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Author Topic: The Brick Don't Fall Far From the Chimney | DUMAY Family Adoptables  (Read 825 times)

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For immediate consideration, I present Brick's little sister for adoption.  She's about to turn eleven, and I'd love to see her at Hogwarts next term!

Name:Brenda Dumay
Age: Born 12 November, 1939.  She will turn 12 during the 51-52 school year, so an Ickle Firstie!
Face Claim (optional): Jena Malone maybe?
Affiliation: Brick's little sister.  Could belong to any house, really.
Personality: Intelligent.  Cunning.  Manipulative.  Bossy to her brother.  Probably has a mean streak she hides under a firecracker.
History: Brenda grew up with a loaf-of-a-brother in Byron (Brick), and a moldable, easily-fooled little brother Bernard.  She quickly learned that Brick would do whatever she told him to do- even if it got him hurt.  The 'game' was created by her such that Brick would always do what was told of him.  She quickly grew to be the secret boss of the playground, pulling strings to get what she wanted and using him as her muscle.

As a front, she looks innocent and sweet even.  To elders, she is nothing-if-not helpful.  She doesn't think the world owes her anything, but she wants it anyway.

It is possible that her ability to manipulate people is more than just her cunning and good looks: it might be supernatural, magical charm.

(Coincidentally, you can look her and her whole family up on the Scrivner Family Tree (she is a very distant cousin of Irma Wolffe).  Go to the site, then look for the Find option at the bottom-center-right.  She's listed under Brenda Dumay (1939-).)
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