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Author Topic: The Silvers | Mismatching Purebloods  (Read 729 times)

Rebecca Silvers

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Anyone is welcome - feel free to come along and claim - and work other family in, I don't mind!

The Silvers
A family that have spread their roots across the whole of Wizarding Britain, and beyond, the Silvers deal with the smaller side of wizarding and aren't often found in the spotlight. While they are a pureblood family, muggles find themselves mixed in occasionally, and there is no strong, overruling prejudice through the family that thing themselves higher than anyone, muggles or wizards. Because of this, their influence in very minimal in anything, and they usually get by with small family businesses scattered across the countryside, catering to those with magic and without.

Jacob Silvers

Suggested Face Claim: Sean O'Pry
Age: ~51
Profession: Baker
Other: Following his father's footsteps, Jacob set up a bakery in the small town of Kenilworth, where he serves both muggles and the wizards who live there. While that supports him, he also helps his wife on their farm, which serves as a sanctuary for the rescued and protected magical creatures they care for there.

Adilah Silvers

Suggested Face Claim: Karima Adebibe
Age: ~49
Profession: Carer for Magical Creatures
Other: Having moved from Morocco due to a close encounter with muggles, Adilah enjoys her life in Britain and has begun work setting up a sanctuary for magical creatures. Although there is a little scorn from her parents for not using her brains for something more useful, she loves what she does and won't stop.

Malory Silvers

Suggested Face Claim: Paris Berelc
Age: ~22
Profession: Student
Other: Fascinated by magic and how it works, Malory constantly experiments with transfiguration and charms, trying to do the hardest spells she can and even invent her own (badly). She strives for knowledge and hopes one day to understand the inner workings of magic properly.

Daniel Silvers

Suggested Face Claim: Peyton Meyer
Age:  ~21
Profession: Student
Other: Following his mother's footsteps, Daniel adores caring for magical creatures, and this has extended to general medical magic, which he excels at, aspiring to become a great doctor one day.

Clara Silvers

Suggested Face Claim: Sabrina Carpenter
Age:  ~20
Profession: Student
Other: Quieter than her siblings, this is mainly due to the fact her nose is stuck in a book, absorbing everything she can. Rather than learning about a specific subject, she prefers to be a jack of all trades and her favourite thing is factoids, which she spouts on random occasions to make herself sound smarter.

Christopher Silvers

Suggested Face Claim: Andrew Astor
Age:  ~16
Profession: Student
Other: Already rebelling and wanting a life separate from his family, Christopher hates being babied by his parents and siblings and wants to make a stand for himself. He sees Hogwarts as his grand start, where he can prove to everyone else that he is not his siblings in the slightest - and that he's better than them at something, of course.
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