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Marlowe (ˈmɑːləʊ), n., driftwood

THE MARLOWE NAME is something synonymous with both Muggle and Wizarding histories. Having spent most of their centuries indeed drifting, crossing the divide according to their whims, the Marlowes decided that the in-between would be their calling, and have striven ever since to protect this middle ground. As far as they are concerned, they are the only family who have achieved moderate success and influence in both the Muggle and Wizarding worlds, and they intend very much to keep it that way. As elitist as any given pureblood family, the Marlowes accept only halfbloods into their clan, and it is only rarely (and with much struggle), although not impossible, that either a pureblood or muggleborn is seen on the family tree.  Aside from the determined need to protect what they have, the Marlowes are a funny bunch, weird and wonderful. They're the sort of people who fall through the cracks, and they're proud of it.

*all faceclaims, occupations and personalities are negotiable. Names can be changed as long as they are Arthurian.

11. Ravenclaw. Twin.

VERY MUCH WANTED. GARY IS A straight talking, intelligent eleven year old, far beyond both his years and his brother in terms of reading and thinking. He enjoys intellectual discourse and words with more than three syllables in them, and often berates his twin for his childish antics. Gary may come off as a bit of a snob, the sort who would play polo if he could, but really he can be a nice guy. He just doesn't like to go out and do things if they dirty his clothes.

39. Gryffindor. Businessman.

A RESPONSIBLE MAN, Calon Marlowe understands the meaning of family and would do anything to protect his. Fiercely loyal, Calon's respect and friendship once won is won forever. He is usually easygoing and friendly, but this unfortunately means that he's a bit naive, and can be exploited when the right buttons are pushed. He plays a very convincing head, with the right stature and outspokenness, but it is really his brother and business-partner Harlon who does the thinking.

38. Hufflepuff. Socialite.

BORN INTO A rich family, Dawn has known nothing but comfort. Her mega-watt smile and perfect hair did not come cheap. She flitted through school more interested in its social mechanics than actual academics, and continues to flit around like a butterfly attending important-sounding events and the like. Most of her time is spent on shopping for clothes, but she loves her children dearly and will drop everything for them. She does blabber on quite a bit.

35. Slytherin. Businessman.

SECOND SONS ARE not people you mess around with, and Harlon is no exception. Born smooth with a silver tongue, Harlon knows exactly how to worm his way into the upper hand. He remains perfectly polite and poised on the surface, but schemes and demands something akin to world domination in his spare time. Quiet and sly, mild-mannered yet devious, Harlon is one ruthless manipulator that no one will see coming.

35. Gryffindor. Housewife.

ONCE A GRYFFINDOR, always a Gryffindor - at least, that's what Alexis used to think. Now she's not so sure. A long time ago she'd been the life and spirit of the party, daring to go where no man or woman went; presently she stays at home cooking and cleaning and waiting on her husband, with no motive at all to speak out for herself. She's not sure what broke her spirit, and she's not sure what she would sacrifice to get it back.

32. Ravenclaw. Department of Mysteries.

ALWAYS THE SMARTEST of the bunch, Rion had bright hopes and idealistic expectations upon graduation amongst the top of his cohort. The Ministry dimmed those ideals slightly, but Rion remains an optimistic man happy with his life and the way things are going. He's got three wonderful kids, a loving wife and a good job. Sure, things might be a little boring, and sometimes Rion finds himself looking at his kids enviously. But it's hard to coax a comfortable man out of his shell.

32. Gryffindor. Auror.

GROWING UP WITH a man like Captain Price for a brother is never an easy thing to do, but Tanya handled it exceptionally well - by developing her own brand of crazy. She's a regular firecracker, someone who'll not take no for an answer, and you'll find yourself being pressed into doing things you never thought of doing before. She's certainly not going to stay cooped up in a room sewing or whatever else it is wives do, and so she's decided to make a name for herself in the Aurors, living up to her brother's standards.

26. Slytherin. Professor.

TAKEN. A complex character, Landon was never one for staying in properly defined boundaries. He understands how small talk works and can be charming when necessary, but never indulges in such games when not. Smart and organised, Landon can also be aloof, disinterested in connecting with people unless they further his plans in one way or another. Having been brought up in the shadows of his brothers, he's always tryin to outdo them, always having something to live up to. And live up to it he will.

