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E L S E W H E R E   A D U L T

Character Name: Kynan Patrick O’Conner
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Blood Status: Pureblood

Homeschooled by his relatives and private tutor until age 11.
Hogwarts-Slytherin House from 1924-1926.
Durmstrang Institute from 1926-

Currently, since he is the next head of the O’Conner Don family, he is living at the family manor in Connacht, Ireland with his father and grandfather, their wives, and his wife and child. However, he also has a vacation townhome by the Lakeside, and a home in Russia that his wife inherited when her parents died a few years ago.

Lawyer & Lobbyist
Future O'Conner Don Family Head

Do you plan to have a connection to a particular existing place (for example: the Ministry, Shrieking Shack) or to take over an existing shop in need of new management?
If Kynan gets accepted, I am going to apply to the Wizengamot with him as the O’Conner Don family representative, since he is the current heir and soon to be head of the family.

Requested Magic Levels:
Adult characters have 32 starting levels to distribute across these four categories (less levels can be used if you so desire, but no more than 32). The number of levels on the lowest ability must be at least half of the highest ability.

If you want levels above the usual 32 total, or a significantly uneven distribution of starting levels, please fill out and submit the Special Request form here.

  • Charms: 11
  • Divination: 8
  • Transfiguration: 6
  • Summoning: 7
Do you wish to be approved as a group with any other characters? If so who and for what IC reason?
No, but he is Irene Cecily O’Conner’s nephew

Please list any other characters you already have at the site:
Irene Cecily O’Conner (who I am going to reapply with to the Ministry of Magic soon, now that my husband’s and mine’s move from Florida to Tennessee is almost done, Nisha Kapoor, etc.

Biography: (300 words minimum.)
”What are the four most important things in life?”
 The answer always was tradition, power, God, and family, and Kynan knew that from a very young age because all of his older relatives made sure it was drilled into him.  After all, he was one day going to be the head of the family, and he was expected to carry on the torch for future generations.  Every child born into the O’Conner Don family, male or female was coached and brainwashed into firmly believing and following that using nearly any means necessary, and anyone who didn’t agree was cut off. 

In other words, the way Kynan was raised was pretty much the same way any traditionalistic, elitist, upper class pureblood wizarding, male child was raised.

Kynan was born November 12, 1913, shortly after midnight to Patrick Kynan O’Conner and his wife Josephine Mayer.  Patrick was one who had always dreamed of being involved in politics and was a well-known, influential lobbyist and activist for the elimination of Magic Censorship, and a graduate of Hogwarts’ Slytherin House.  His wife was the eldest daughter a high ranking government official in Russia’s equivalent to the British Ministry of Magic’s Department of Mysteries, and a graduate of Durmstrang Institute. Since Kynan’s father was the next in line at the time to be head of the O’Conner Don family, he spent most of his childhood at the O’Conner Don family manor in Connacht, Ireland.  However, he also spent a fair amount of time with his mother’s parents and family members in Russia, so is fluent in both English and Russian.

Kynan was the first of six children and was always fiercely protective of his siblings as they were born and grew up.  He was the eldest, as well as the only boy for a very long time, so he was expected to be a great role model for all of them (Brianna, Brendan, Colleen, Katrina, and Peter) so his parents always were harder on Kynan then the rest of his siblings.  Like all of his siblings, and O’Conner Don children in general, he was homeschooled in basic magic, math, reading, writing, science, history/politics, German, French, and Russian until he received the invite at age 11 to attend boarding school at both Hogwarts and Durmstrang. Though he lived in Ireland a majority of the time, his mother’s family had pulled some chains to get him invited to Durmstrang, and he was ecstatic to receive the invite because that was where he really wanted to go. 

Unfortunately, that wasn’t where he started.  Rather he started at Hogwarts because his grandfather and father insisted on it because that was where all the powerful families in Great Britain, England, and Ireland sent their children and they expected him to make more connections. And one had to make new connections constantly if one was to gain power, one of the most important things to a successful life, according to his relatives.

The time at Hogwarts lasted only two years before his father and grandfather gave into Kynan’s demands to go to Durmstrang because they were so tired of hearing from Hogwarts professors about how lazy, defiant, and disruptive  Kynan was.  At least he had been sorted into Slytherin, while there, the most respectful of the houses at Hogwarts according to most of his family’s relatives, but in the end, it just wasn’t going to fly that the next head of the O’Conner Don family was to be a misfit and failing miserably, so much that for a little while they stripped Kynan of the title of heir and head of the O’Conner Don family and tried to mold his cousin Johnathan Caleb O’Conner for the role, which turned out to be a bigger disaster than what they had with Kynan because all John seemed to care about was his art. That and there was no way in Hell the current head was going to try and mold any of Kynan’s aunt Liz’s children, because of her progressive view that blood status didn’t matter, but rather abilities. All the other O’Conner males that could have possibly be given the title were just way too young at the time.

