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Why should you bother?
Because when the starting gun goes off it's every man for himself.


Who are The Protheros?
The Protheros are a very old pureblood wizarding family. They're know as being reclusive, selective, and very secretive. They believe their blood is stronger than anyone else's. There is one rule: "Don't kill a member of your family."
Their family seal is a scorpion.

Sanford and Vivian

and all their children

Mathis Prothero

Suggested Face Claim: Rory McCann

Pureblood | Married | 54 | Either Hogwarts or Durmstrang Grad | Occupation ?

You are the husband of Claudia Prothero and the second oldest son of the late Sanford Prothero. Your mother, Vivian, is the third wife of Sanford Prothero. You loved your mother but after some family complications you both ‘lost touch’ with each other. You wanted to make your father proud and you wanted to be the heir. You were caught speaking with a exiled member of the family and have been accused of being an accomplice in your older brother’s (Brenar) Prother’s death. You have nothing to say on the matter.

You have one younger brother (Tristan) and two younger sisters (Catrin and Seren). When you were younger you loved them all but never showed it. You were their older brother and you needed to make an image for yourself. You had to be tough, unyielding, and right. You found yourself scolding Catrin for her rebellious manner. Seren always behaved well and you always made sure to remember her birthday and send her a gift.

You have two older half siblings, Brenar and Moira. Brenar’s dead and you don’t want to talk about that. Moira’s ugly and insufferable but family sticks together.

Oh and you’re pretty much shunned by the family. There’s no solid proof to really kick you out but they all think you had something to do with your brother’s death.

You could say you and your wife have a complicated relationship. Honestly, it none of anyone else’s business and you think it’s fairly simple. You liked her younger sister, Cambria, but she was a little too prudish for your tastes. And maybe a bit too young. Claudia had plenty of good qualities about her and the two of you were happily married for a year or two then that ungrateful woman told you that she hated you and only married you for you name, money, and because you were stupid enough to be fooled and manipulated. You’ve exacted your revenge several times by being unfaithful. Shows her, right? Still she keeps dangling her affections in front of you and you’ve never been able to say no when she comes around. And damn it, it’s DEATH do us part and you’re not ready to die. And have you seen Claudia Prothero?

You have … *counts on fingers and needs another hand* six children now. Your oldest son, Morton, is dead or missing. There’s never been enough prove to say which. Your eldest daughter, Dahlia is making poor decisions and you will not acknowledge such behavior or her for that matter. Your second oldest daughter Valerie was obnoxiously rebellious as a girl but she’s married off now and she’s made you a grandfather more times than you or your wife would like to be. Your second oldest son, Hume, rambles on about nonsense and is kept safe in his room. And then there’s the babies, twins. Claudius and Theodora. At first you weren’t thrilled about having more youngsters around. But you’re sure Claudius has your chin.

Things to deal with
-Your Wife
-Women you’ve had affairs with. Some of them don’t understand that “once and done” means get lost.
-You’re being shunned by your family.
-Your father passed away and instead of giving you everything he gave it to his twenty-something year old wife. Thanks dad.
-Your Grandfather who is the real Head of the Family is catatonic and not helping and won’t die.
-Not all of your kids are yours but either you don’t know that, or won’t admit it.

People to Play With
(played characters)

Claudia Prothero (wife)
Dahlia Prothero (daughter)
Moira Prothero (oldest/half sister)
Seren Birch (youngest sister)
Millicent Prothero (step mother)
Octavian Prothero (cousin)
Eugene Prothero (nephew)
Florence Prothero (niece)

Tristan Prothero

Suggested Face Claim: Josh Brolin

Pureblood | Single | 43 | Hogwarts, Slytherin | Cursebreaker for Gringotts

You’re the rebellious son who thought it would be funny to bring a sweet and unsuspecting muggle girl home for dinner.

