this Jim still loved his father and strove to make him proud.

When Jim turned twelve his father uprooted his family and moved them to Boston. Though Jim pleaded his parents refused to let him go to Hogwarts with his brother. Instead they sent Jim to Salem. Jim absolutely despised Salem for the first few years. He hated the fact that he was taken from his home, where all of his friends and family were, and taken to a place where people made fun of his accent and treated him weird. He constantly got in trouble and was constantly getting sent home on suspension. He calmed down a little when he turned fourteen but never stopped wishing he was with his brother.

The summer Jim turned fifteen changed his life forever, for the worst. After he turned fifteen his house was invaded and as a result his mother died protecting him. Jim's father blamed Jim for being weak and constantly took his anger out on Jim. Jim soon found Salem to be his true home and never wanted to leave. When Jim turned sixteen his life changed again. He found out that his family were nothing but thieves and that his father had moved them from Ireland to hide from a powerful wizard he stole from. Jim, finally understanding everything, confronted his father. Instead of being angry Jim wanted to be apart of the family "business". His father was surprised and agreed. Jim became known as a street rat. However halfway through the year his father was diagnosed with cancer and died five months later. Jim was devastated and became angry. He would use "jobs" he was given to take out his anger.
When he turned seventeen three months later fate would deal it's most devastating blow. It would take away his brother. His brother caught a un-diagnosed virus and died after three months. Completely alone and hurting Jim became extremely dark and depressed. He had no will to go on anymore and didn't know what to do. That was until one day at the park where he met a little child who had their ball stuck in the tree. Jim had decided to help the child. When Jim got the ball free the branch he was sitting on broke and Jim fell, landing on his head.
Jim woke up from his coma three days later dazed and confused. He had no idea where he was or how he got there. The doctors realized he had lost all memory of his life after he turned fifteen. Because of this Jim did not know he was orphaned or that his family was nothing but thieves. Jim then recruited the help of former thief, Morris, to help him find his family. Morris soon discovered that Jim was orphaned and his families secret. Jim was shocked and was completely appalled. He then made it his goal to bring honor back to his family name.
He didn't know how to at first until he heard of Merlin's Order of Defense. He then decided that the only way to bring true honor was to risk his life for the Wizarding world.


Option 2: Improvisation: Please write a suitable first post to fit the specialty and or rank that you are requesting.
Loud noises, bright flashes and piercing screams had become apart of Jim's life. He was surprised when he survived his first mission now he wished it was him instead of some of his friends who had died. Being a private was difficult. Constantly going on the front lines and seeing your friends die. It could take away any ones sanity.

Jim sat on his cot in his tent writing his thoughts and recent experiences in his journal. It was one of those rare days where the fighting was very minimal. It was enough to semi relax. He had taken of his Khaki uniform coat so that he was only in his pants shoes and undershirt. It was surprisingly hot. He felt like he was in a sauna. His thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of scurrying feet and yelling. Jim got off his cot and put his uniform coat back on and walked outside to see what was going on.

He stopped in his tracks as he saw injured soldiers being moved into the medical tent. He held his breathe while watching, hoping it wasn't someone he knew. When he saw that none of his friends were there he sighed and relaxed a bit. He was about to go back into his tent when one of his commanding officer approached him. Jim saluted and listened to his new orders.


Jim waited for his CO to finish talking and walk away before he silently screamed.
He was on patrol duty with most of his squad. He wouldn't have a problem with it if his Lt. wasn't so incompetent. The man could barely decide what socks to where let alone make decisions in a battle. Jim sighed and walked into his tent to grab his journal. He walked to the rendezvous point and tried to remain composed. After all he was a private he had no choice but to follow his CO's. Even if they couldn't do anything.
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Merlin's Order of Defense

Volunteer Enlistment

Mr. Jim Knowles,

Having submitted yourself to the Wizarding National Service with a request for immediate induction into military service in light of the present emergency, it is hereby acknowledged that you have volunteered to serve as a soldier in the Wizarding Army of Great Britain for the period of one year unless sooner discharged by the proper authority.

You will, therefore, report to your assigned barracks in Hogsmeade, Scotland, at twelve noon on the 1st day of September, 1939.

From and after the day and hour just named you will be commissioned in the military service of Wizarding Britain, in the 81st Brigade of the 33rd Wizarding Infantry fitted suitably with the rank of Private.


Stanford Audley
Head of the Department of Defense