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Author Topic: Vanhelm family adoptables - French family  (Read 578 times)

Lucas Vanhelm

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Vanhelm family

The Vanhelm family is an old French family with known roots dating back to 14th century but is guessed to be older than that. Pureblood, but not elitist although pureblood marriage is much more preferred. A lot of history is missing and there are troubles following the family that are mostly hidden from the outside world, but the time is now and it's time to work on improving the family history ad defeat old demons.

Only certain characters have some special conditions for adopting, but the branch family is almost fully free for adoption and if you'd like to get involved with the family dramas and daily life, feel free to join the Vanhelms.

If you are interested please PM Lucas Vanhelm or Seamus Reinhardt or simply post here. :)

Family tree:
(Taken, Special)

Head of Family: Lucas Vanhelm

→ Alexandre Vanhelm (deceased) = Émilie Vanhelm (née unknown)(deceased)
    → Alphonse Vanhelm (b.1890- d.1937) = Celine Vanhelm (b.1891-d.1937)(née unknown)
      → Fay Vanhelm (b.1912) ♀
      → Lucas Vanhelm (b.1919) ♂
      → Nadine Vanhelm (b.1919) ♀
      → Jerome Marcel Michaud Vanhelm (b.1918) ♂
→ Antonie Vanhelm ♂ = Celine Anne Vanhelm (née unknown) ♀
    → Bruno Vanhelm ♂  =  Inès Vanhelm (née unknown) ♀
      → Eleonore Cecile Vanhelm
      → Victor Vanhelm (deceased) ♂
    → Emmanuel Vanhelm (French Ministry?) ♂  = Lucie Vanhelm (née unknown) ♀
      → Laure Vanhelm ♀
      → Denis Vanhelm
      → Manon Vanhelm ♀
      → Édouard Vanhelm ♂

Current taken family

Lucas Vanhelm || 18 years old || Vanhelm Family head
Recent Beauxbatons graduate, taken over the family head role from his sister. Oldest twin out of the two [Nadine is his younger sister].

Jerome Marcel Michaud Vanhelm || 20 years old || Horologist
The Michauds, a close family friend, had met with a terrible accident, leaving behind their only boy, Jerome. Out of compassion, the Vanhelms took the child in and treated him as their own. The boy, having just graduated from Salem, is currently residing in France with his siblings.
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