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Author Topic: I'm new. Where do I get to sorting, please  (Read 660 times)

Maria Legaspi

    (27/07/2016 at 07:33)
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Hello there, sorry to be bothering you. I'm using mobile right now and I don't know if that effects my application. I can't sort. I've copied the tags but I don't know what to do afterwards. Am I even supposed to copy the tags? I have no idea. Can someone help me please? I'm so sorry if I bothered anyone in anyway or maybe annoyed someone. ;D :-[

* Calla Douglass

    (27/07/2016 at 14:58)
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Hi Maria, and welcome!

Applications for students are currently closed. They are open three months a year: April, August and December. So you're in luck! They will open again in just a few days on August 1st! To apply your student you go to the Student application template at the bottom of which is a code you can select. You would paste this code into a new topic in the Hogwarts Student Application forum with the title of your student's first and last name. A member of staff will approve your application or ask for changes if necessary and then you can start roleplaying on the Elsewhere and Summer board! You'll learn what house you were sorted into on September 1st when the castle opens up and the opening feast begins!

I hope that helped!
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