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Author Topic: Medraut Adoptables - Pureblood Welsh family with a Dark past (OPEN!)  (Read 1313 times)

Arianrhod Medraut

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The Medraut family is a pureblood, Welsh family from the old kingdom region of Gwynedd in northern Wales. Traditional and severely concerned with the purity of magical blood, this is a family that embodies old money and even older secrets

While certain names and ages are non-negotiable for plot reasons, creativity and ideas for any character, as well as their general personalities are up to the player.

Interested? Scroll to the bottom for available characters. Or check out who's already in the family.

A Brief History

Officially established in the 1200s, the Medraut family name is rumoured to have been in relative use since around 550 A.D.  Family legend states that the Medrauts are direct descendants of the Dark wizard Mordred, son of famous enchantress Morgana le Fay, though the story cannot be confirmed in absolution.  In the thirteenth century, the Medraut family was known for being associated with black magic and the Dark Arts.  Highly anti-Muggle, they isolated themselves in remote parts of Wales on Unplottable parcels of land to avoid being "tainted" with non-magical contact.  By the 1500s, with the crackdown on witchcraft and wizardry by the Muggle communities, the Medrauts had become far more subtle, turning to dealing in Dark and dangerous magical artifacts and services, forming the family fortune with blood money and stolen goods.  Their reputation among families tha shunned Dark magic became quite undesirable (though their services were still highly sought after).  Eventually, witchhunts in Europe escalated and the Medraut operation was forced to move entirely underground in 1692 with the passage of the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy.

Today, the Medrauts still prefer isolation, though the current Head of the Family, Idris Medraut, has expressed a desire to bring the Medraut name back from the depths of obscurity and onto the main political stage.  The family seat has been, for about three hundred years, situated in northern Gwynedd at Draigclywd Castle, with a summer residence in Monmouthshire, at Breninbrad Manor.  While their Dark reputation has long since been forgotten, and business with them is (mostly) legitimate, there are still a great many skeletons hidden in the closets of various family members -- most of which have yet to be uncovered.  At present, Medrauts are considered pureblood elitist, but are not outspoken in their prejudices; however, the marriage of halfbloods or muggleborns is highly frowned upon, and marriage of Muggles would be cause for disownment.

Family Traits

●  While Medrauts favor children of Slytherin and Ravenclaw for the qualities that these Houses seem to denote, they are a largely unbiased family in terms of House sorting and have had a small number of Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs as well.

●  As a strictly Welsh family, children of Medrauts are most often in possession of very traditional Welsh names. 

●  Young Medraut children are tutored privately from age seven in magical theory and speak fluent Welsh and English.  Most are taught French in addition.
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Idris Rheinallt Wautier Medraut
Welsh | Pureblood | b. 1900
The current head of the Medraut family, husband of Alexandra, father of four.  A lawyer by trade, he has built his own fortune on the back of white-robe criminal cases and continues political involvement as a member of the Wizengamot.  In 1938 he garnered support from the branch families and staged a coup to oust his (now deceased) uncle Cassius Medraut III as Head of the family.  His philosophy is that emotion denotes weaknesses -- and he loathes weakness.

Gwydion Cadwallader Medraut VI
Welsh | Pureblood | b. 1921
First born of Idris and Alexandra, he is named for his late grandfather. The current immediate heir, Gwydion works for his father as an assistant and is fluent in Welsh, English, and French. There is a great deal of pressure from his father to live up to the expectations of becoming the heir of the Medraut family, and he'd better be on his toes so as not to disappoint.

Eira Rhycw Medraut
Welsh | Pureblood | b. 1930
Second born of Idris and Alexandra, Eira is surprisingly cheerful and bubbly for a girl living under her father's stoicism.  She will be attending Hogwarts starting in the 1941-42 term.

Eddard "Nud" Medraut
Welsh | Pureblood | b. 1930
Third born of Idris and Alexandra, Eddard came just ten months after the birth of his older sister, Eira, and a month early at that.  Always small and a little bit strange, he is the one major source of his father's disgrace and his mother exasperation.  As a young child he preferred the company of house elves to humans.

