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Author Topic: Muggleborn Orphan Adoptables (London-based Orphanage)  (Read 792 times)

Arianna Richards

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Muggleborn Orphan Adoptables

All children live in one of the commonplace apartments located in wizarding London, which had been converted into a children’s home. Names are tentative and may be changed, and all other details are entirely up to you! Feel free to adopt one and PM me for details.

Name: Elizabete Mitchell
Age: 14

Name: Benjamin Morgan
Age: 14

Name: Talia Lewis
Age: 13

Name: Mark Lewis
Age: 12

Name: Elliana Mitchell
Age: 12

Name: Kyle Walker
Age: 10

Name: Rebecca Ward
Age: 9

Name: Timothy Morris
Age: 8

Name: Amelia Clarke
Age: 7