16. Slytherin. Twin.

AS NAMES GO, Guinevere is something that takes quite a lot of living up to. Gwyn is going to try her darnest. Not someone to be known as the perfect little girl, she's far more content living a life of fast boys and fast drinks. She's dabbled and experimented but she's never been tied down. No one's sure where this rebellious streak comes from, but it's clear that Gwyn is desperate not to conform. She is desperate to love anything that death can touch.

16. Hufflepuff. Twin.

HEAVEN KNOWS THAT Isolde doesn't at all approve of what her twin gets up to, but she's not going to say anything about it either. She is the dreamer, the one who looks up at the sky and wonders why the world can't appreciate the beauty, hold hands and get along. Most of the time she ends up in her own world, innocent and pure, and there's something about her that sets her apart from the rest of sullied humanity. She certainly doesn't care what it thinks of her.

15. Hufflepuff.

IN A WORD, Quintus would be 'confused'. He's the first son, and by right he is the heir, but he doesn't think he can live up to that sort of expectation. He's never been anything more than average; he wants to try, but trying never works out, and he doesn't know what to do any more. Add to that that lately he's been having some problems and questions about the sort of person he likes - and not just in terms of personality - and you have one very confused boy.

14. Gryffindor.

NO ONE KNOWS just how Raolais can fit through doorways, given the monumental size of his ego. He likes to see himself as a rougishly charming centre of the universe, best at doing anything and everything. His pick-up line (and given how much he flirts he uses it a lot) is his name. While it is true that he's a smooth talker, what isn't quite true is the sheer amount of bragging, and Raolais can come across as shallow instead.

15. Slytherin.

TAKEN. THERE IS SUCH a thing as a happy Slytheirn, and Viv is representative of that. True to her name, she's bright and vivacious, a rather loud Slytherin unimpressed with her father's quiet. She gets her way because she's willing to speak up and out, and she won't settle till she's got what she wants. She's got her own designs on the world, according to her very many whims and fancies, which have a habit of changing. There's cunning in her, but it's not shown in the usual Slytherin way.

14. Ravenclaw.

CURIOSITY KILLED THE cat, but it certainly didn't kill Elsa, who continues to try and figure out everything she can get her hands on. She's taken apart clocks and books, and she even tried to do a pistol she found in her father's study. She actually enjoys studying, taking it as a form of learning about the world that precious few other students do, and will be the first to raise her hand in class. Left to her own devices is how Elsa likes it best.

12. Hufflepuff.

TAKEN. If Lewis was the star of a Muggle movie, it would be Mean Girls. And if it were a TV series it might be Project Runway. Growing up with two sisters has taught him the finer ways of life, and he enjoys critiquing people's fashion choices and assorted other appearance-related material. Very judgemental, it takes him a while to be won over. He's bouncy and fluffy and excitable the way Tigger is.

11. Gryffindor.

TAKEN. Loud and brash, he'll shout in anyone's ear given half the chance and he'll do any sort of dare, and will spend more time in the hospital wing than in classes for this reason. He is usually found sticking his nose in other people's business, rushing into something he obviously has no control over, and then trying his best not to be too embarrassed when he realises he has no control over it.

10. Possible Slytherin/Ravenclaw.

LYNET FEARS THAT there is some wide conspiracy involving the world against her. Little things, like her parients accidentally buying her the wrong thing for Christmas, or her brothers accidentally being older than her, have made her a very paranoid ten year old. She looks at everything suspiciously and doesn't trust anything easily. Since there's a plan against her, she's bent on making a plan against everybody else.

36. Gryffindor. Auror/MOD.

TAKEN. Although not born into the family and a pureblood, the Captain has been welcomed by the Marlowes as part of the family because a) his job makes him useful and b) he's as weird as the rest of them, if not very much weirder. Family reunions are far more interesting when you have to play 'catch-the-grown-up-trying-to-swim-in-the-punch-bowl'.


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Marlowes do it better.
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