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Criminal characters for yourself

All of the following characters bellow have, in a way or another, illicit alliances and deals with Bentinho Marques - although loyalty is not necessarily part of the equation. Also, despite their different nationalities, it goes unsaid that each one of them is currently at London ( or at least at the United Kingdom). If you have the interest to bring any of them to life, please, PM Bentinho Marquesor Guillaume Cossé-Brissac


32 | Pureblood | German
FC:Christopher Mason - OPEN

Right hand man and long time friend
Unwavering.Fierce. Watchful.
Alaric "Franz" Jagër has known no other life than the criminal one. It was the doing of his father, of his grandfather, and surely of the father before those.
An early demise of his father and a sick mother made him the one responsible for the raising of two younger siblings. Albeit coming from a pureblood lineage, the Jagërs were no elite. They may have been, once, in a long forgotten past - even before their departure from his mother land, a decade ago - but no more.
He meet Bentinho years ago under shady conditions, and now he seems to have his own motives to be following the man in his endeavors.
His apparent loyalty is not to be mistook with subservience.


28 | Muggleborn | French
FC: Holliday Grainger - OPEN

Thief and Informant
Deceitful. Clever. Charismatic.
At first sight, many tend to consider the adorable Bonnie Laveux as someone above suspections - something about her face, they say.
Those are the same who become horrified after one of her heists.
She's no wretched pickpocket, though - small goods and pitiful earns holding no appeal to her eyes. She plays for the big game: art pieces, diamonds, estate secrets and every other thing that people usually consider too well-protect for any fool to go and try to steal it.
She does. And she's always successful at it.


29 | Pureblood | British
FC:Tom Ellis - OPEN

Reputed Lawyer and Informant
Ambitious. Prideful. Cunning.
There could never be better surname for this man than "King". If there is a sin to define him, then it surely must be pride. He lives for the glory - and for the money and power that usually come along with it. Nothing drives him more than a challenge, as it can be seem for the cases and clientele he keeps - and being among such circles seem to only be a spice for him. There is no cause he can't win by the use of his words.
And regardless of whatever means used, money is still money - at the end.
A valuable asset not only for his skill, but as well for the clear insight inside of Ministry deepest workings.

      LADY WU

25 | Pureblood | Chinese
FC: Song Hye-Kyo - OPEN

Young Widow, Head of House and Chinese Mafia Contact.
Wise. Resilient. Noble.
The world which Ya Wu (nee Jung) was born, was not one known to favor women. Plus, coming from ( and marrying with) a family of great importance within the Triad (Chinese Mafia), she has also learned that life can be  harsh. She married at a young age, barely a month after her graduation at Mahoutokoro, with the heir of the Wu family - a branch of the Triad taking residence at the United Kingdom. Four years later, life took her husband away - placing, despite her young age, not only the command of the House, but a young son to take care.
Now, she slowly flourish in power - gracefully and wisely. Trying to ensure that not only her position, but her son future as Head of House.


24 | Halfblood | Stateless
FC:Bart Ackermans - OPEN

Mercenary and old associate
Unbound. Cruel. Dangerous.
There is a going saying, that everytime a Barsalí is born the world earns another upcoming disaster. With a fanatic father and a sister locked behind the walls of Azkaban, Santiago is growing to believe this is actually true.
He comes from a romani lineage, and has since been adapted to not staying long at the same place.  His loyalty is bond to no one but himself, and his trust seem to be equally reserved.
Not one to be trifled with, you better watch your back while dealing with this one.


26 | Halfblood | British
FC: Morena Baccarin - OPEN

Unorthodox Auror and Idealist
Street-smart. Bold. Independent.
Abbigail was born and bred in those same streets she now patrols. Growing up at the orphanage was no easy deal, but it taught her well. Well enough that, even after getting this far, she has not yet forgot about it.
It gave her the understandment that those streets lived by its own rules, regardless of whatever else society might think. It gave her the understandment that, sometimes, you have to be on the wrong side to do what's right.

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