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Special Characters

Special powers and abilities at Hogwarts School must be approved by administrators beforehand. The special request form can be found here.

Eugene Bryce - grizzly bear
Felicia Navarro - white cat
Julia Cole - horse
Khloe Knight - cougar

Derek Alder - magical suitcase/house
Jeremiah Smallweed & Ophelia Smallweed - a connected pair of magical watches
Logan Montclair - thunderbird feather wand core
Marina Lamont - thunderbird feather wand core

Aethelstan G. Lowsley - empath
Icarus Argabright - empath
Lysander Stone - empath (in progress)
Tallulah Sloe - hedge crossing (in progress)
Litchfield Family - high divination levels
Goose Märchen - medium
Circe Blackwood - seer
Lillian St. Clair - seer (in progress)
Ronnie Jay Beckham - seer

Calypso Ross (in progress)
Gabrielle A. Renard
Pryce Edgar Hir - occlumency only

Able Lewis Sorley
Brooklyn Jones


Non-Human Heritage


Special Skills
Brick Dumay - language savant
Apollo Foxe & Artemis Foxe - twin link (empathy & mind-reading)
Chantal Renard - wandless
Leona Mathenjwa - wandless
Maria Teodora Wittington - wandless (in progress)
Oudh - magical fragrances shop
Rafael Blancamuerte - wandless
Ryan Ward - wandless (aura reading only)

Amarantha Crimbleton - animagus: canary
Cedric Galyn - animagus: timber wolf
Geryon Crowley - animagus: crow
Juniper E-L Steele - animagus: wolf
Nishka Mikael Eldkvist - animagus: monitor lizard (in progress)
Noah Carlsen - animagus: wolf
Sergio Melachontes - animagus: orange-breasted falcon
William Lancaster - animagus: snowshoe hare (in progress)
Adrian Alric - magical artifact: pensieve
C. M. Weatherbee - magical artifacts collector
Emerson Vartan - magical artifact: blue sapphire necklace, grants ability to understand birds
Helen Kane - magical artifact: Marcus Kane's semi-sentient diary
Lola Sloe - magical artifact: Memoria Malum, similar to Pensieve & used in magical trauma therapy
Reginald Lark - magical artifact: glamer ring created with goblin magic
Petty Franklin-Lahm - aura reading
Alysiana Wynovain - empath
Dacian Ellwood-Luxe - empath
Harry Colville - empath
Leon Delaney - empath
Payton Rose - empath
Penelope Wynovain - empath
Quincy Carlisle - empath
Sarah Ann Darcy - empath
Freja Skov - geographical tracking via divination (in progress)
Azrael Nonpareil - medium/clairvoyant
Bonnie Reed - medium/clairvoyant
Thijs Märchen - memory & aura reading
Swan Märchen - psychometrist
Altair - seer (in progress)
Coco Prince - seer (in progress)
Madison Litchfield - seer
Persephone Crowley - seer
Altair - legilimency & occlumency
Damien Ander Champ - legilimency only (in progress)
Daphne Bennett - legilimency only
Jean-Claude Ouellet (Francis Turin) - legilimency & occlumency
Lucille Hopland legilimency & occlumency (in progress)
Richard Ricardus - legilimency only
Zedric Flair - legilimency & occlumency
Augustine Attwood - lycanthropy
Charles Kedding - lycanthropy
Joey Kedding - lycanthropy
Seamus Reinhardt - lycanthropy
Tsubasa Arai - lycanthropy
Asher Nicolosi-Cadwallader - metamorphmagus (retired)
Corrina Buzolic - metamorphmagus (limited)
Enoch Baines - metamorphmagus
Kathleen Eden - metamorphmagus
Kelsey Cadwallader - metamorphmagus
Séraphine Mousseau - metamorphmagus
Vincenzo Nicolosi - metamorphmagus
Bancroft Carlisle - giant (retired)
Hera Conyngham - giant
Flair Family - goblin
Minette Ó Conaill - veela
Pandora Duke - veela
Xanthos Duke - veela (retired)
Abraxos Devell - parselmouth
Aries Paladin - parselmouth
Nishka Mikael Eldkvist - parselmouth
Mia Lorelei Kedding - aerokinesis (in progress)
Arianna Richards - dissociation
Jasper Ezekiel Kedding - hydrokinesis (in progress)
Marvin Ludwig Fleisher - sonomancy
Altair - wandless
Aubrey Kedding - wandless
Jean-Claude Ouellet (Francis Turin) - wandless
Juniper E-L Steele - wandless (in progress)
Lucian Grey - wandless (in progress)
Timothy Vartan - wandless

Activity checks for special characters are held every other term. The most recent activity check was in Summer 1955 (December 2018). For more information on activity checks and what to do if you miss one, please see this thread. All questions & concerns should be directed to Calypso Ross via PM.