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Luce Denby

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Application for Beauxbatons Academy

Name: Luce Marie Denby

Birthday: July 17th

Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts

Muggleborn / Halfblood / Pureblood / Unknown

Magical Strength (pick one):
Divination / Transfiguration / Charms / Conjuring & Summoning

Magical Weakness (pick one):
Divination / Transfiguration / Charms / Conjuring & Summoning

Year (pick two): 6e, 5e

Luce Denby was born to a very average family, in a very average suburb of Boston. Her father worked as a lawyer in patent law, while her mother often stayed at home and penned short stories that would be published once a year or so. An only child, Luce spent plenty of time on her own - but she was never lonely. Her parents were very loving, and the three of them led content, if somewhat unexciting lives.

That is, until the Time Warp.

Luce's mother had relatives in Paris, and that New Year's, she'd decided to take her family along and visit them, as she felt guilty for not being in contact with her rapidly aging grandparents. The girl was nine at the time, and while she was too young to truly appreciate the culture around her, she enjoyed the experience of traveling, and especially loved being doted on by her French grandparents, whom she had never met. Of course, being a child, she did not stay up through the night on New Year's Eve, and went to sleep with the promise of a hearty breakfast the next day.

Unfortunately for her, she was the only one with magic talent in the house, and only she was carried back in time. When she awoke the next day, Luce went down the stairs only to discover total strangers at the table, who began to yell at her in a language she didn't understand.

The strange family (which was, in truth, a younger version of her mother and grandparents) immediately took her to the police when she was unable to explain how she got into the house and why she didn't speak French. They were just as mystified by the situation, however, and viewed little Luce as nothing more than an abandoned child. She tried to protest, saying that her parents had to be somewhere around Paris, but it wasn't long before she was put into an orphanage.

The place was hell for Luce. She had never been particularly talented at languages, and struggled mightily with French. What she did manage was broken and heavily accented, alienating the other children and inviting their bullying. Her inability to understand lessons in school ensured that she looked stupid, and she never erred from the story about her parents: one day they were there, and the next, they weren't. She couldn't exactly remember that she'd come from another time, but she did sense that something was very off in the world. In addition, her innate magic began to act up because of stress, causing accidents to happen wherever she went.

Virtually everyone at the orphanage thought she was bad news, and kept their distance when they weren't picking on her. Luce finally discovered what it was like to be lonely.

She began to close herself off to the world, nurturing her pain within herself until it grew into resentment and cynicism. She was never hot-headed, and it was not in her nature to lash out, but she developed a harsh ill will towards her classmates that she subtly made manifest through sabotage and rumor. Because the new world never accepted her, Luce held on tightly to the memories of her life before, and thus, still has a fairly good idea of what happened that night.

Beauxbatons has yet to send her an explanation of her magic ability and an acceptance letter.


Ecole Request:

Communaté Preference: Renault

Luce was a perfectly nice girl before she was orphaned. She was always on the quiet side, as so many preteens are, but she made friends well enough, and had a variety of hobbies, mostly sports- and book-related. It didn't take much to make her happy, and she found that she was rarely stressed or sad.

However, when she lost her parents, her personality took a complete turn. Bullying made her into a recluse, nervous to speak and paranoid of being mocked. Her memories of the Time Warp earned her a reputation of being crazy, so she began to keep all her ideas and thoughts to herself, sometimes doubting whether she was sane herself. Many of the delicate arts and crafts taught at the orphanage were beyond her, and she struggled with French, leading to very poor self-esteem. As time went on, her self-pity turned into anger, then to eventual narcissism as she learned of her ability to make things happen through pure strength of will. Luce knows she's special, and now believes that those who mock her are inferior to her.

She's a very intelligent girl, putting aside her built-up resentment and psychological hangups. Over time, she has gained a more detailed understanding of human psychology than one would expect from a child, and she can generally tell what makes someone tick after observing them a bit. Academically speaking, Luce has taken to devoting herself wholly to her studies, since she has lost faith in her ability to make friends, and does well in school as a result. Subjective areas such as literature and art interpretation give her more trouble, though, because she has a tendency to see the world in black and white. Moral shades of grey and alternate interpretations of situations are both concepts lost on her.

Luce has a rugged, tomboyish look about her. She still has a very childish appearance, and has yet to truly start growing, though she is likely to be very tall. Her face is very well-defined, and she has yet to grow into it, but as she gets older, it will look more natural.

Her hair is perpetually messy, and kept at around chin length. Her grey-blue eyes go with her dirty blonde hair, though honestly, she can appear brunette in certain lights. All in all, Luce has a very messy air about her, and has never been particularly girly. The femininity of Beauxbatons will be a bit of a challenge for her.

You come across this post on the site. Please as your character. Remember, you can only roleplay your own character's actions!

She was going to have to ask for an English textbook. Divination was hard enough on its own without being encoded in a foreign language she had never truly mastered.

Luce was sitting in an isolated spot in the dining hall - as she was wont to do - with a dusty old textbook splayed out in front of her and a deck of tarot cards off to one side. Most passersby could probably tell she hated the subject, judging by her permanent scowl and clumsy handling of the cards. Normally, she spent as little time as possible devoting effort to the class, preferring to focus on useful skills, but after being sternly told off for failing her last quiz, the girl had set out to master the art of fortune-telling, if only to show up her professor and regain some of her dignity.

Unfortunately, interpreting the subtle imagery and buried clues of the cards was proving nigh impossible, and to make matters worse, she had to puzzle through it in French.

Luce was so busy trying to predict the future that she didn't notice the girl trip over her bag, and when she felt a slab of meat and a shower of peas plop onto the book and in her hair, she was thrust most unpleasantly back into the present.

"Ugh!" She groaned loudly, turning to see the mortified girl trying to apologize to her. It was gratifying, she supposed, to see someone actually regret making her day more difficult, but it did her no good when the sauce from the food was seeping into the pages of her textbook and her cards scattered across the table and floor. Not saying anything, Luce picked up her bag and scraped her cards into it, not bothering to restack them. Then, agonizingly slowly, she stabbed the steak with her fork and dropped it back onto Hillary's plate, glaring at her all the way.

With that done, she slammed her book shut, brushed off her uniform, and stormed out of the hall.

The library was a better choice for lunch, anyway.


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Eirwen Medraut

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Miss Denby,

Congratulations, your application to Beauxbatons Academy has been accepted. Term begins 01 September, 2013. Currently, students have gathered at Camp Loki. Your admission is joint for both the school and Camp Loki, and we encourage you to spend your summer there. Should you choose, you may also visit our Elsewhere board via the Floo Network to visit or purchase school supplies. We look forward to seeing you at the School.

Eirwen Medraut,
Secrétaire Des Admission & Conseiller