Ysbail Elain Medraut Kedding
Welsh | Pureblood | b. 1900
Wife, mother, sophisticate - and Idris' twin sister. Mother of two and happily married to Kedding family Head Magnus Kedding, she is a former Gryffindor.  She may not always agree with her husband, and especially not her twin, but she's fiercely loyal and supportive of the men in her life -- a real lioness.  Passionate and ruled by emotion, her lion is to Idris' snake what water is to oil.

Arianrhod Morwena Medraut
Welsh-American | Halfblood | b. 1912
The disowned, halfblood granddaughter of the previous Head, Cassius Medraut III, Arian's mother Vivienne was forced to have her in secret and leave her with Cassius' squib sister Elenore in the United States to avoid scandal.  Arian's reappearance at her mother's funeral in 1936 caused quite the scandal anyway, and may have been the lynchpin in unseating her grandfather from the Head seat.  An accomplished witch and diviner, she is the first female graduate of the magical archaeological institute in Cairo.  For her work she spent time in Egypt, Japan, and Germany, taught Divination at Hogwarts from 1936-1940, and is now an Auror and an equal rights activist.

Eirwen Delyth Medraut (Carlisle)
Welsh | Pureblood | b. 1918
In an ironic twist, as bombs were falling and the world fell apart, Eirwen secretly married the man her parents betrothed her to -- Quincy Carlisle.  Normally dutiful, Eirwen is smart and definitely the oldest child, daughter of Griffith and Elaine.  With Quincy now away at war, she finds herself looking for fufillment and  volunteers at the wizarding library in London as a language translator.

Elidir Rhodri Medraut
Welsh | Pureblood | b. 1924
The fourth child of Griffith and Elaine Medraut, Elidir is a kind, considerate and typical Gryffindor. However, he also has a mischievous and cheeky side. He seems to have a little more luck with the ladies than some of his friends but he is no player by any means. He likes cake....a lot and loves to bury his nose in a good book. He gets very bad tempered whilst playing chess, hates being dirty and has very strong views about children being able to make their own decisions about their own futures.

Cedric Pellinore Galyn
Welsh | Pureblood | b. 1920
An E&T Healer at St. Mungo's, Cedric is also Arianrhod's half-brother. Since his mother's death in 1936, Cedric has disowned the Medrauts and has no contact with them.  Secretly gay, he restarted his relationship with Seamus Reinhardt about a year ago, falling in love again and finding a strong center of happiness.  Studying to be an animagus, Cedric is unregistered, and does not intend to change that -- he doesn't trust the government, and is an equal rights supporter.
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Main Family

The following characters are part of the Medraut family by marriage or blood, and are members of the Head's immediate family.

Alexandra Victoria Crowley Medraut
English | Pureblood | b. 1900
Suggested FC: Catherine Zeta-Jones

Alexandra is the wife of Idris Medraut and mother to Gwydion, Emrys, Llywenna, and Eira. Niece of Nicor Crowley (head of the Crowley family), she attended Beauxbatons all seven years as a student of humanities and is fluent in French and English with some basic knowledge of Welsh.  Talented and pretty, but devoid of ambition, Alexandra strives only to be a dutiful wife.

Emrys Ambrosius Medraut
Welsh | Pureblood | b. 1928
Suggested FC: Skandar Keynes

Emrys is the second son of Idris and Alexandra Medraut, brother of Gwydion, Llywenna, and Eira.  He lives in the shadow of his oldest brother, especially since his father pays little attention to the boy who will not succeed him as Head of the family.  Emrys is his mother's favorite, however, so he does get some affection.  His health is fragile, and he is often ill, so he will likely be home-tutored instead of attending Hogwarts.

Llywenna Briallen Medraut
Welsh | Pureblood | b. 1934
Suggested FC: Thylane Blondeau

Fourth and last child of Idris and Alexandra and sister Gwydion, Emrys, and Eira, Llywenna is timid and creative, her mother's daughter.  She enjoys garden parties with her numerous dolls and teddies, as well as painting (though she's still just learning).  She is obedient and dutiful, secretly frightened of her father and stays out of sight when he's around.

