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Alinette Isenhour

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Head Of Family: Alinette Isenhour ||PLAYED||
|age: 27| |date of birth: oct. 31| |brothers: Richard&Bishop| |sisters: Elisemarie&Salem-Marie&Michelle&Kelsey| |parents: Ranford Isenhour&Adelise Vianne|
Alinette Isenhour, also known as Isaiah Burdette, was raised by her father, Ranford. Her mother left her on his stoop at the age of about a year. She was homeschooled until she was seventeen, most of her teachings were focused on Divination. She helped raise her siblings. When she was seventeen she went to Beauxbatons. She was placed in the Renault house. 

Second-In-Line: Richard Charles Isenhour ||NOT PLAYED||
|age: 27| |date of birth: oct. 28| |brothers: Bishop| |sisters: Salem-Marie&Alinette&Eisemarie&Kelsey| |parents: Ranford Isenhour&Daily MacIntoshi|
Richard was abandoned by his mother as soon as he was born. The doctor contacted Ranford, his father, to take him in. He was no help to his sister, who was older than him by three days. He hates all his siblings for taking his father's attentions from him.
Picture and appearance is up to who adopts her.

Daily MacIntoshi ||NOT TAKEN||
|age: 47| |date of birth: nov. 27| |brothers: Ricardo MacIntoshi| |sisters: Erica MacIntoshi| |parents: deceased|
Daily MacIntoshi had her only son at the age of 20. She gave the boy up to his father and has not seen him since. Her feelings about her son are unknown.
Picture and appearance is up to who adopts her.

<3 I will add the rest of her family [aka the extended and such] when I am able to focus. If there are any questions about the family I do have up at this time, just PM me on Cosette Laurent.