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Author Topic: American Best Friend Wanted  (Read 812 times)

Malakai Ashe Winchester

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Lucy Flores
pureblood | lionhearted | tomboyish | protective | American

This here, is Miss Lucy Flores.

She’s Boston born and raised and quite the little lioness. Lucy was born into a pureblood family and raised to be a decent young woman, or as decent as she could possibly be. Lucy could not be moulded into anything she didn’t want she be. She danced to the beat of her own drum and would openly go against the views of her elitist family.

Her and Kai met at a pureblood gathering when they were children and immediately created an immensely strong bond that increased each time they met. They simply clicked immediately and balanced each other out, him being the calmer element to her fiery presence. They went to school together in America, from Charms School to Salem and finally when Kai was sent to England, she followed him, convincing her parents that it was better for her to finish school at Hogwarts. The two could not be separated, it seemed, by an ocean.

When Kai was twelve, he developed strange feelings towards the same sex. He found himself attracted to males in ways that he didn’t ever know was possible, and this scared him. It was always a male and a female, a mother and a father, boyfriend and girlfriend, not boy and boy. It was never seen in public and never spoken about. Such things seemed wrong, that he was making a mistake. Something must be wrong with him. He kept his feelings to himself until Lucy finally caught on after catching Kai mooning over another boy. He confessed to her, cried on her shoulder and never told his secret to another soul.

As the years went by, Lucy stepped in as Kai’s date to numerous family occasions to avoid suspicion since Kai simply wasn’t interested in females the way the other boys his age where. Lucy was his saviour and truly the young boys best friend. She will keep his secret and let it follow her to the grave. However, as she ages, so does her ideas of right and wrong. Will Lucy stay loyal to Kai? Or will she succumb to the peer pressure of her fellow students?

If you want to play Lucy, PM me and we can talk history. I’d love for her to go to Hogwarts this upcoming term. FC is open, however Bella Thorne is preferred. Her age is set on 16 as it works for the plot, however I will be open to her being 15. Please adopt her!