Camille Odetta Wautier Medraut
French | Pureblood | b. 1842
Suggested FC: Dame Maggie Smith

Desperate for children to fulfill her role as wife and matriarch, Camille suffered through the deaths of two infants before having a healthy set of twins in 1900.  When her husband Gwydion Medraut IV passed away after a long illness, shrewd and ambitious Camille focused on furthering the influence of her legacy and became the mastermind of her immediate family.  She tailored her son Idris as heir to the family but largely ignored her daughter Ysbail.  She now lives in the East Wing of Draigclwyd Manor, where the house elves are usually her only visitors. At the age of 99, healers have written her off as senile -- she's convinced someone killed her husband all those years ago, but her accusations have been dismissed as mere fantasies. So how come she's still as sharp as a tack?

Branch Families

The following characters are part of the Medraut family by marriage or blood, and represent the branches that are not part of the immediate family of the Head.

Cynan Trefor Medraut
Welsh | Pureblood | b. 1854
Suggested FC:


Auron Marged Nevitt Medraut
Welsh | Pureblood | b. 1868
Suggested FC:



Griffith Siorus Medraut
Welsh | Pureblood | b. 1893
Suggested FC:


Elaine Iris Benson Medraut
English | Pureblood | b. 1892
Suggested FC:


Rhys Dylan Medraut
Welsh | Pureblood | b. 1920
Suggested FC: Boyd Holbrook

The second-oldest child of Griffith and Elaine. A bit of a bad boy, Gwilym is rebellious and out of touch with the pureblood scene -- he prefers jazz to classical, keeps his hair suavely messy, and generally dislikes societal norms, causing a lot of headaches for his parents. Graduating with terrible grades from Hogwarts, he's now drifting along with no direction -- where will his life take him?

Gwilym Iorwerth Medraut
Welsh | Pureblood | b. 1922
Suggested FC: Jeremy Young

The third child of Griffith and Elaine. Sensible and slick, Gwilym is the image of pureblood perfection.  He's a ladies' man, a well-dressed bachelor, and he values good cologne above almost anything else. He gets along with his older brother Rhys about as well as a cat and dog, but bonded with his eldest sister Eirwen easily.  His aspirations include becoming a high-ranking Ministry official.

Heulyn Mair Medraut
Welsh | Pureblood | b. 1930
Suggested FC: Raffey Cassidy

Sweet and yet temperamental, Heulyn is the fifth and youngest child of Griffith and Elaine.  She has a fascination with animals -- particularly birds -- and can often be found in trees, daydreaming.  Setting her off is a bit like poking a volcano, however.


Gwendolyn Meredydd Medraut Irwin
Welsh | Pureblood | b. 1901
Suggested FC: Ellen Pompeo

Her shotgun wedding was never looked upon too favorably, but at least she married a pureblood, say the relatives. Gwendolyn's year-long marriage was short-lived after her husband Cecil ran off with a witch from Kensington, but his loss was her gain -- she now commands her husband's position as the keeper of his enormous fortune which she settled in court. Her twin boys, Cadfael and Cadogan, are the lights of her life, and while they have their dysfunctional moments, they're a close family.  She is also Griffith's younger sister.

Cadfael Uther Irwin-Medraut
English-Welsh | Pureblood | b. 1921
Suggested FC: James Phelps

Older than his twin brother by just two minutes, he's never let Cadogan forget it, but they're the best of friends. He is greatly bothered by the fact that his father was never around, bitter towards him for hurting his mother, Gwendolyn.  A professional Quidditch player, he plays Keeper for the Caerphilly Catapults.

Cadogan Percival Irwin-Medraut
English-Welsh | Pureblood | b. 1921
Suggested FC: Oliver Phelps

The younger of the twins, Cadogan is artistic and musical -- an actor, he makes his living in London as a performer. Deeply emotional, he can be a little overdramatic at times but usually calms down pretty quickly.  Surprisingly, he takes a very casual stance on the subject of his father's leaving, and doesn't really mind that it happened.

(More characters to come, check back soon!)

If you are interested in any of the available characters or have any questions, please contact Arianrhod Medraut or Shepard T. Kedding!
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