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Damien Ander Champ

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The Champ Family
& Others

Current Family Head:

Damien Ander Champ


Adrianna W. Champ

Adoptive Mother of Damien (Deceased)

An ex-nun and the deceased guardian of the current family head, Adrianna is well loved. Damien, abandoned at birth, took on her name when he was old enough to make the decision and rules her family with all the humble righteousness she taught him. Adrianna was a powerful seer and passed to her child an appreciation of those skilled in the art.

Father Williamson


When he was young, Damien was raised in a convent of Catholic nuns. Father Williamson acted as a 'father figure' to him until they discovered his magical ability. Then it was this priest who shunned the boy, still young and kicked him into the streets. This prompted Adrianna to leave the nunnery to care for Damien, as she was a witch herself.

Available to Play

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* = wanted immediately

Jason Wickerson

Father of Damien, Serafina, Hammond, Kyler, Isla and Uther (58 years)

A pure-blooded wizard with few morals and a low tolerance for those of 'unclean blood', Jason is the definition of a hypocrite. Only two of his children are by the same mother and that is because they were born fraternal twins; Jason never sleeps with the same woman twice. He rejects anything that is abnormal (Muggle-borns, gay/bisexuals, even people with oddly colored eyes) and is extremely traditional. He really has no interest in the lives of any of his children but, for appearance sake, sometimes consults with them. Currently, he is trying to get in good with Damien as the boy is a family head and an influential healer. Wonder what will happen when he finds out that Damien's gay?

Marietta Hinter

Mother of Damien, Serafina, Lucas, Isiah and Xavier (54 years)

An ex-drug addict, Muggle-born and supremely religious, Marietta abandoned Damien as an infant in a drug haze. Now, repentant, she is trying to reconcile with her many children, Damien included. She raised Lucas and Isiah, as they were conceived and birthed after her religious reformation but the other three, Serafina, Xavier and Damien were all adopted into various families. Marietta is a timid woman, but she is extremely feisty when you get her angry, insult her religion or belittle her family.

Serafina Vickel-Champ*

Fraternal Twin to Damien Champ (38 years)

Damien's only full-blooded sibling, Serafina is a beautiful woman. She's the only one Damien has kept in contact with and has adopted his last name over her own adopted one. She had been paid to an 'interested party' in exchange for a debt Marietta owed and grew up in a rather rich place. However she ran away from her abusive adopted father and straight into Damien's open arms. They are very close, much closer than many siblings and tell each other everything...even if they feel they shouldn't; there are no secrets between them.

Hammond Chrysomoto

Half-brother to Damien Champ (27 years)

Hammond and Damien have never met but Hammond knows that his elder brother exists and is head of the Champ family. Shrewd, cunning and with a preference for getting his hands dirty, Hammond was raised in the underground by a crime lord named Ryo Chrysomoto. This wizard promoted the complete wiping out of Muggles, Muggle-borns and Half-bloods despite the fact that more than half of his followers were of that lineage...including himself. Hammond now has adopted this mentality and developed a streak of paranoia a mile wide. When the brothers meet, it should definitely be an interesting show.

Kyler Saffrony-Champ

Half-sister to Damien Champ (16 years)

Kyler met Damien once, when they were much younger, by accident. They didn't know that they were related well...Kyler didn't. She was only four at the time and Damien was twenty six; they haven't met again. But they will soon (hopefully)! Raised in an orphanage, Kyler was always the shy and quiet one, tending to keep to herself and focus on her writings. Once the owners got wind of her magic, they carted her off to school, where she is now. As head of the Champ family, Damien is trying to reach out to his siblings, offering his name and his protection as a family head. Will she accept him? Only time will tell. (He counts her among the family anyway...tacking his name on the end)

Isla Georgia-Champ

Half-sister to Damien Champ (21 years)

Confident, loud and proud to be a Champ(ion), Isla accepted Damien's offer to officially join the Champ family. Always the jokester and the flirt, her personality mirrors Damien's...to a point. Where he is cold and precise in his anger, she flares up, melting everything around her when she gets pissed. Her passion and extroversion draws people to her like bugs to a light and Damien loves her fiercely...despite the fact that their fights, fire versus ice, are often intense, quick and legendary. But they always make up...Damien can't stay angry at her for long.

