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The Family

The Helsing family hails from Sweden, however most of the members now reside in England or Wales. The members are mostly purebloods, hpowever the lack the usual distaste for muggles. The family is known for taking muggles as wives or husbands, however not every member of the Helsing family might agree with this. The children have been known to attend Durmstrang, Beauxbatons, Hogwarts or Salem, however they choose, However, with the rising war, the family have retreated to England for their children’s safety and the craving to have them close. Most members have been taught Swedish and speak it fluently.

Slytherin| 6th Year | Heir | FC: Louis Tomlinson

Hampus was born two minutes before his twin brother, alas making him the heir to the Helsing manor and fortune. He was forced to take the place of the man of the house long before he was ready as the children’s father went to war and did not return. However, he is rather lighthearted and enjoys a good laugh. He’ll go far to make sure a decent prank works out and teams up with his brother to wreak havoc. He’s the brains between him and his brother and tends to lean more towards the Slytherin side then Gryffindor and rather enjoys a good fight. He’ll ease his way out of things with words and can out talk almost anyone

Gryffindor| 6th Year | Daring | FC: Louis Tomlinson

Oskar was always a wild child. He took a liking to pickpocketing as a young age and grew incredibly talented at it. He stole most of his brothers belongings and sold them for his own privilege, however, blaming everything on his younger sister. But this did not waver the brothers relationship as they did absolutely everything together, pranking and terrorizing wherever they went. Oskar was far more energetic and braver then his brother, doing the most daring pranks and often succeeding. He plans on becoming a Quidditch player as even as a first year, he excelled at it.

Ravenclaw| 5th Year | Compassionate | FC: Olivia Cooke

Her mother always wished that Sonja had been born as the heir. The girl is headstrong, ambitious and incredibly bright. She has a talent for healing and plans on working as a healer once she graduates from Hogwarts. She over thinks many things and ponders on plots long before she acts, a perfectionist. She can read a book in a day and doesn’t find the need to ever study for exams. She’s taken a liking for her halfblood cousin and constantly keeps a watchful eye on him, protecting the boy from the twins wrath. She’s she brains in the family, surpassing Hampus and keeps everyone together.

Hufflepuff| 1st Year | Pony Collector | FC: Mia Hays

Lottie is the real boss in the family. She’s an outspoken little girl with an obsession with anything pony related. She owns a pony named Santa, as she thought his white coat looked like snow. She will get angry if you say anything bad about the creature and has been known to tie knots in people hair. She’s shy around people other then her family and blushes easily around boys. She wants to marry a baker when she grows up, because she thinks he’ll bring her more presents then a prince. Lottie loves her siblings and is possibly the only soul on earth allowed to call Hampus, Hammy Face.

All FC's may be changed, the only requirements are that the twins have blue eyes and Sonja has brown, otherwise everything else is up to you. Personalities may be altered slightly. If you're interested in any of these characters, PM me and we'll sort something out! <3

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