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Lowell R Kedding

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Application for Hogwarts School

Name: Lowell Romulus Kedding

Birthday: December 19th

Hometown: Carlisle, Scotland


Magical Strength (pick one):

Magical Weakness (pick one):
Conjuring & Summoning

Year (pick two): 2nd, 3rd.



Lowell Kedding was raised not by his parents, but by his siblings. His mother had been distant for most of the young boys childhood, a shell of the person she was when Rory Kedding had first met her, Lowell had a mother, but he did not have her love. The young blonde did not have much memories of the woman, only those which involved, mostly shouting at the him for something she considered to be misbehaving. However, Lowell had not been a disobedient son, he had tried to impress his parents with manners and his own attempt at small talk.

 His mother had not been particularly interested in his attempt and often moaned at him to leave her to her knitting or some other thing ladies did in their spare time. But that was another problem, really, the woman didn’t have spare time considering that she had three young children to take care of, she lacked interest in them and often left her daughter to do the things she was responsible for.

Lowell’s father was a busy man, often taking trips to other countries and leaving his three children alone with Mrs. Kedding. The woman grew bored and began to fade away from the family, often leaving on long trips. Lowell had not known his mother well, or his father, until the incident happened. The evening had begun with Lowell playing nearby his mother while the woman tapped impatiently on the chair. He had not known what had gone wrong or why his mother had lashed out like she did, but when the yelling started, tears clouded his vision as the boy tucked his freckled cheeks into his hands.

He hadn’t heard Charlie come in, he had just heard the boy speak, louder then Charlie ever spoke before, standing up for the younger boy, defending him with every brotherly instinct he had in his body, but the yells did not die down, they only increased. His mother turned her attention towards Charlie, her earlier anger now directed to Charlie. The boy lifted his hands and held them close on his ears, desperate to drown out the noise, yet it would not stop and he couldn’t take it any longer.

His legs moved without him noticing, and he hadn’t been paying attention which direction he was running. His mind was only filled with the rage of his mother and his brave older brother defending him. Tears still streaked down the boys freckled cheeks, the salty tang of tears felt familiar on the his lips, yet he kept running. Not aware of his siblings behind him or the creature that lurked in the shadows nearby.

He had finally stopped, his breathing heavy and his chest burnt, longing for more air, and that was when he heard it. The low, malicious grow that came from right behind him. Lowell was almost too terrified to face whatever had him cornered, yet the urge to see the creature was too much, and Lowell turned around. The beast was large with yellow stained fangs that could be seen brightened by the moonlight. He was too afraid to speak and no screams could be heard from his gaping jaws.

Things happened way faster after that.

Charlie was screaming, shouting at this creature to leave Lowell alone, and the monster did, but it turned on his brother, just like their mother’s rage had turned from Lowell to Charlie. His brother was defending him once again, however, this time the foe was much, much worse then a woman. Lowell whimpered and closed his eyes, huddled up beneath the roots of the tree where the monster had trapped him, terrified that when he opened his eyes, he would see his brother dead, and it would all his fault.


His first question was where his brother was. The young boy had demanded with fists clenched to know exactly where Charlie had been taken and why he was not at home, yet nobody seemed to want to talk about it, even when he asked Juniper she seemed to resist telling him. His dreams were still haunted by the creature, dark claws and sharp teeth that would snap at him every single night until he awoke, even to this day the boy still gets nightmares. When Charlie returned home, he returned as a different boy.

The first thing Lowell had noticed was the scar. The large bandages that would be removed every now and then revealed a large pink scar that when ever Lowell looked at it, he shivered and felt tears form in his eyes, for the scar reminded him of the teeth, the teeth that his brother had faced for him and him alone.

Charlie and Juniper had been the Lowell’s salvation. Juniper did not attend school when she was supposed too and really, Lowell enjoyed his sisters company, and quite frankly his father’s cooking wasn’t exactly fantastic. He grew closer to both of his siblings and even his father who remained at home most time now. Things seemed to go back to normal in the Kedding household, or things became better, really. He often asked where his mother had gone yet not even Charlie, who told his Lowell everything knew where she had gone.

When Charlie turned eleven, he and Juniper left to Hogwarts and Lowell was alone without his sibling, which took quite some time to get used to since he had always remembered his childhood with Charlie and Juni around. But things weren’t quite so bad with his father, the two bonded and Lowell felt as though he had an actual father now. Charlie and Juniper where home sometimes during Christmas and summer, however it wasn’t quite the same, as Hogwarts seemed to have caused them to mature, and Lowell still remained the same.

When he turned ten, Lowell became quite interested in reading, however would not touch a book about magical creatures as the nightmares and shivers would come back and the monster would haunt his dreams again. He rather enjoyed reading about Hogwarts as anticipation set in that next year he would be attending that same school as he beloved siblings had. Charlie would still be there, and he relished the thought of spending more time with Charlie, even if Juniper had already gone on her way.

Even though the thought of seeing his brother again brought guilt into the his heart, he couldn’t help but remain excited to join him in Hogwarts, with that thought, the nightmares didn’t come back.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request: I leave this in your wonderful hands.


