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Author Topic: Haus Deiderich || Money, Power , Glory [Constructing]  (Read 740 times)

Rhiannon-Rhaeghan C. Deiderich II

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haus deiderich heidenrich
authoritarian; ancient; powerful ;dark
Haus Deiderich is a family of elect prestige and absolute influence, having rooted their inescapable control intricately among the complicatedly wrought network of power deep in the core of both German and foreign soil. Due to their almost omnipotent presence, all have but only little bravery to speak ill and/or even whisper the foreboding honorific.
Having existed since the early beginning of time, Haus Deiderich's widespread authority retain an absolute and rigid tenure, their sharp talons bathed with poison still a firm and vicious grip on the power they have so sought. Their impeccable and fickle reputation remains unparalleled, how much effort and blood has been poured or shed to maintain it however?

That remains a question to be never answered, for no one with the germinating thought is allowed to live to even mouth the syllables.

If Deiderich wears the name of hidden supremacy, then Heidenrich braves the face of flagrant glory and lurid colors that come with the honor. Masters of socialization and court indiscretion, the Heidenrich have long been heralded one of the richest corporate and land holders in the German Land. However if repute is perpetual, then the corrupted roots underground surely wither under the heavy weight of pride. An ironic result from lively extravagance and uncontrollable sloth, the rumored luxury is but an illusion well maintained only by appearance. Wearing thin is their riches and political circle, and they are feeling every quivering strain of the effect. That was, until the Deiderich decided to swallow every last drop of their wealth that was still abundant and can grow if well-nurtured, by sending a daughter to marry.
Following the gradual mental decline as well as severely ailing health of Rhiannon I, both of which lead to her unfortunate demise, designated heiress Rhiannon II has ascended the seat of dominion, aligning both prominent Haus under one communal title. In her firm grasp is power fathomless as she has mothered an heir for Haus Heidenrich, settling into an indisputable position as Dowager Matriarch, in respect of her mother-in-law's example once before.

Deiderich education was cruel at best, the crippling intensity only the bloodlessly resilient children could bear the burden. In that darkness every last shred of happiness could only find value in being callously crushed and left to wither. Learning from every crevice of mental scarring and coppery taste of blood, never are they allowed to keel or recoil in disgust from whatever they fear. They are forced to embrace macabre evil and employ ruthless menace, the Deiderich children are battered to know that only they can fight for themselves, and others can only become tools to be discarded at moment's notice of incompetence. Ghouls were they, demonic was but a benevolent compliment to whatever they've done. Gods have never graced the Deiderich with amnesty. Neither do the Deiderich easily absolve themselves, as they revel in the basking depravity.

If interested do PM Ryszard R.B. Deiderich [Current Main].<3
Blood Of Paragon Monarch
Rhiannon was always bright, ruthless and remorseless, eeriely harsh and unforgiving in her frigid beauty. Cold perfection in its finest paragon did they call as they whispered her notoriety.By the seed of Leonhardt Deiderich and womb of the late Rhiannon Deiderich was born a sole child. It was but a matter of reluctance and ruthless decision that Rhiannon Deiderich had chosen a husband to only father a child for herself, one that she has so skillfully manipulated.Leonhardt Deiderich was that one willing victim of guiltless exploitation. The marital union surfaced conflict and strife, but it was one pain that both could not help but surrender to. Every potent measure of lunacy that surely pulsed in Rhiannon's vein ensnared any chance of redemption, after her one decision to erase her husband once she had felt the last bit of usefulness fade. Discarded was the life of Leonhardt, carried in her heavy mind was a germ of guilt that would soon flourish and bloom, then spiral her into a careening insanity that was ultimatum for those of the Deiderich line. As were the cadavers by her evil hand, Rhiannon had never been graced with mercy.Illusions were never far from her peripheral vision, paradise always ripped aghast cruelly in the middle of writhing slumber, her ambitions and aspirations fading into damp obscurity. She realizes that time has ensnared her in its demonic talons, Rhiannon is afraid to die. It is a rule of nature she had never realized herself to keel under.

Engelram Deiderich | 45 |OPEN
Suggested FC:Daniel Craig
Alignment:True Neutral
Salome-Sara Deiderich| 42 |OPEN

Suggested FC: Lara Pulver
Enneagram: Challenger/8
Alignment:Lawful Evil
Ryszard R.B. Diederich | 16 | TAKEN

Suggested FC: Niclas Gillis
Enneagram : Investigator, 5
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Rhiannon Deiderich | 22 | TAKEN
Suggested FC: Nastya Kusakina
Enneagram: Investigator, 5
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Blood of Gilded Gold
Being half of a pair of twins born into a family that has condemned itself to forever pace a purgatory of dubious moral standing, Aurelius and his sister experienced a lesser evil than that of his elder siblings. They were the last to have graced the then patriarch Sigiwald, of course they were showered with incomparable bounds of obsessive affection and coddling. Unlike his sister whom he had sheltered with all that he could, Aurelius was never spared of the immoral vice that choked every last, measurable value of morality out of its descendants. He had watched with cold eyes, absent of the warmth that had only beamed in the presence of his sister, the sinister misdoings, himself guided mechanically by the greatest evil of them all. As was expected of the remaining son, Aurelius married a woman of insignificant value but powerful background, but another pawn to attain the glory the Deiderich so sought. He was given a son that he harbored no affection for, that had also passed at his prime, the painful grief also taking the life of his estranged wife and daughter-in-law that also meant little to nothing to him. The only token of meaning to his life already faraway from his grasp. He is already tainted, the angel too pristine and righteous to be in reach of his wretched fingers, but tiny fairies dance before him for reminiscence. Faces overlap but he leashes himself, abstaining himself from succumbing to a writhing insanity struggling to consume him with its widened jaws and feral teeth.
Schmetterling Deiderich|26| Open
Suggested FC: Milla Jovovich
Enneagram : Achiever, 3
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Sarolhildi Deiderich | 24 | Open

