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The Labadie family used to always send their children to Beauxbatons. Nothing but the best for their children. Times have changed, and the Labadie family has stood it's ground against it. Only the daughter in the main family, Margaret, has gone to Hogwarts, and that's because of sheer stubbornness.

They are originally Southern French, and their main family has moved back there after seven years of living in Britain. Their summer home there is still in Scotland.

All members of the Labadie family, main or otherwise, are fluent in English and French, some with thicker accents, some with lighter ones.

They are allies with the Crowleys, and are developing further relationships with other pureblood families. Also, they have background with Gryffindor and Hufflepuff in Hogwarts and Orange and Charlemagne in Beauxbatons.

They have an unruly family of cousins that they have chilly relations with at the moment who reside in England. The only reason they have chilly relations is because of the whole WiSA issue.

They don't necessarily loathe halfbloods, but are elitists, and will be a bit prejudiced towards them.

Known for being a tad old-fashioned and being haughty, they are also notoriously stubborn and/or temperamental.

France Branch (Main Family)

The Main Family resides in Southern France in one big mansion.
They also have a summer home in Scotland.

Marc Labadie-29 years old-Orange-BB
Suggested FC: Christophe Mae   
Marc grew up as the oldest child, and the heir. He is perfectly groomed and gentlemanly. The Labadie stubborn streak runs in him, but he is pretty much the complete picture of the perfect heir ready to take over.

Alberte Labadie-23 years old-Charlemagne-BB
Suggested FC: Guillame Canet
Albert was the second son, and jealous and sneering because of it. He is mean to most and more elitist then most other members of the family. He can use his natural good looks to his advantage, and does so on women he deems suitable. Basically, he's an elitist ladies man.

Laverna Andrepont Labadie-57 years old-Charlemagne-BB
Suggested FC: Juliette Binoche
The socialite to the public, the strict but loving mother to her children. She raised her children well, and taught them their manners, the Labadie stubborn streak running through her even though she's not one by blood. She's the one who went on Margaret's side for the Hogwarts issue.

Alexandre Labadie-58 years old-Charlemagne-BB
Suggested FC: John Travolta
The father and businessman. He is a restrained man who in general has one favorite child; Marc. He is a hands-on man who has a good sense of humor and is the family unofficial handy-man, even though they have magic and house elves.

Grandmére Labadie-73 years old-Charlemagne-BB
Important Note: Forever NPC
Grandmére Labadie is the strict grandmother who watches over them all. She was the unofficial lady things tutor for Margaret, and has a particular soft spot for Margaret too. They ended up practicing jinxes during their tutoring sessions. Nice to Margaret and strict to others, Grandmére is the one of the only ones fussy enough to make Margaret do anything.

British Branch

The British Branch lives in a mansion in England.

Adam Simon Labadie-15 years old-Gryffindor-Hogwarts
Suggested FC: Dylan Sprouse 
A smart, sarcastic child who has a twin, Adam is a prankster and proud of it. He and Rick plot all the time and are close. They are identical twins. Loves Quidditch.

Rick Labadie-15 years old-Gryffindor-Hogwarts
Suggested FC: Cole Sprouse
In the same house as his twin Adam, he chats late into the night with Adam, and are terrors around the school. The twins don't tell anyone, but they only started pranking fourth year because they didn't want to think about the war. It disturbs them because of their cousins. They worry more then they let on. Loves Duelling.

Sarah Labadie-12 years old-Hufflepuff-Hogwarts
Suggested FC: Madison Leisle
A friendly, excitable girl who loves to eat pastries, she is also a bit too proper. Scared of heights and Quidditch, hates Dueling because she could get dirty, she is a proper lady. She loves helping in the Hospital Wing (not that that's a bad thing), but her older brothers constantly try and tempt her to become less stiff.

Patrick Labadie-7 years old
Suggested FC: Bill Milner 
Patrick is an innocent, naïve child who doesn't know much about the war going on. He doesn't mind that he doesn't get to see his boy cousins much and only Margaret; he has siblings too! But he is perceptive enough to know that his parents are keeping something from him and is curious enough to try and get it out of them.

Jean Labadie-13 years old-Gryffindor-Hogwarts
Suggested FC: Mackenzie Aladjem
She is a thick-headed cousin who tried to practice a spell in the family mansion. It backfired very badly and she had to stay in Mungo's for a few months. Nobody was happy with her for that, and she is currently sulking.

Hannah DuFour Labadie-42 years old-Gryffindor-Hogwarts
Suggested FC: Cameron Diaz
Originally a Frenchwoman, but now a Brit, Hannah has lived in Britain for her whole life. Well, almost. Starting from 11 her whole life anyways. Sarah gets her friendliness from Hannah, but Hannah is a deceptively lady-like person. Underneath, she has all the tendencies of a Gryffindor. She is motherly and fussed over Margaret more than Grandmére.   

Nicholas Labadie-44 years old-Hufflepuff-Hogwarts
Suggested FC: Matt Damon
Nicholas has actually lived in Britain his whole life, and met Hannah while he went to Hogwarts. He is serious, but has a decent sense of humor. Unlike the rest of the family, he doesn't have that characteristic stubborn streak, resulting in a near disownment for not standing up for himself in one instance at school.

George Labadie-74 years old-Gryffindor-Hogwarts
Important Note: Forever NPC
George is an old man who is technically family head. But some say he is half-senile, mainly because George spends most of his time practicing his admirable Divination skills in his study. If the Labadies were in Wizengamot, he would most likely be representative.

Other relations are welcome!

If you want to adopt one of them, please PM Margaret Labadie or Joy Detora. Please keep the names the same. Ages may be moved around a bit, but please not too much.
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