Many years later after you thought Johanna Maple was out of your life she shows up out of nowhere telling you to promise not to get upset with her and that you have a daughter. Her name is Florence Snodgrass and she has a mysterious illness that killing her. Turns out it’s just a nasty case of Dragon Pox and a visit to St. Mungos is all she needs. You have no idea how a girl living in a muggle area would get Dragon Pox. Or do you?

Either way you weren’t ready to be a father and now you have an angry muggle man who’d rather not have you involved in his not-daughter’s life. What the hell?! You didn’t do anything! Okay you did take Johanna in your arms knowing that she was engaged to be married. But part of you believed that maybe she’d leave him for you? Or she just… wouldn’t get pregnant. You don’t know how these things work.

But before all this nonsense you were your father’s 3rd son and your mother’s 2nd. You saw exactly why you were related to all of these people and you started to hate yourself a little. A little, when puberty hit you were much more handsome and popular than your older brother your confidence went up. He gave you’re a black eye for that too. It’s not your fault you got the handsome gene and he didn't.

Since you were young you always did the exact opposite of what was expected of you. Your mother constantly informed you that she loved you with all her heart, but if you tried her patience again she’d send you off to the extended family in Russia and you’d be walking to get there.

You came back with ‘Why not the family in Italy’ and you only got beets for dinner than night.

You do love your mother, but at that age you wouldn’t admit it. The only person you really liked in the family was the other odd Prothero, Octavian Prothero. You saw him as the older brother you wish you had. He was a voice of reason that wasn’t your mother or father. However when you decided it was time to move out and date muggle girls because it would bother your family, you didn’t really listen to Octavian saying that it was a bad idea.

Johanna was pretty and completely smitten with you. That was the only reason you approached her. You never realized that you’d fall in love with her and that she’d some pull on you. And then when she left you and married some muggle you went to Italy for a change of scenery. There you met a beautiful woman and later you would find out that you also had a son born out of wedlock.

Nowadays you’re still unmarried and your work keeps you busy and far from home. It’s nice, every so often you feel a little bit guilty about leaving your children to fend from themselves. You send them money though. When you were their age all you wanted from your parents was privacy and their money. How much different can your offspring be?

Things to deal with
-Your daughter born out of wedlock.
-Your son born out of wedlock
-Your sister in law marrying off your daughter without your knowledge.
-Finding out you have another illegitimate kid somewhere.
-Your family.

People to Play With
(played characters)

Florence Prothero (daughter)
Carlo de Natale (son)
Seren Birch (youngest sister)
Moira Prothero (oldest/half sister)
Millicent Prothero (step mother)
Claudia Prothero (sister in law)
Octavian Prothero (cousin)
Dahlia Prothero (niece)
Eugene Prothero (nephew)

Catrin Prothero

Suggested Face Claim: Olivia Wilde

Pureblood | Martial Status? | 39 | School? | Occupation?
You were named after your Grandmother. She was pretty much perfect only she could have smiled a little more. Or maybe she was smiling in all those pictures...

Your father was Sanford Prothero and you are the first daughter with his third wife. You probably realized this family was going to be crazy the moment you were brought into the world. You hate secrets, mysteries, gray area, and anything undetermined. You got along with your second oldest brother Tristan who was just about as cynical as you are. You didn’t really care too much for your oldest brother because he found himself to be a little too important. You don’t really like your sister in law either. Your older half siblings were much older than you and you hardly remember Brenar. All you really know about him is that your oldest brother, Mathis, probably killed him. Or was an accomplice… or you know what, it bothers you so you don’t even think about it. He’s a jerk regardless.
You and your sister Seren are five years apart.  She’s normal yet boring so you get along with her all right. After some family complications your mother and Sanford got a divorce. You were kind of in the middle of it and you pretty much left with your mother.