When Kynan was finally allowed to go to Durmstrang finally, he did a 180.  Kynan loved Durmstrang tremendously, and actually worked his tail off to be successful.  He excelled there.  He was active in dueling and did pretty well, played Quidditch as Seeker and Chaser, and his whole attitude changed.  He was determined to repair his reputation among his relatives, as well as among other upper class wizarding families, and after he graduated from  Durmstrang, the title of future heir and head was given back to him.  Kynan had finally proved himself, and was delighted. Something about the darker atmosphere and higher expectations just worked for Kynan, and he is grateful that his family gave him another chance. When the time warp happened, being the elitist that Kynan was, he didn’t care about the massive amount of muggleborns at that suddenly found themselves homeless, or the halfbloods that had lost a parent or relative. He had read about it, and heard about it on the Wireless Wizarding Network, but didn’t pay much attention to it.  Why should he?  They were inferior beings anyway.

After he graduated from Durmstrang, having made several connections with prestigious wizarding families throughout his Durmstrang career, Kynan got involved with volunteering with lobbying groups asking for the end of magic censorship and with activists for blood purity.  While doing so, he also received further education in wizarding law and politics for eight years in Russia, Germany, and the United Kingdom, while being prepped further to one day take over as head of the O’Conner Don clan from his father, who has had numerous health problems, even though he wasn’t very old.

Along the way, he met his wife, Josephine Mayer on a trip to Eastern Germany at a park one day. They dated for a couple years, and then wed after a short engagement of four months. Both have never cared for children too much, but obligated to keep the O’Conner Don family going, agreed to have a child.  If it was a girl, they would try until they had a boy, and thankfully, for them, they had a boy named Adrick on their first try who was born on June 19, 1935. 

After Kynan finished his further education, Kynan began as a junior partner for a law firm Russia because his wife’s parents were quite ill at the time, so he wanted her to be near them during their last few years and actually lived with his wife and young son in Russia at his wife’s family manor. He knew it wouldn’t go over well with his relatives at first, especially since he was going to be the next head of family and should be in Connacht, but when he reminded them and gave extremely powerful and persuasive speeches that family was one of the most important things in life to be successful, they forgave him.

 However, being all the way in Russia when Great Britain closed its borders, during the war, and not being able to come visit his relatives, rumors had flown that he and his wife and son had been killed, and the attempt to mold John O’Conner as the next head of family commenced again, reluctantly.  Unfortunately, even though John was older now, nothing got any better with him as he still only seemed to care about his art, according to Kynan’s relatives, so they were thinking about trying to mold Kynan’s younger brother, Brendan, for the role. 

However, soon after everyone agreed that would be the best approach, the borders to wizarding Britain were reopened, and Kynan, his wife, and Adrick made it a priority to get back in touch with everyone.  At this point, Kynan’s wife’s parents had passed on, and since Josephine was their only child, she inherited everything the Mayers owned.  Now that Kynan has gotten back in touch with his family members, everyone insisted that his wife, him, and child move into the family manor in Connacht, Ireland, so that there is never another mistake made regarding Kynan and his family like the one earlier. 

That and even though Kynan’s father is currently the head of family, and still rather young, he has been having numerous health issues that no one can quite figure out for some reason-things like fainting spells, memory loss, and terrible headaches, so it has appeared that Kynan will have to take on the role as family head a lot sooner than expected because his father can’t function well with all the health issues.

 Kynan’s grandfather stepped down from the head position several years ago because he didn’t feel strong enough to continue, so now he resides at the manor with his wife offering only occasional suggestions to Kynan’s dad. 

Now Kynan and his wife and child have joined the former and acting patriarchs as the next in line at the manor.  Kynan has bought a townhome by on the Lakeside to serve as a vacation home because he knew his wife and son would want to escape the manor sometimes without necessarily leaving the United Kingdom because the last thing Kynan wanted is for his beloved wife and son being caught outside of the United Kingdom in case of border closures again.  Also, since Adrick is coming close to Hogwarts and Durmstrang age, while at the townhome, he will be able to most likely meet other witches and wizards his age, which will allow him to make more connections. 

