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Author Topic: So You Want to Be a Professor?  (Read 3149 times)

Ophelie Lecuyier

    (26/06/2013 at 18:17)
so. you want to be a professor?
Great! We'd love to have you. But before you submit that app or write those lesson plans, take a second to review the part of the job that people don't often consider - the OOC commitment involved. This is not to scare you off! We just want you to know what you're signing on for.

what does a prof do, exactly?
Glad you asked! Professors are required to:
  • Develop and lead 3 lessons per term, with at least 2 updates per lesson.
  • Post grades and enter in House points in a timely fashion.
  • Collect and post stats on their classes 3 times per term.
  • Patrol their assigned forums, ICly and OOCly.
  • Check the staff forum regularly, at least once per week.
  • Set a good example for students and other staff, ICly and OOCly.

A lot of professors also engage in things that are optional (but much appreciated!), such as:
  • Hosting/replying to office hours, tutoring, etc
  • Involvement in school-wide plots or pranks
  • Socializing/threading with other staff
  • Hiring and threading with TAs

how much time does all this take?
It depends on you, and how involved you'd like your lessons to be. Professors who host lessons with rounds need to update more frequently, for example. Professors who go the extra mile and thread with their students obviously spend more time writing posts. We'd estimate that proffing takes roughly 20 OOC hours per term, give or take.

what about character limits?
Those still apply. Two students at the Castle, plus one Professor character if you're chosen.

wow. that's a lot. what do profs get out of it?
First and foremost, Professors get the undying love and respect of the Admin team and the HS.net community at large. Without you guys, the school aspect would be much more difficult to play out, and that's why a lot of people come! We'd be lost without you.

But we recognize that that's not enough in light of all that we ask you to do as Professors. So starting in the 1939-40 term, we are pleased to offer the following Professor Incentives:
  • 1000 Gringotts Points - deposited in your account by the administration.
  • A chance to win a Knut subscription - all Professors who complete their 3 lessons will be placed into a voting pool, where students determine that term's best lesson. The Professor who taught the winning lesson will receive the Knut subscription, or equivalent credit if that player already has an upgraded account.

still want to be a prof?
Applications for professors will be open on OOC April 1, so check back then to fill out an application. We've been expecting you.
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