At first glance, Lowell is a rather quiet boy, keeping to himself and often going off somewhere to enjoy a good book to be in the center of attention. However, he enjoys the company of others and can be quite social when surrounded by his friends, making jokes and cracking smiles. He’s a pretty friendly kid, not turning down someone who needs his aid and putting his all in every activity he does. Lowell is quite protective towards his close friends and family since he blames himself for the incident that happened to Charlie, he tends to be rather observant and extremely careful with a protective instinct to kill.

Lowell a sporty kid and loves games involving loads of movement and action. He loves Quidditch and is considerably good at the sport for a first year. He has absolutely no fear of flying and enjoys the thrill and acceleration of the game, playing fairly and being a pretty good team member, win or loose. Lowell enjoys making those around him smile, he’s the type of boy that’ll go up to someone he barely knows just because they seem upset over something, he’ll always make you laugh, no matter the situation. He prefers to surround himself with smiling people and will often get his way by simply being a good person around others.

Lowell isn’t the boy who excels in his classes. He often daydreams when he’s supposed to do homework and finds it really difficult to concentrate in a busy classroom, preferring to work with a teacher privately then with the company of other students as he can be rather shy about letting others know of his struggles in class. He’ll ask for help if he need’s it but prefers not too in front of the rest of the classroom.


Lowell hair’s is slightly longer then it should be and constantly falls into the boys eyes causing him to have a habit of flicking his head slightly to get the hair out of his eyes. His eyes, like his brother Charlie, are quite blue and heavily lashed. The boy has a pale completion with freckles dotting his nose and cheeks, which often turns extremely crimson when the boy blushes. Lowell isn’t a large boy, he’s actually rather small for a first year, probably being one of the shortest boys in his year which he rather dislikes and often attempts to stand as tall as he possibly can. Lowell’s also pretty scrawny, but not because he doesn’t eat, he just doesn’t seem to pick up weight as quickly as others being quite interested in sports and activities involving loads of movement.

Please reply to one of the Sample Roleplays below.

The young Kedding was rather tired and really hadn’t expected to run into another student at this time. It wasn’t late, however most of the students where enjoying dinner in the main hall, Lowell simply hadn’t felt like eating much since he had spent most of the afternoon with his big brother scoffing down snacks from the kitchen. He now realized why Charlie had been so happy to be put into Hufflepuff; the common room was simply placed right next to the kitchen making it easy access for hungry students.

He had eagerly agreed to join his brother for lunch and really enjoyed spending time with the older boy, even though that feeling of regret still hung like a dark shadow around his head, but he wouldn’t tell Charlie that. The older boy seemed rather happy and Lowell didn’t want Charlie to worry about him. He was a sixth year and Charlie was only a firstie, Charlie had way bigger things to worry about then his brothers problems, weren’t sixth years supposed to be interested in girls and all that gooey stuff? Frankly, he thought that idea of hanging around a girl for too long was utterly boring (Unless the girl was Juniper, of course.)  and the thought of kissing one was just gross and sent goose bumps along his arms.

Lowell yawned slightly as he walked with a slow pace towards his common room, stretching his arms out as he went. He wondered if one of his mates would be up for a game later? They usually played hide and seek in the common room, until the older students got annoyed of course, so perhaps they could come up with another game?

He nodded and smiled at the idea, a nice, fair game sounded wonderful tonight. Perhaps they could play Aurors verses Dark Wizards, except this time he would be an Auror, no matter how much James complained. Lowell always had to be the Dark Wizard, and really, he hated it! It wasn’t fair and this time he would be the good guy, yea… That sounded about right.



The blonde turned to face the person calling out and noticed a girl, struggling to catch up to him. She really must have been quite slow as he wasn’t know to be the fastest kid around.

“Wait up! It’s for the paper!”

Paper? What on earth did the paper want with him? He was hardly celebrity material, that was more for the older boys who liked girls, not him. He paused and waited for her to catch up and get her breath back. He smiled slightly, she seemed rather interested in talking to him which kind of made the boy feel rather special, he enjoyed it when people wanted to talk to him, really he just liked having company around.

“Hey there.”

He smiled again, this time slightly awkwardly as the girl had finally caught up with him and was now standing right there.

“What do you think about serving frog legs at lunch? Some say it’s a delicacy, but others think it’s plain gross.”

“What? Frog legs?”

The boy clenched his teeth at the thought of swallowing down something like that. Dad’s cooking wasn’t exactly chef’s material, but it sure sounded better then chowing down on frog legs!

“Well, er… I don’t think I’d like to try that, thank you very much…It sounds… rather strange if you ask me.”

He gave her a lopsided grin and politely waited for her reply.


Previous Characters (if applicable): Felix Thunstrom, Syldania Laveau, Maximus Ambrosius

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Mr Kedding,

Congratulations, your application to Hogwarts School has been accepted. Term begins 01 September, 2013. Currently, students have gathered at Camp Loki. Your admission is joint for both the school and Camp Loki, and we encourage you to spend your summer there. Should you choose, you may also visit our Elsewhere board via the Floo Network to visit or purchase school supplies. We look forward to seeing you at the School.

Eirwen Medraut,