Suggested FC: Emily VanCamp
Enneagram:Helper, 2
Alignment:Lawful Neutral
Segelinde Deiderich | 24 | Open
Suggested FC: Esti Ginzburg
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Blood of Noble Protector
Rebellious hence conception and growing restlessly and meaninglessly so with the passage of time, Anselm Deiderich was a dangerous sadist with tendencies so sickeningly perverse. The ill gluttony itself presented dramatically overt in the light of day, never bothering to disguise the twisted habits he had coveted deep in the dark chasm that was a ridiculous ditch of amorality. Yet, unlike most of his siblings whose lunacy extended their vicious claws inward, rather than injure his mental health Anselm was the viral parasite that damaged the very constitution of everyone around him. He remained coldly aware and wearily alert of the pain experienced by those surrounding him and indulged every lasting effect of his infliction. Ironically, nobility and graciousness was a gift he never received. Fathering countless bastards and heartlessly snuffing out each and every one of them, Anselm had never anticipated the coming mortality that struck in the form of an addictive and lethally dangerous woman. The game of coy seduction, he was a master and thought of her his slave. In the end, he received the retribution that was the fruit of his misdoing. Overshadowed by the detrimental nature of her childhood and the rebellious trait of her despicable father rooted deep in her gene, Gabriela ran as far as her father's filthy riches could take her. Into a strange land's embrace did she meld, and found light that was absent in the worthlessly hollow 2 decades of her existence.
Kasper-Luthias Deiderich|17|Open
Suggested FC: Landon Liboiron
Enneagram: Individualist, 4
Alignment: Lawful Good

Blood of Crusade Counselor
Madelhari was a disappointment in the very beginning, her birth itself once anticipated so but was then easily dismissed as all the rest that failed to meet the ambition of extremity. Unfortunate meekness came with the result of being born for the sole purpose of political intrigue and constant manipulation, Madelhari weakly danced to the strings so tightly bound to her limbs and it was an ultimatum she could not quite escape. Brewing in the shadow of a dancing marionette however, was an inimical animosity that would soon bring her to the attention of her many elders whom had little to no memory of the timid girl trapped in a purgatory of self-imposed stupor. She sought to crawl from the ditch they had flung her into, to cling to every slim spiderweb simply to just feel life in her desolate lungs. Desperate determination egged her onto a destructive path of cruel decisions that lead her into a greater ridge of despair. By the hand of Rhiannon, a sister she had underestimated, Madelhari was roped in a hopeless lure that had finalized her fate. Resigning to an inescapable marriage, Madelhari performed the duties as minimally expected of her.Mustering only a cynical smile so twisted that it fomented a seed of fear in all of her children,Madelhari exhales an empty chuckle without any glee. The hack and wheeze from the clutch of manic elation as her one, final revenge was complete, had dragged her down to the very depths of a hellish afterlife with its gaunt claws.
Alphonsine Deiderich | 26 | Open
Suggested FC: Jessica Stam;Hedvig Palm
Enneagram: Open For Discussion
Alignment: Neutral Good
Allaryce Deiderich | 23 | Open
Suggested FC: Blake Lively
Ennegram: OFD
Alignment: True Neutral
Alseia Deiderich| 21 | Open
Suggested FC:Basia Szkaluba;Marine Deleeuw
Enneagram : OFD
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Serilda Deiderich | 29 | Open
Suggested FC: Carmen Kass
Enneagram : Challenger, 8
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Ethelinde Deiderich | 27 | Open
Suggested FC: Kassi Smith
Enneagram: OFD
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Hannelore Deiderich | 25 | Open
Suggested FC: Sasha Pivovarova
Alignment:Lawful Neutral

Blood of Vicious Spear
Among many daughters of refined beauty, the vehement spirit of reckless temper came in absolute potency perfected with a singe of cold scorch as result of Deiderich genome, in the form of Geraldina Deiderich. With feminine wiles and sultry lure did she rise above, paraded by a retinue of suitors, all tending to her every desire and thirst without any sign of reluctance or demurral. Enslaved by her flair was her chaperones, every devoted affection loyally pursuing her every ravishing swivel.
Brunhilde Deiderich | 28 | OPEN
Suggested FC: Caitlin Fitzgerald;Elizabeth Erm
Enneagram: OFD
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Federica Deiderich | 25 |Open
Suggested FC: Natalie Dormer; Elza Luijendijk
Enneagram: OFD
Alignment: OFD
Rosemonde Deiderich | 23 |Open
Suggested FC:Amanda Seyfried; Esther Heesch
Enneagram: OFD
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
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