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Shops & Shopkeeper Listing

Shops & Shopkeepers


Aiden's Pygmy Emporium

Aiden Hazard

Briarlock Antiquities

Wesley Winsday


Hanako Sasaki


Orion Greenwood

Honeydukes Candy Shoppe

Peyton Sinclair

Kellen’s Komics

Kellen Douglass

Lilac Tree Greenhouse

Mavis Lerner

Pasta Vino

Damien Andrada

Post Office

Amber Simon

Pot & Pantry

Lucille Hopland


Jamie Duncan

Sofia's Cake Shop

Naomi Howard


Arden Cadwallader

The Hogsmeade Retreat & Rehabilitation Manor

Silas T. Ramsey

The Leclair Boutique

Felicity Leclair

The Muffin Man

Derek Ross

The Yellow Door

Claudie Locksley

Thyme Dusted Scrolls

Liam Donnell

diagon alley.

A Diamond in the Rough

Jessie Pendragon

AB&C Daycare

Eugene Bryce

Addison & Pendragon Wands

Filius Pendragon, Amity Addison

Ambrose Boutique and Millinery

Ambrose Looper

Blackwood Books

Trystan G. Blackwood

Bryce & Co. Bakery

Helen Katrina Bryce

Crimbleton & Co. Booksellers

Amarantha Crimbleton

Delice Contrary

Cveta Lijjana Milic

Devil's Snare

William Worth

Duke's House of Law

Xavier M. Duke

La Pequeña Madrid Restaurant

Armando Villareal

Meg's Owls

Maragret Labadie


Juan Cruz Navarro


Linden Laine

Phoenix House Theatre

Lucia Carmen Tate

Prendergast & Sons

Gwendolen Prendergast

Quill & Ink

Hugo Payne

Smuggler's Cove Antiquities

Poseidon St. Oswald

The Aetherius

Tessa Anderssen

The Grubstake

Gideon Fawcett

The Ice Creamery

Edna Vincent

The Rose

Matilda Gaskell

The Royal Flush

Ossir Llywelen

The Silver Phoenix

Vincenzo Nicolosi

The Warbling Rogue

Xalvador Montclaire

knockturn alley.

Alles Saugt Rare Books & Tea

Robert Rowler, Henrik Rolfensen

Crow’s Creatures

Geryon Crowley




Zailey Zsofka

Snakeskin Investigators

Drake Cuthbert

The Moulin Rouge


The Snake Pit

Leo Black

The Velvet Box

Angelique Reinhardt

The Waltz

Jackalope Furcifer


Newton MacDonald


Charlie's Chocolate Factory

Charles Kedding

Garden of Eden

Kathleen Eden

Rosewright Books

Dacian Ellwood-Luxe

The Kingsley Gazette

Milo Kingsley

The Sinner's House

Bentinho Marques