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The Perdue's

The Perdue's are a family run by Alexander and to a Lesser extent, his Brother Julius. Their Father, Nilo is currently in St Mungo's, suffering from Dementia. This means that the running of the Family and its "estates" are left to the boys as Alyssia, their mother, while sound of mind, is rather frail.

Nilo and Alyssia had three children, but to this day, even in Nilo's lucid moments and to Alyssia, they only have two sons. Alexander is the Eldest and Julius has a Twin sister, Claire. Alexander has

Claire and her entire family have been disowned by the Perdues, as Claire had the audacity to Marry a Muggle. Her side of the family, as well as Julius' branch will be available for adoption very soon.

They may be Purebloods but they are far from wealthy. Alexander and Julius are trying their hardest to keep this under wraps, but it is not helped by the fact that Alexander has a pretty serious Gambling problem.

If you would like to adopt a Perdue please PM me on any of my accounts. I will give people leway and flexibility as to the personalities and houses of the characters and such, but the only thing I will ask is that:

A) The "feud" between the Pure and Halfblood side is maintained for the time being, and

B) That you have been a member for a full term, or have been fully active for the past term.

Alexander Perdue

Father - 42 - Pureblood
Suggested Face: Harm Verwegen

(Possibly Reserved - If interested please PM me :) )

Alexander is the first born or Nilo and Esther Perdue. He is a Ministry worker, former Slytherin, and first and foremost he is a wonderful father. He loves his children more than anything and gives them everything they ask for.

However, he is not a good husband in any sense of the word. Alexander always had an eye for the ladies and getting married did not curb his appetite. He has a temper, and although he never takes it out on the kids, Katerina has bore its brunt many a time. This is mainly because he has rather a bad gambling problem. Being the first born, with both of his parent in St Mungo's he has been left to care for the family estates, which he as squandered.

The Purdue name might still be prestigious but they are not worth a massive amount at the moment.

Katerina Perdue

Mother - 36 - Pureblood
Suggested Face:Hilary Rhoda


Katerina, formerly (name unknown) is a lovely young woman. The Former Ravenclaw had an arranged marriage to Alexander Perdue at the age of 18. At first he was kind, and appreciative. She had been taught by her mother, the rightful place of a woman in the home. To clean, to cook, to look after the children and to make sure her husband was happy.

That is what Katerina did. Having been doted on himself by his own Mother, Alexander saw nothing amiss, and began to take Katerina for granted. By the time Jemenie arrived, Katerina saw that things weren’t going to get better, but she could not leave. Her children are too important to her. She is an amazing mother, and very smart. She has an artistic flare which thankfully Alexander doesn’t disapprove of. She paints, and looks after the house, and attends social functions.

Now that Lane is turning 11 she will be off to Hogwarts soon enough and it will just be her and Alex alone.

Alexander Jr

Eldest - 15/16 - Student
Suggested Face: Ben Bengtsson

(Suggested Personality, Flexible: Open)

Suggested Ravenclaw or Slytherin. Alexander Jr looks up to his father a lot. He loves both of his parents but he wants to follow in his fathers footsteps and become a member of the Ministry. He is a clever young man, a little calculating, but would make an excellent friend.   


Eldest Daughter - 13/14 - Student
Suggested Face: Katerina Martinovska

(Suggested Personality, Flexible: Open)

Suggested Slytherin, or perhaps Huffle. She is very breezy and light. Jemenie has a rather dreamy outlook to the world and is rather fanciful. She is a little spoilt and loves nothing more than winning, be it in an argument, at a game or just getting her own way and lording it over Lane, her younger sister.

She isn’t the most studious of the three. She showed her magical ability at the latest age (5) and Lane being the youngest (3 years old). She loves music and has taken piano lessons. Unfortunately she isnt fond of practicing so she is not as good as she thinks she is. She is very boastful, but deep down she has a good heart like her mother. If you can get her to focus on one thing for longer than a second that is.


Youngest - 10 - Student
Suggested Face: Hope Fleury


Most likely Ravenclaw, very clever and the closest of the siblings to her mother. Whilst being the baby of the family, she is not spoilt. She spends hours reading with her mother while Alexander Sr is at work and her brother and sister are at the Castle. She loves to watch her mother paint, and even has her own easel. She shows promise.

She would like to grow up to work with Dragons, but that ideal might change given a few years. She is most like her mother in the fact that she is more Brunette than redhead. She is teased by Jemenie for it, but takes little notice of her big sister.

Julius Perdue - Reserved

Second Son - 38 - Pureblood
Suggested Face: Richard Madden


Mother - 36 - Home Maker/Ministry
Suggested Face: Cecile Sinclair


Eldest Son - 16/17 - Student
Suggested Face: Kevin Flamme


Youngest Son - 14 - Student
Suggested Face: Tijn Elbers


Youngest - 11 - Student
Suggested Face: Cintia Dicker


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