Uther Wickerson-Champ

Half-brother to Damien Champ (17 years)

Uther and Damien have always been relatively close. They didn't officially meet until Uther broke free from the tyrannical childhood he experienced living with their biological father. Once Jason's interest in the boy waned, Damien swooped in and collected Uther, becoming rather close, rather quickly to the boy. He enrolled him in school immediately, paying for his education and securing his position in the Champ family tree. They are as close as two brothers can be and Damien is a wonderful mentor to Uther who has many issues including bipolar disorder and depression attacks.

Lucas Champ

Half-brother to Damien Champ (30 years)

Lucas never took a last name, raised in a group home by radicalists who believed that each person should decide his or her own fate. Because of this upbringing, Lucas is a free spirit who believes that the structure and definitive nature of the wizarding world is holding everyone back from their true potential. He has no patience for any government type people, though he works for the Daily Prophet, and constantly irritates the Ministry with his proclamations. He came to Damien when the man called him and agreed to take the man's last name simply because, as he put it, 'You're my brother man.' While not particularly close, they brothers are working towards improving their relationship.

Isiah Hinter*

Half-brother to Damien Champ (19 years)

Raised by Marietta with his brother Xavier, Isiah grew up knowing the value of hard work and viewing the effects of withdrawal. While Marietta never did drugs while raising the boys, both of them saw her fight to resist the temptation and her intense desire for distraction which she exercised through her religion. This obsession threw Isiah off that religious track at a young age and made him more sympathetic to those with these sorts of issues. Isiah himself has abandonment problems because of the many men Marietta brought in, allowed the boys to get attached to, and then allowed to leave. With Marietta's attempts to reconcile with Damien, Isiah tries to maintain his distance despite his brother's desire to become closer; he's convinced Damien will leave like all the rest. Only time can heal and help them grow together.

Xavier Hinter-Champ

Half-brother to Damien Champ (18 years)

Having grown up under Marietta with Isiah, Xavier took a different response to his mother's 'issues'. He developed a second personality known as Viktor, with whom he has a very strange relationship. He slips back and forth from the angry, tortured Viktor to the sweet, gentle Xavier in times of extreme stress; healers say it's a defense mechanism. He spends most of his time as Xavier and he adores Damien, taking his name and his protection though Isiah is uncertain about the whole ordeal. Viktor likes Damien as well, but he acts out against him anyway, in bursts of volatile anger and pain...which his older brother is hoping to help cure with his studies into psychology.

Cassandra Haverly*

Ex-lover of Damien Champ, Mother of Jasper (35  years)

Cassandra and Damien have known each other practically since birth, set up to be married by Adrianna and Cassie's mom, Theresa. However, Theresa was killed in a horrible accident, the details of which remain murky, and Damien learned of his proclivities with Roger at school. They spent one night together, comforting and nice, but not the passion either of them wished for. A while later, Cassandra came to Damien with the news that she was pregnant...he asked her to leave and, obediently, she did. Now she's returned, wanting her thirteen year old son Jasper to know his father and demanding the protection the older man can offer. Damien welcomes her with open arms and they remain friends though Cassandra sometimes attempts to get him to marry her...though he refuses every time.

Jasper Haverly*

Son of Damien and Cassandra (13  years)

Raised by only his mother for the first thirteen years of his life, Jasper resents his father knowing all about how he sent Cassandra away. However, for his mother's sake, he attempts to reconcile...and finds he rather likes the man who created him. But he's unwilling to allow Damien to get to know him and get closer to him, though Damien tries adamantly. Jasper also refuses Damien's name though Damien does not even allow him to disagree to the protections he offers. Damien hopes that, with time, Jasper will warm to him and eventually accept his name

Roger DiTerrano*

Ex-lover, Old friend of Damien (42  years)

Having met and fallen in love with Damien in school, Roger harbors a bit of an obsession for the man. However, when they consummated their relationship, Roger was forceful leaving Damien feeling used and abused since his friend also slept around. They were extremely close and he was Damien's first experience with love. But Roger's inability to stay monogamous made Damien leave him and cut off all desire to fall in love. Now that Damien has returned to the map, it's only a matter of time until Roger decides that he wants Damien again.

Notes: I'm willing to adjust all ages except for Marietta, Jason, Serafina, Kyler, Jasper and Roger. All names except Roger, Cassandra and Serafina can be changed as well, so long as you tell me what you would like. For the school-aged ones, I don't care which school they go to, though Hogwarts is preferred. I'm also flexible if you'd like to change backstories...also the face claims can be changed but I do have some things I'd like to include:

Jasper: I'd like a younger looking boy with blue eyes.

Jason: Again, older man, blue eyes.

Other than that, we're good! PM me if you're interested in taking on a Champ!
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