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a ∙ s c r u p u l o u s ∙ g u i d e t o ∙ s e x u a l i t y

“Capitalism, loyally supported by the churches, has established a Public Policy that the Sacred Institution of Monogamy must be enforced; and such a fiat is the death knell to all sexual freedom.”
- HENRY GERBER, 'In Defense of Homosexuality' (1932)

b r i t a i n

Up until the late 1800’s, if you were suspected of being a homosexual you were not only arrested, but sentenced to death.  Laws changed with times, but those caught having a relationship with someone of the same sex were convicted more often imprisoned.  While Britain was one of the more tolerant countries, there was still high social stigma and openly gay men struggled to find work and acceptance.

HOW THIS PLAYS OUT - Civil rights were not always given towards gay characters.  Those who are openly gay would be shunned or turned away by restaurants or even friends. In the 30s and 40s people were singled out for differences in muggle society.  The wizarding world will share a lot of this discriminatory attitude, and many characters may have to hide their sexuality just to find work.

g e r m a n y

Being gay in Germany and even surrounding countries at this time, was very dangerous.  Prior to the 1930s, a law known as Paragraph 175 subjected those who indulged in indecent behaviour with another man to 10 years in prison, but as early as 1935, the Nazi party under Hitler would order homosexuals to register.  By 1936, the Reich Central Office for the Combating of Homosexuality and Abortion would be created and under its auspices, anyone convicted of the above crimes were deemed “incurable” and sent to concentration camps, labelled with a pink triangle.     
HOW THIS PLAYS OUT – There was nothing easy about being a homosexual during this time in Germany.  In what was called a cleansing of society, Hilter knowingly had many of his own supporters executed on grounds of their sexuality.  Characters, even those who were only suspected, would have a difficult time finding work, and staying out of the muggle police eye.

a m e r i c a

America is just coming down from the Anything Goes Era, when Prohibition forced many to seek new means of entertainment.  The Pansy Craze was a time of acceptance during the Roaring 20’s, where drag shows and gay clubs were more popular in metropolis cities, but when Prohibition ended so did acceptance. Police raided gay and lesbian clubs, many establishments that were considered gay-friendly were shut down.  America stepped back on religious haunches and life became more difficult for homosexuals and their supporters alike.

HOW THIS PLAYS OUT - In some parts of the country, there are still drag shows and clubs, but they’ve become so limited that the law said drag performers could no longer wear dresses.  America had entered a time that was reminiscing the Victorian era, with modest values and segregation at an all-time high.

a ∙ n o t e ∙ o n ∙ p e r c e p t i o n

Homosexual acts between two men was criminalized by many countries. On the other hand, though such laws did not include acts between women, lesbian leanings were seen as mental weakness and most often ended with rehabilitation in psychiatric hospitals. Gay men and women often have to hide their relationships in fear of being arrested and shunned in this time when views of society were not open.  You did not “come out” to friends; there was very little support for gay rights in general and a friend might think they were helping by telling the authorities, as many at the time considered such behaviour a mental illness. Many in the gay community along with their supporters often had to cope with physical and verbal violence, a restriction in freedom of expression, violations in private life and rights to education work, and health.

This site does not and will never encourage homophobic behavior out of character. That said, we are writing in an era where many such attitudes still abound, especially in the muggle world. An area of conflict in World War II (coming up in a few in-character years) was sexuality, and to roleplay without acknowledging such a rich background would be a shame.

A few guidelines to note: Similar to the note on racism, we will be following the site guidelines on discrimination (see here for more), and under no circumstances will homophobic slurs be allowed, whether it's in character in a post or out of character. Your characters are allowed to dislike people for those reasons and play it out, but we don't want to see the language. There are more creative and subtle ways of going about this and playing the attitudes of the era, and we encourage you to take this as a challenge.

In addition, the site-wide rating is PG-13, so we also ask that your writing also follows that rule as well.
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