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Author Topic: Mad Scientist Looking for Young Adoptable Children  (Read 756 times)

Jabari Razi

    (13/12/2012 at 02:07)
Jabari Razi would like to take advantage of the unique circumstances the timewarp has presented him with by adopting a few muggleborns children affected by the warp and examining them.  He ideally will be looking for children between the age of 8-10 so that they are old enough to take care of themselves yet still not at Hogwarts.  After all, when subjects are not around to have diagnostic spells run on them regularly it messes up ones studies.

He'd be looking for subjects in different places as to draw less attention to himself.  So if your young child is a future Salemite, BBton'er or Hogwartian spending some time in Jabari Razi's flat in Knockturn might be a fun place to be.  He'll also let them outside to play hopscotch on the alley.  (Might want to be careful where you toss stones though.)

The research he is interested in doing is examining what about muggleborns made them have magical ability.  After all, he believes that muggles have some sort of plague that makes them incapable of magic and squibs occasionally get it.  ( IC he does not reveal this except perhaps to his best friend Pryce - who wouldn't tell.)

When adopting them he will just say that he is interested in helping out those who lost there families to the warp.  Perhaps he'll claim that seeing all those kids stuck in St. Mungos made him feel bad for them.  As for what odd things experiment wise he would do to the children would be discussed with whomever wants to rp a subject.

Warning it is Jabari Razi.  so....:
  • Jabari would care for the children like one cares for there favorite pet.  Ex: He would take great care to ensure they are properly taken care of and provided for.  As long as it didn't hurt him.
  • He will avoid touching them, and once adopted make sure they clean everything they came with a lot.  He is sorta a HUGE germiphobe.
  • If he gets caught doing something objectionable he will run - he may attempt to take subjects with him ( but that would be up to the rp'er of the subject.)
  • An adopted child would never be given the Razi family name.

I'd like to start with one or two kids.  So if your interested send me a pm or catch me in chat under Nathaniel Ellwood-Luxe.
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Oliver Razi

    (21/12/2012 at 21:47)
Actively played Test Subjects:

  Caroline Whitt, age 9.       Crispin Salvatore, age 8.

  • A duo of future Salemites is currently reserved for this plot so if your interested in joining in I'd prefer future BBton'ers or future Hogwartians.
  • I'll leave this open as well -- the more the merrier.  (If it gets to big Jabari will just open an orphanage and forget about the getting rid of kids detail).

So if your interested send me a pm or catch me in chat under Nathaniel Ellwood-Luxe.
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