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The Cadwgan Family

The Cadwgan family are a lovable, homely bunch. They have a darling little cottage in the country town of Abereiddy in South Wales, which might be a tad too small for the adventurous couple and their three boisterous sons, but it’ll have to do for now. They also have an Apothecary in Diagon Alley. A family of five altogether, and ages of stories to be told. 
Would you like to meet them?

Edward (Eddie) Cadwgan


Eddie is more like a child than a man, easily excitable and always poking his nose into something new. He has a creator’s mind and heart, cooking up new concoctions for the shop, as well as inventing new contraptions for their daily needs. Muggleborn. If he had a motto, it would go something like ' Impossible' and 'improbable' are just fat old ladies who do nothing but talk. He’s charismatic, and charming, and a little bit ADHD. A Ravenclaw in school, and at heart.

FC :

Isadora Cadwgan (nee Eldridge)


Isadora, or Isa as she likes to be called, is a beautiful, spirited woman, quite unlike her husband in manner. She’s graceful with her words and a calming influence in the house. Isa is more than fully equipped to handle the boys’ shenanigans. Still, Isa has a rebellious streak, which after all was how she ended up with Eddie in the first place, having come from a pureblooded, elitist family. She is a healer at St. Mungo’s and works alongside her husband at the shop too. A  Slytherin in ambition and focus.

FC :

Richard Cadwgan


]Richard is the eldest of his siblings with a gap of two and four years to each of them respectively. He is ambitious, but wary of pride. Always been brilliant at his academics, though lacking in social know-how. He’s a little shy, and mostly a sweetheart. But he’s got tremendous focus, and will not falter when faced with a challenge. The image of ‘big brother’, he’s done his fair share of wiping up spits. A Slytherin in ambition, and perhaps a Gryffindor at heart.

FC suggestion : Freddie Highmore

Andrew Philip (Eddie) Cadwgan


Andrew is his father’s son. He’s witty, and quick to comment on things. His mind is an endless chasm filled with enumerous possibilities and combinations and ideas for projects big or small. Nothing is impossible or too far-fetched either for this chap. A charming companion with a vibrant social life, he’s had to work hard to keep up with the books. A Ravenclaw through and through.

FC  :

Archibald (Archie) Cadwgan


The youngest member of the family,
and not to be taken for granted in the least –Archie Cadwgan is a light that never
goes out. He’s often found himself at the heart of any general trouble in the area, oh well. Archie is picked on by his brothers for having a terribly granddad-like name, and is easily blamed by Andrew for any broken vases. No matter, he’ll get him back by putting a few rats in his bed tonight. Most definitely a roaring lion of a Gryffindor here.

FC suggestion : Nolan Gould