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Application for Salem Institute


Name: Adriel Thomas Winston

Birthday: June 6th, 1924

Hometown: Bristol, England

Bloodline: Pureblood

Magical Strength: Charms

Magical Weakness: Divination

Year: Preferably Freshman (or Sophomore)

The Winston family was pure of blood, and had been around for many generations. In the last decades, their numbers had shrunken severely, as illness and disease was raiding the ranks. As the elders rapidly passed away, many of the newborns were born with a genetic heart disease and for a while it seemed like the Winston name itself would die within a few decades.

Elyon Thomas Winston was a survivor. A perfectly healthy man who found the love of his life in Newcastle. Her name was Gwendolyn Viola Carrow. They married, and she took her name, hoping they could do their part in saving the family legacy. It didn’t take long before Gwen fell pregnant, and all was joy in the house.

When she was about four months on the way, a tragedy hit. Elyon was found dead in an alley. Not a clue was found as for what had happened. Gwen was devastated, and fell into depression. Still, she was determined to bring her child into this world – for Elyon.

And the day came, in the beginning of summer. A beautiful little boy was born in a hospital in Boston. But not even this could be all happy. Gwendolyn died, giving birth to her son. The nurses concluded that she just didn’t have the strength to recover. She’d done what she was here to do, and now she was gone.

With no relatives to contact, the hospital staff had to give the child up to adoption, and he was placed in the town orphanage. Before he left, they took a look at Gwen’s papers and decided to name the boy. As faithful Christians they gave him an angels name – Adriel, meaning “of God’s flock”, and Thomas after the father – which his mother had spoken so dearly about.

Life at the orphanage wasn’t so bad. Adriel Thomas Winston grew up with good caretakers and a lot of friends. He was an active, bright child – always asking questions, reading books and running off to explore as much as he could. Surrounded by children from many backgrounds, Adriel learned a little bit of everything – especially when it came to languages. He wanted to know it all, and was eager to share with others.

As he turned 8 – a couple came to the Boston orphanage. They claimed to be relatives of her mother, going by the name of Carrow, and they adopted the boy. Adriel had no saying in the matter, but was eager to learn more about his mother’s side of the story. His excitement grew even bigger, as they began telling him about the Wizarding world, and what he truly was.

When he turned 11 they took his letter, and would not let him attend Hogwarts. Adriel was to be home-schooled, for the purpose of becoming of good use to the Carrow house. They were business people, and to them Adriel was just another employee in training. He was to learn what they wanted him to learn – nothing more, nothing less. Opinions were unwanted, and he was to do what he was told. As long as he kept them happy, he’d always have the food of his choosing, any toy he could possibly dream off and not have to worry about a thing in the world.

But this wasn’t sitting well with Adriel. For a few years he tried. Oh, he really tried. They were of his blood, and he wanted to make them proud. But for each day he realized – more and more – that he would never be able to do just that. No, family was the people you chose. The caretakers at the orphanage. The nurses from the hospital, who never once missed his birthday. The other kids he grew up with. That was his family.

At 12 he ran away. Living on the streets of Boston. Hooking up with other castaways, learning to survive on his own. He got caught up in some bad business, starting rather harmless at first – stealing to live. Then they got greedy, and started taking more than they needed. Selling stuff on the black marked. Getting even more friends of the wrong sort. Some men saw potential in Adriel – especially with his linguistic knowledge – and had him work for them, faking signatures and documents. The child was on the barge of losing his innocence completely..

Then one day, it all turned. Adriel was out roaming the streets, as he saw some of the guys robbing an old lady. They were really hurting her bad for the few coins she had, and this was something Adriel had never witnessed before. It made him furious, and he threw himself at them in rage. The boys were shocked, not understanding what had gotten into their friend, so they just took the old woman’s purse and ran.

Adriel helped her to the hospital. Constantly sitting by her bed. Praying that if she would just make it, he would never steal again. He would do good from now. Help, instead of hurting.

And after a while, the old woman woke. Before Adriel could even begin to explain how sorry he was that this had happened, the woman thanked him. She just thanked him, and stroke the tear of his cheek with her old, wrinkly hand. “I’m so sorry,” he said. Over and over again. “I’ll get a job. I’ll get you back every coin. Please, let me work for you. I can read for you! And lift heavy things! I’ll do anything!”

