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Author Topic: Members Wanted for the Illustrious Line of Gaskell  (Read 947 times)

Dashiell Vallen

    (03/09/2012 at 06:34)
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    The Gaskell Bloodline

    The first Gaskell family member to appear was Marconius Gaskell in 1318. He became a favourite in the King's court, becoming an adviser to the king soon after they met. Marconius's wisdom and ethereal knowledge put him in close quarters with rather powerful people. In 1321, he was made a knight and given an estate in what would become Norfolk. Now, roughly six centuries later, Sir Matthew Gaskell runs the Gaskell Estate, vowing to uphold the ritual right of maintaining magical discretion and peace in mixed communities of magic and non-magic folk.

    As they are a rather ancient puritan bloodline, family members would be appreciated.

    The current Gaskells are:
    Sir Matthew Gaskell - 43 (and his wife Lady Mary Gaskell - 43 - preferable pb Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick - NPCs) - loving, upright, gracious - current location unknown
    Mr. Marcus Gaskell - 39 (preferable pb Matthew Morrison* - NPC) - stern, focused, intelligent - presumed deceased
    Prof. Marlen Gaskell - 33 (pb Francois Arnaud) - haunted, genius, kind
    Marvel Gaskell - 20 (preferable pb Heath Ledger* - NPC) - talented, fun-loving, sentimental - current location unknown
    Matilda Gaskell - 18 (pb Carey Mulligan) - sweet, lithe, clever - Hufflepuff
    Macy Gaskell - 12 (preferable pb Isabella Acres* - NPC) - impish, adorable, snobbish - Slytherin - current location unknown
    Dame Mathilda Gaskell - 64 (preferable pb Dame Judi Dench* - NPC) - traditional, elegant, amusing - current Head of the Gaskell family

    Any character with a * beside his/her name is currently an NPC, but can also be adopted as a playable character. Any red character is presumed to be dead due to recent NPC plots. Any dark blue character is MIA due to recent NPC plots. I most willing to have the younger Gaskells return to England (Marvel and Macy).

    The Gaskells are looking for several cousins and relatives tied into their family, as they are a rather prominent pureblooded family.

    Interest must be expressed through PM or on this thread![/list]
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    Lucian Redhood

      (04/09/2012 at 20:18)
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    Hey Matilda!

    I just made a new character called Alistair Grundy. His application is in the Adult Sorting Hat area and if you would like, he could perchance be a distant cousin, thing...? Whatever really, let me know!

    Cosette Densmore

      (27/03/2013 at 05:15)
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    Hey, hi there, i'm new here but i wanna take up Macy Gaskell and make her a playable character, if your willing enough could you please show me the ropes around here thanks!