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Author Topic: Grays and Crosses : Adoptables!  (Read 992 times)

Seth Gray

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Figured I needed to write this somewhere in case I forgot them and/or if anyone wants to adopt charries.

G R A Y --

Formerly Purebloods, the Grays are bent on tradition and excellence. They have lead a posh, sophisticated lifestyle due to old money/wealth. Used to have a lot of influence over the wizarding world. However, that has dwindled into almost nothing ever since they intermarried with Muggleborns. Blood status can be quite an issue in the wizarding community, as we all know very well. As of now, the Grays don’t hold much power in the Ministry yet Colin is striving to get back into the proverbial social ladder. He has grown quite desperate, and has turned to marrying off his heirs to Purebloods. Grays can be sorted in any house.

Colin Gray* m. Louise* G.(nee Bennett)

The Montereys
+Dorothea* (47 y.o, nee Gray) m. Albert Monterey

     Lucas Monterey (FC: Mikus Lasmanis)
     Cedric Monterey (FC: Bo Develius)

     Isadora Monterey (FC: Olivia O'Driscoll )

     Millicent Monterey (FC: Karley Scott Collins)
The Grays

+Seth Gray (44 y.o, taken) m. Emmaline Gray* (nee Beaumont)

     Thalia Gray (taken, FC: Cara Delevingne)
     = Closed

+Benjamin Gray* (42 y.o) m. Lucy Gray (nee Murray)
     Iain Gray (FC: Silviu Tolu )

     Bowen Gray (FC: Conrad Leadley)

     Felicia Gray*(FC: Clara Settje)

The Pines
+Adele* (41 y.o, nee Gray) m. Josiah Pines (deceased)
     Cerridwen Pines (FC: Kate Bock)

     Atticus Pines (FC: Robert Laby )

     Gwyneth Pines (FC: --)

+Michael Gray and family : UNTOUCHABLE! ;)

C R O S S --

The Crosses, like many others, were an old assemblage of particularly insignificant Pureblood families. They’ve been around long enough (and wealthy enough) to be considered as one of the founding families of the Wizarding world. They hold a substantial grasp on the Ministry, yet not enough to make a political discrepancy. The Crosses been known to actively support the call for purer bloodlines and were also noted for their animosity towards their inferiors. Furthermore, the Crosses were not as close-knit but saw themselves as a unit of individuals that pride themselves on intelligence and ability. They’ve attended Hogwarts for years and were mostly sorted in Ravenclaw or Slytherin.

The Crosses
+Ambrose Cross* (missing, available) m. Evangeline Cross (deceased)
     Julian Cross (taken, FC: Niclas Gillis)

     Katherine Cross*(FC: Alexandra Tikerpuu)

     Jude Doherty* Julian's long lost stepbrother, Special Plot (FC: RJ King, taken)

+Seamus* (brother to Ambrose. NPC, available) m. Victoria Cross* (NPC, available)
     Hector Cross (FC: James Smith)

     Genevieve Cross (FC: Mathilde Frachon)

     Bronwyn Cross (FC: Diana Pentovich)

The McConaugheys

+Cecilia (nee Cross) m. Tobias McConaughey

     Elias McConaughey (FC: Jacob Young)
     Olivia McConaughey (FC: Bella Heathcote)

     Violet McConaughey (FC: --)

     Sebastian McConaughey (FC: --)             
(Anyone else to add to the Cross family --)

* Has a set personality. PM for more info.


I'm open to more family plots and whatnot, so don't hesitate to ask because everything stated above is more or less open for discussion. If you want to directly or indirectly link your family to the Grays and Crosses, and/or are interested in adopting, please PM the account, Serafina McAllister or Seth Gray, respectively. FCs are subject to change upon request. ;D

Thank you.
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