To be brief, you were in love with a man named Vigilance ‘Viggo’. His last name was Finch and dating Finchs happens to be a big no no in the family. Next to ‘Don’t kill your family members’ it’s the next biggest offense. Viggo didn’t want to cause a fuss and thought the relationship should be secret. You don’t play that way and things sort of blew up. Your Grandfather, Harmon/Patriarch, hadn’t gotten over his sister’s little… indiscretion with a Finch and… well that’s one secret/mystery your okay with. In the end Viggo ran away to American like the coward he is and you almost got kicked out of the family. Your mother got upset and then it ended with a divorce where your mother only got you. You, her adult daughter.
After Catrin leaves the family things are left up to the player who takes her. She does play the harp and probably plays it more often when she’s frustrated, angry, or ignoring someone.

Things to deal with
-You’re 39.
-Viggo Finch moved back to the UK and has a farm. Isn’t that cute.
-On occasion, your mother, but you only have each other and pretty much agree on everything.
-Make up some stuff or maybe she’s happy and only has a few problems.
People to Play With
(played characters)

Viggo Finch (ex-boyfriend)
Seren Birch (youngest sister)
Moira Prothero (oldest/half sister)
Millicent Prothero (step mother)
Claudia Prothero (sister in law)
Octavian Prothero (cousin)
Dahlia Prothero (niece)
Eugene Prothero (nephew)
Florence Prothero (niece)

Seren Prothero Birch

Suggested Face Claim: Rose Byrne

Pureblood | Married | 34 | Hogwarts, Slytherin | Obliviator (is/was)

You’re the youngest child of Sanford Prothero out of all of his marriages. You’re a good girl, you did everything you were supposed to and you acted shocked when scandalous things happened. Of course Catrin always caught your lies. You seem very innocent and more times than not you are very innocent. You get no sick pleasure from lying or pretending. It’s just who you are and how you know how to survive. You just want all your basic needs met and for your children to get the best they can.
You don’t necessarily like how your family only considers your husband family when it’s convenient for them. You’ve done well for yourself and you think you should get more credit that you do. More times than not you hear “Oh Seren’s here? Where?” when you visit. Your old bedroom was given to Tristan’s consolation prize with a muggle woman. You know what… you cared for a moment but whatever. When daddy died you got money from and it’s in a secret private bank account that your husband actually doesn’t know about. Other than that there are absolutely no secrets… scratch that, there are no relevant secrets kept between you and your husband. He doesn’t need to know that your on your second nose. It was Mathis’ fault and the rocks are slippery on the island your family lives on.
Things to deal with
-You’re a mother of two.
-You worked/work as an Obliviator and the family has used your talents before.
-You feel you’re under appreciated at times.
-You wonder why you care about your family and feel like you need them.
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Why should you bother?
Because Xeros are unique and complicated snowflakes


Who are The Xeros?
After her affair with a male Finch, Valerie Prothero was disowned from the family. She fled to France, pregnant and completely alone. But the ever resourceful and determined Valerie survived. She met Verill LaFleur, a recently widowed man with one daughter. Valerie gave birth to a son named Wesley. She secretly gave her son the last name Xero. Verill lived long enough to make Wesley his inheritor. Valerie LaFleur, changed her last name to Xero. Wesley was not a handsome boy and the Protheros believed his unfortunate appearance was due to the fact that Valerie slept with a member of the family they despised the most.

Wesley didn't need a handsome face, in fact his odd appearance matched with his charming air made him more likeable. He courted a very beautiful and wealthy pureblood woman named Olivia Edevane for years and finally she accepted his proposal. With great help from his wife's side, their son Horace was considerably more attractive than his father, yet still had a hard expression on his face.

Horace inherited from his father after marrying Cadence Saint Auxpris. And then they had some kids.

Is has been the goal of the Xeros to regain what Valerie lost. Perhaps they just want the inheritance she was denied or recognition and acceptance by the family. Maybe they just want to share the old and prestigious name. Or maybe they Xeros want to annihilate the Protheros all together. All anyone really knows, is that Xeros and Protheros each have a vendetta against each other and there won't be a happy ending.

Valerie Xero's


Horace Xero

Suggested Face Claim: Wilem DaFoe

Pureblood | Married | ? | Beauxbatons: Renault | Occupation ?

