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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Brendan (Pronounce "Bren-en") McCrae

Birthday: March 15, 1936

Hometown: Cork, Ireland


Magical Strength (pick one):

Magical Weakness (pick one):
Conjuring & Summoning

Year (pick two):3rd, 2nd

Brendan clearly remembered the first time he fell in love with music. When he was five, his father, Kiernan had a party at the house to celebrate his newest book being published. After the party upstairs, a few men hung around in the cellar. Brendan was instructed not to go downstairs, but curiosity got the best of him, and he slipped away quietly while his mother, Ciara, was putting his sister Shayleigh to bed.

It wasn't the dark liquids in the glasses or the cigar smoke that caught his attention, but rather the twangy tones coming from the man in a corner of the room, with a strange looking box. Bren had never seen a guitar before, but it mesmerized him. He sat down in front of the man, ignored by those conversing around him, and listened as the man played away.

He was there for thirty minutes before his mother found him. Brendan was just sent to bed while his father got a mouthful from his mother. Whatever possible negative effects his father got reprimanded for, they never effected Bren. What did happen though was the stranger's music being stuck in his head as he fell asleep. And when he woke up the next morning. Then he waited patiently for his parents to have another party, because he was sure they would.

And they did. The first thing Bren did was to seek out the man from before, to talk to him before the men went downstairs behind locked doors. Bren only got to talk to him for ten minutes, but the older man must have seen some sort of potential, because when he woke up the next day, his dad came into his room with the strange man's guitar, and told Bren that it was now his. The man wanted him to have it, to play it and to develop the same passion for music that he had.

That was years ago, and Brendan's parents had bought him other guitars as he grew up, but he still had that one from when he was five, hanging on the wall in his room.

He had other passions. Brendan played sports, did well in academics (finding a particular knack for herbology), but nothing held his attention quite like his music. When he received his Hogwarts letter, he made sure his parents wrote to the Headmaster, to make sure he could take his guitar. Brendan wasn't going to school anywhere if they wouldn't let him have his music.

The Irish boy made friends quickly, got along with his peers, and settled in nicely to the school around him. His father's advice not to worry about life, and his music was all he needed to enjoy his time at the school. Brendan got into his share of trouble, usually for not paying attention or skipping classes, but nothing too serious that would earn him a stern talking from his mother. Especially not his father.

Life was good, and Brendan McCrae wouldn't have it any other way.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request: Ravenclaw. Being musically gifted, Brendan also has a natural talent for academics and usually does well in his classes, despite his habit of skipping out on them. He didn't have to study often, and always made sure that his papers were turned in, even if not always on time. His main thirst for knowledge comes in the form of music. Bren is always searching for new songs to write, new ways to play, and in general, any way to increase his abilities.

Personality: Bren is a pretty laid back boy. His father taught him that there were too many things in life to worry about and that all the worrying would get him nowhere. It was better just to take it all in stride, and relax. He's very flexible with plans that he makes, and has no trouble changing things at the last minute. However, he doesn't often think about how those last minute changes might affect someone else, so he can sometimes been seen as flaky, with his plans.

Not worrying about life also means that Bren likes to do his own thing, and will follow his own desires, despite whatever the consequences of his actions might be. In the moment, all he wants to think about is that moment. Consequences are something to worry about when they happen in the future, not when he's having fun.

One thing he is really dedicated about though is his music skills. He plays guitar and writes songs. Often, he will be caught in class writing out lyrics, instead of notes. Bren makes sure to get in practice time on a regular basis, and can often be seen crossing campus with his guitar slung across his back.

Please reply to one of the Sample Roleplays below.

He didn’t normally frequent the dungeons.

In fact, until that year, Bren had steered clear of the cold, damp walls. Not because he was scared, but he just didn’t find reason to. And in true Ravenclaw nature, Bren wasn’t going to go traversing into an area without a purpose. The dungeons hadn’t appealed to him, despite the rumors he had heard about a pool being somewhere down there.

But what did interest him though, was the idle chatter of a few fellow second years during lunch. The boys were talking about playing hide and seek in the dungeons, and how it was difficult, because of the sounds bounced off of the walls easily. It made it nearly impossible to really tell what directions any noises were coming from.

Hide and seek, he could care less for, but echoing walls were music to his ears. Every good musician knew that a bathroom had awesome acoustics, because you could hear the sound all around you. The problem at the castle though, was that the bathrooms were shared with all of the boys, and none of them cared to enter in and hear the sounds of Bren strumming away on his guitar. Not that he was bad or anything. But as one older student had told him, “It sounds like you’re trying to serenade me while I’m doing my business. It’s creepy.”

But the dungeons weren’t the bathrooms at all, and he was sure that he could find a good space to practice his new song. And find one he did. Unfortunately, as soon as Bren sat down and prepared to strum, he dropped his pick. Into the guitar.

“Bloody hell.” The young Ravenclaw swore under his breath, flipping over the guitar to begin the annoying task of trying to get it to fall out of the soundhole. He had barely gotten a few taps on the back of the guitar when another voice echoed off the walls and bounced over his head.

“Hello! Is Emma Birch here?”

Who was Emma Birch? Bren hadn’t heard that name before. Of course, he wasn’t surprised. If she was a Slytherin (hence why someone might be looking for her down there) then there was a good chance he had never even seen her, whoever she was.

Bren almost stood up, to go and find the source of the voice, but he wasn’t really sure what direction the voice had really come from. Maybe if he hollered back, it would draw the mystery girl to his direction.

“There’s no Emma here! But there’s a Bren. I promise, I don’t bite!”


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How did you find us?: I’m an oldie.

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