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Author Topic: Another new player with a few questions  (Read 1222 times)

Raziel Nightingale

    (09/04/2015 at 18:03)
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Hey there, I'm one of the newest newbloods here. First of all, this really is a hell of a site, it seems like - it's really cool to see such interesting mechanics set up for what seems to be a great roleplay community! As someone who's done some game design for tabletop RPGs, I think it's really some clever stuff.

Unfortunately, it's all a lot for me to take in, and while I've been doing roleplay and creative writing for years, I've never really done it in a forum setting, and definitely not in one like this. Of course, that just makes it all the more exciting for me, but I'd still like to read up and familiarize myself as much as possible before taking the dive XD

That being said, I've read up on a lot of the resources around here, but I still have two questions (for right now, anyway):

First, what's the most appropriate way for me to introduce my character into the roleplay? The only other forum-based RP I played in had threads made for specifically introducing a character, usually open RPs for the player to state how their character enters the setting and how other characters react to them. I don't see any such thing around here, but perhaps I haven't looked hard enough? In any case, how would I best go about bringing Raziel into the fold?

Second, I see plenty of other players with several badges. I've read about the meaning of these badges, but I was curious as to how I go about getting my own. Is it something I just have to wait for a mod to give me, or do I have to actively apply for the appropriate badges, or...?

Martin Hawksworth

    (09/04/2015 at 18:25)
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Hello Raziel, and welcome to HS.net!

Ooh well we have Camp Loki that serves as a fun transition to the castle board. It is in operation right now, during the 'summer months' of every year. Everyone congregates there, new characters and current where there are lots of group activities and opportunities to get to know one another both in-character and out!

There we have an Introductions page, which might help to get you acquainted with everyone. Feel free to add one yourself!

As for a biography for your character, a lot of us like to put up Plot Pages (this is our Elsewhere board for our Adult characters and youths that are not of school age or are privately tutored). A plot page provides a summary of our character's interests and what drives them. These can be found at our Elsewhere board as well as our School board during the term.

As for in-character shenanigans, we invite you to jump into threads that are marked as 'open' or group threads. You can start your own as well and wait for someone to reply!

As for badges, most help to show us what that particular character is involved in. Most are applied because you've signed up for a team sport at the school, or a job at one of our Elsewhere Institutions, whereas others are an indicator of political affiliation or blood status. Still others are only applied to a character to indicate their additional responsibilities on the board, such as Administrator, Global Moderator, Mentor, etc.  You will likely receive certain badges along the way as time goes on, if they are in-character-earned.
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