You don’t like dueling although you were one of the best duelers who ever attended Beauxbatons. You are a man who goes back and forth from fighting a darkside within yourself and learning how to co-exist with parts you can never get rid of. Your children understand thing although you’ve never explained it to them. You’re proud of your children and you want to give them what they deserve. You want to be reinstated as a Prothero and crush them at the same time. You’ve never concerned that your wishes for your children and their wishes might not be the same.

You’re losing your hearing and the every once in awhile an old injury becomes unbearably painful. You do what you can to overcome these inhibitors. You’re a very active man. You don’t walk, you speed walk. And when someone is in your way you knock them over and give a gruff apology. Better to ask for forgiveness than beg for permission.

You are a well dressed man, but your lack creativity. Your tailor made you classic and timeless suits that are indestructible. You hate new clothes because you don’t feel yourself in them.

You always feel like you’re running out of time.

Things to deal with
-Other People
-Your Daughter
-Your Sons
-The Protheros
-Your stress level
-The Protheros
-The Edevanes
-Finding a new favorite tie. You splattered soup all over your last one and the house elf couldn't get the stain out.

People to Play With
(played characters)

Auren Cid Xero (eldest son)
Edmund Thyrsus Xero (second son)
Claudia Prothero (second cousin in-law)
Dahlia Prothero (second cousin once removed)
Moira Prothero (second cousin)
Catrin Prothero (second cousin)
Seren Birch (second cousin)
Millicent Prothero (ward and cousin once removed)
Octavian Prothero (second cousin)
Eugene Prothero (second cousin once removed)
Florence Prothero (illegitimate second cousin once removed)
Carlo de Natale (illegitimate halfblooded second cousin once removed)

Eleanor 'Nell' Xero

Suggested Face Claim: Benthe de Vries

Pureblood | Single | 17-19 | Beauxbatons? | Occupation?
Years ago you cut your long beautiful brown hair and never explained why. You have a very complicated relationship with your father, Horace Xero. Out of all of his children you receive the best treatment from him. Although, your rather masculine appearance has never been accepted or understood by him. For his dearest daughter Horace tries to ignore it. You listen to him on almost everything but refuse to change your appearance despite his disapproval.
A good marriage is expected of you one day. Preferably to Henry Edevane who is the brother of Millicent Prothero and a ward of your father’s. He is also your 3rd cousin. You’ve grown up with him, both of you knowing that one day the two of you should get married. You don’t want to be his and you don’t want him to be yours. To you he’s a plain dry piece of bread with nothing on it. He’s not horrible but you’re not interested. Tying the knot would mean tying up loose ends to your father. When Henry turns 17 he’ll inherit what’s left of his family’s fortune. It’s not much, but your father has never been very good at letting things go.
You only break your dress code on very formal occasions, or when you simply have a moment of weakness. It’s not easy going against society’s expectations of you although you try to make it look effortless.
Things to deal with
-Your 'fiance'
-Edmund, who thinks he's the funny and clever one
-Your father
-Some emotional issues that inhibit you from seeking out a more intimate relationship
-Finding jeweled cufflinks
-Proving to everyone that you aren't not a normal woman who sole purpose is to take care of a household and produce children.
-People mistaking you for a lad.
People to Play With
(played characters)

Auren Cid Xero (eldest brother)
Edmund Thyrsus Xero (second eldest brother)
Claudia Prothero (second cousin once removed in-law)
Dahlia Prothero (third cousin)
Moira Prothero (second cousin once removed)
Catrin Prothero (second cousin once removed)
Seren Birch (second cousin once removed)
Millicent Prothero (father's ward and second cousin)
Octavian Prothero (second cousin once removed)
Eugene Prothero (third cousin)
Florence Prothero (illegitimate third cousin)
Carlo de Natale (illegitimate halfblooded third cousin)

Henry Arthur Edevane

Suggested Face Claim: Ed Speleers

Pureblood | Martial Status? | 15-16 | School? |

Childhood is almost over for you. You’ll inherit once your seventeen. You should be more excited about this, but you aren’t. Half of you wants to stay a boy and other is ready to take responsibility. Your beloved sister, Millicent, is another country and with the way things are going your concerns for her grow. Dad said on his deathbed that it was all up to you now. Heavy news for a boy who still picked his nose.

