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The Information

What is a Special Request?

Special requests should be sent to an administrator. The form can be found here, and it's useful because:

-- It helps give us, the admins, a better idea of why you need the special request. As board plotters, it's our responsibility to make sure that the site is coherent in its culture and timing.

-- Special Requests Retain The Site Rating. So you want to write a more mature, perhaps a little more complicated, plotline? That's great! We encourage it. However, some topics are sensitive and it's our job to make sure that this site stays all inclusive for all.

Who Can Apply For A Special Request?

Anyone. New, old, or otherwise. We love to hear about your ideas regardless of time spent on the site. However, we do strongly encourage taking a minimum of 1 term (3 RL months) to get used to the site and develop your plans for your special request before submitting one.

What Exactly Should I Submit A Special Request For?

  • Special Physical Characteristics that are unusual, significant, or non-human in appearance. This includes things like extensive scarring, tattoos, etc.
  • Potions that are for any other purpose besides basic home medical care must be applied for by special request. Please note that OOC permission does not double as IC permission, and your character can still be pulled up by the Wizengamot for trial.
  • Magical Artifacts. These include items mentioned in book canon (time turners, invisibility cloaks, etc.), as well as any magical artifacts you may invent (e.g., cursed family jewelry, spy-mirrors, etc.) that have special powers, the potential to alter plot lines, or cause physical/emotional harm to your character or another character.
  • Special Powers. Fancy Animagus? Great! Seer? Brilliant. Spec. Req. it!. Please note that some of the special abilities mentioned in Magical Rules still require a special request form if you wish for your character to be able to do them.
  • Potentially Horrific, Confusing or Complicated Plotlines. As you should know, murdering a character or NPC requires special permissions from the Admin team. This also applies to plot lines that handle sensitive issues.

Special Requests are not designed to hinder your creative freedom, but rather to help to keep the site fun, fair and safe for all.

Looking forward to seeing your ideas!

- Admins, Inc.
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