That was how Adriel met widow Geraldine. She took the boy under her wing, taking care of him, and letter him help care for her. He moved into her humble home and they grew close. Geraldine became like a grandmother to him. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for her, and Adriel was the light of her life. She wanted for him to get his life straight. Get a real education. Therefore she applied him to the best school she knew of – Salem Institute, in America.

The thought of leaving Granna for so long was hard on Adriel, but she assured him that she would be just fine, and that this was her wish for him. So he would go, he would succeed and he would come back – showing her what she had made possible. He would become a good man – for mom, dad, the nurses, the orphans and for Granna.


Society Request: Preferably Pawn (or Knight)

Adriel is an open-minded and curious guy. He’s bright and loves to read and study – still, he’s fun-loving, athletic and loves sports. The boy’s got quite some temper though, and his fuse is rather short. It’s not unlikely that he would get easily into a fight. Injustice is his major issue, and if anyone is treating someone bad, Adriel will have a huge problem with it. Disrespect is also something he can’t stand – especially towards elders. And if someone is bullying a child, Adriel will snap. Protective of little ones, respectful for elders. Elitism makes him sick, and he can’t understand why someone would feel better than other, just because of their bloodline.

Adriel has blonde hair, with a bit of length to it. His eyes are a mix of blue and hazel – depending on the light. His height is pretty normal for his age, and he’s rather muscular built from being active in sports from an early age, and doing physical labor. Due to various accidents growing up, Adriel has got sever scars scattered around – most of them minor and barely noticeable if one’s not paying close attention. The thing that might catch your eye is the bright smile of his, which is often to be seen.


Adriel both liked and disliked the library. It was great because of all the books, and dreadful because of how they were all supposed to be deadly quiet all the time. One of the great things about reading and learning was - at least in his opinion – to share it with others. If he read an awesome line, of course he would want to tell someone! Have them read it too. Where was the fun in just sitting there in utter silence?

Luckily it wasn’t always like that. Right now, for instance – it was just Adriel and his partner, Simon, around. No one to hush at them, or slap them on the back of the head for sneezing. And the blond Englishman really enjoyed partner projects, so this should be great – even though it was about such a dull subject. War.. That was no fun.

"How about I write the essay and stuff? You can just put your name on it. Sound good?"

“Wha..” Adriel didn’t even manage to finish the question. Simon’s words were quite shocking, really. Why on earth wouldn’t he want to cooperate with him? It surely didn’t sound like it was due to his partner being overly excited by the task. “You’re joking, right?” Adriel asked, tilting his head and looking at the boy sitting next to him like he was out of his mind.

There were many outbursts on the tip of his tongue, but he would let Simon get a chance to explain himself, before spitting them all out on him.


Previous Characters: Carlo de Natale, Geryon Crowley

How did you find us?: Faith led me here. <3

Alastair Grimm

    (07/08/2013 at 20:41)
Hey Adriel!

You application looks good! I just wanted to clarify on whether Adriel was in America or England? In some places you mentioned Boston, and in others you mentioned Hogwarts and Bristol. He is welcome to go to school internationally, though our current political climate may have an influence on his life in that case (with the borders of Britian being so heavily regulated). Just let me know!

Alastair Grimm

* Adriel T. Winston

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Hometown: Boston, England

I must have gotten the "Hometown"-part confused with my other character; I ment for it to be Boston all the way :)

But yes, I wanted for him to travel to America, for the sake of going to Salem. I understand that this might effect his life, due to the regualtions, and that I would have to prepare for him to freak out if/when he doesn't get a WiSA to go visit his Granna back in England. :)

Hope it's okay now, but if I've still messed some things up - let me know!

Eirwen Medraut

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Mr Winston,

Congratulations, your application to Salem Institute has been accepted. Term begins 01 September, 2013. Currently, students have gathered at Camp Loki. Your admission is joint for both the school and Camp Loki, and we encourage you to spend your summer there. Should you choose, you may also visit our Elsewhere board via the Floo Network to visit or purchase school supplies. We look forward to seeing you at the School.

Eirwen Medraut