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Author Topic: The Raven Lodge Gang [Salem]  (Read 755 times)

* Charles Kedding

    (26/03/2013 at 20:25)
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The Raven Lodge Gang

make your transfer to salem ---

The Raven Lodge is home to some of the best schooling for Native American witches and wizards, but it seems there’s been some tightening of wallets on the coat tails of the Great Depression.   Students have been asked to make the leap from the middle of the country to reside in the bustling streets of Boston.  It’s about time for an adventure, right?

its time for some big band dances ---

At least, that’s what the kids say. America’s dirty thirties are booming with muggle gang life: you know the ones, the classy mob bosses with thick accents and straight ties.  Like the rest of the wizarding world feel affects from its muggles, bias and the need to conform becomes more and more prevalent.

your blood against mine ---

Purebloods hold their heads to muggleborns, men against women.  It’s not a new concept.  The clichés of today were the gangs of yesterday, and these boys don’t play nice.  They’re your best friend and your worst enemy, and they have that saying, right? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Times are tough, and that means you have to be tougher.   You look at friends over the ocean and see red badges thrown on people’s arms as a means to demean. 

You see it as a means to unite.


Hello my lovelies!  I’ve become a bit passionate towards Salem, and I feel this school needs a little… shaking up.  America in at this time is all about change, corruption, struggle and out running the guy next to you.  I’m looking for some players to join in with the first group, a bunch of rebel rousers from The Raven Lodge school.  I went with this school in particular because of its ties to Native American culture, and wanted something to unite the first official gang.

Let me make it clear, I’m not looking to start fights or advocate violence and discrimination.  This is all for fun, my friends, and to bring some social life to Salem.  But, lets face it, this is the 1930s, the line between gangster and hero was often blurred.   Madness and mayhem is the name of the game, you wanna play?

there are 6 open positions.
These are only suggestions and thoughts, if you had a different idea feel free to explore.  Just send me a PM

| 15 | Leader of the Pack | OPEN


Kimi Tsiishch'ili | 16 | Second Hand Man Woman | TAKEN


| 15 | The Brains | OPEN


| 16 | The Brawn | OPEN


Aylen Kanti | 16 | The Sixth-Sense | TAKEN
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Aylen Kanti

    (15/04/2013 at 19:01)
-shoves this to the top-

Still looking!

Harrowine Stone

    (23/04/2013 at 19:02)
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Can have one to act here... Can we talk? PM.

* Charles Kedding

    (30/04/2013 at 02:39)
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A few more spots open! <3