Horace Xero, your cousin once removed or something, took you and your sister in. Orphan is a horrible thing to be. But being a ward isn’t much better. You both were well treated but it was always clear that you weren’t exactly guests. You were investments. Your older sister, Millicent was married off to a wizened old man. It made you sick. Your sister is the only person you feel you really have and they practically sold her. And then you were left alone with the people who did it.

You’ve grown into a handsome young man though you don’t really realize it or care much about being pretty. Since your birth your parents and Horace Xero set you up with Eleanor Xero, a girl who is a couple years older than you. You’ve been the butt of her jokes since childhood and whenever your engagement is mentioned she rolls her eyes.

She’s weird anyway. She doesn’t dress like girl should and she probably thinks she’s a boy. She also thinks she’s hilarious. Maybe half her jokes are okay. Sometimes you think you should step up and show her you’re not only a man but her betrothed. But a lot of the time you’re completely fine that she ignores you. Kind of.

You can tell there’s some sort of plot afoot but you’re too light hearted and easy going to really get in the middle of it. Unfortunately you have a feeling that you already are.

Things to deal with

People to Play With
(played characters)

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Dahlia Prothero

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Why should you bother?
Because there ain't no party like a NEUTRAL party!


What is this?
This is there I will add in family members who are rather impartial. You can claim them and play them this way, or you can decided their fate and the fate of those around them.

Neutral Party

Rom Prothero

Suggested Face Claim: Gregory Peck

Pureblood | Married | ? | Hogwarts: Ravenclaw/Slytherin | Occupation ?

Eugene Prothero didn’t learn everything from just his mother.

Although very quiet and subtle, Rom has played an influence in Eugene’s life more than is obvious. Rom is the only man Moira can stand. And so she raised her son to be like her husband.

You do love your son but things are not that easy between you two. Biologically, Eugene is not your son. But you feel after what you’ve done that his grow and development is vital and the sole responsibility of yours and Moira’s.

You don’t really forgive yourself for what you’ve done. Your wife seems content, but you’ve always known there’s more that goes on beneath the surface concerning her. You’re quiet, but out of the two of you, you’re the more honest and expressive one.

You manage the family’s “affairs.” Florence’s little story, that was mostly conceived by your wife and sister-in-law, Claudia. But you were the one that made sure everything was plausible and matched up.

Moira came up with the plan to kidnap Eugene. You could have had someone else do the actual taking, but you felt it had to be you who did it. There were two many reasons why it had to be just you. Sometimes you regret doing it yourself, but every time you come to the conclusion that- considering the circumstance- you were the one who had to do it. 

You don’t know what’s going on with your son’s engagement. You knew he and Florence had been close for quite sometime and you looked forward to their union. You don’t always see eye to eye with your wife but you hardly ever stand against her. It’s better not to.

Things to deal with
-Trying to care
-What's going on with your son
-What's going on with your mother-in-law
-Xeros are real?
-The World
-Your best friend/wife.
-Your past
-Tying up loose ends.

People to Play With
(played characters)

Moira Prothero (Wife and cousin)
Eugene Prothero (Son)
Millicent Prothero (Mother-in-law... future daughter-in-law?)
Claudia Prothero (Sister-in-law and cousin)
Catrin Prothero (Sister-in-law and cousin)
Seren Birch (Sister-in-law and cousin)
Octavian Prothero (Cousin)
Dahlia Prothero (Niece)
Florence Prothero (Niece, not future daughter-in-law?)
Carlo de Natale (Nephew)
Auren Cid Xero (Second cousin once removed)
Edmund Thyrsus Xero (Second cousin once removed)