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Sarah Ann Darcy

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The Darcy Family

An elitist pureblood family based at their home, Magnolia Brook Manor, Marple Bridge, Cheshire, England. The head of family is currently William Leonard Darcy with his wife Florence Marie Darcy whom are the parents of Ezra, Charlotte and Sarah.

I play Sarah Ann Darcy | Play By - Frida Gustavsson

Slytherin, First Year.
She's snarky and rude, often sarcastic and generally not nice to be around if she doesn't like you. She has an interest for reading, almost anything and strives for perfection. Sarah plays the Violin and Piano proficiently and Flute occasionally whilst also speaking fluent Latin. She's a blood purist as are the rest of her family and likes to let her opinions known.

And I am looking for
people who are interested in playing
her beloved siblings as shown below…

Ezra Alcott Darcy | Play By - Charlie Westerberg

(Most likely) Slytherin, Fifth Year.
A typical mother's boy. He's sporty which often takes over his life making him not very academic. He enjoys Quidditch, Quodpot and Poker and enjoys playing Beater. Ezra also enjoys the rush of duelling. He's rather vain and is a bit of a ladies man when he's not trying to deliberately irritate Sarah

Charlotte Analise Darcy | Play by - Dorothea Barth Jorgensen

(Most likely) Slytherin, Fourth Year.
A miniature of their mother. Charlotte is a girly girl, she enjoys make up and keeping up with the latest fashion making sure she looks perfect at all times. She's smart though likes to dumb herself down as she believes 'boys don't go for smart girls'. She's a social climber and often befriends people just for their status or wealth.

If you're interested in either characters or wish to add your own character to the Darcy family please don't hesitate to send me a message!