As for the property in Russia, it is being taken good care of by the Mayer family house elves, and long-time wizarding friends, and is able to be visited anytime as long as the borders remain open.

Besides getting ready to take over the duties of family head and heir for the O’Conner Don clan, Kynan has managed to start a small, successful wizarding law firm based in Galway that specializes in defense services for pureblooded families and continues to be an advocate for the end of the censorship of all magic. 

To the outside world, Kynan is the epitomy of an old, proud, upperclass, elitist family member.  He thinks anyone not pureblooded is inferior and should be treated as such.  He despises censorship of magic, and is cold, calculating, detail-oriented, and ambitious.  He inherited the infamous fiery O’Conner temper, and if it wasn’t for his wife, he would have probably ended up in Azkaban or a similar wizarding jail because he firmly believes the ends justifies the means, no matter what. 

He is an outspoken critic of the censorship of magic and a huge advocate of pureblooded superiority.  When he is focused on an outcome, he will do anything necessary, including less than ethical actions to get that desired outcome.  He is not one that will open up to just anyone, and if you ever betray him, Kynan will not forgive you and will find a way to get even.

However, in spite of all his standoffishness, coldness, and ends justifies the means attitude, he will do anything to protect his wife and son and the O’Conner Don family name. He spoils any nieces and nephews like crazy, and enjoys traveling, politics, learning all he can about wizarding law (and muggle law, reluctantly just in case one of his pureblooded clients needs representation), Quidditch, and reading.

 He is nervous about becoming the next family head, but tries not to show it. He’s nervous because he doesn’t want to bring shame or grief to the family, more than what he has already done as a youth, and is afraid of failure. He has always idolized his grandfather and what he did for the O’Conner Don family and wants to leave a lasting impact on the world.  Kynan is determined to be a good role-model for his son Adrick, but that temper sometimes makes it difficult to do so.  He is not a fan of social gatherings, but knows that they are a necessary evil if he is ever to reach his full potential and continue to make sure the O’Conner Don family keeps its power and influence.

You come across one of these posts on the site. Please select one & reply as your character:

Option Two -
The snow had been falling steadily all morning and it didn't look like it was going to stop any time soon. Joshua Campbell scrunched his face up in a frown as he lifted his gaze to look to the sky. Snow. It really was quite a bother.

And it certainly didn't make it better that Diagon Alley seemed to be getting more and more crowded. Joshua sighed and pointed his wand at the large box that was currently placed on the doorstep of his shop. He had to get going. He had an order to deliver.

"Wingardium Leviosa!" The elderly man muttered and watched the box hover in the air for a moment. Honestly, did St. Mungo's really need that much tinsel? And with glitter of all things? He sighed again. If it hadn't been for the rather convincing stamp on the order, he would have been likely to believe it had been a prank by one of those orphaned rascals living up there. 

Oh well, there was no point in waiting. Joshua deftly stirred the box down the doorstep and out onto the street, carefully levitating it above the heads of the crowd.

"Coming through! Coming through!" His voice sounded over the chatter of the crowd. "Keep out! Move ahead! Go on!" This was going way too slow. People were in the way and walking like they had all day! He huffed. Luckily the road was down hill.

"Coming through! Coming th--- arrrgh!" Joshua let out a loud shout as his feet suddenly slipped in the snow and sent him, the box, and several long strands of tinsel tumbling into the person who had been walking in front of him.

"For Merlin's sake!" Joshua muttered angrily as he hurried to his feet again, red and gold tinsel now decorating his black coat. "I am so sorry! This blasted snow!" He looked apologetic at the person he had crashed into.

Roleplay Response:
Wintertime was always the most chaotic time of year for Kynan and his wife Natasha, and their only child Adrick because of all the holiday parties, and the insanity that was buying gifts for at least a hundred kinfolk.  That was one thing Kynan never could wrap his head around—why his relatives, parents, and kinfolk all wanted to have at least four children.  Mercy!  One was enough, more than enough as far as his wife and him were concerned, and honestly there was no chance of the O’Conner Don clan dying out anytime soon with so many of his kinfolk having so many kids.  Now if they were all only having girls, then he could see the point, but seriously most of them were having at least one or two boys, so the surname was definitely not going to die out anytime soon! The snow never bothered Kynan and his wife-in fact both preferred the snow, probably because both spent most of their lives living in cold, snowy places rather than in places with warm, sunny days abound.  However, one thing was for sure, the two of them HATED how busy Diagon Alley, Wizarding London, and Hogsmeade became during the holiday season.  Honestly where did all these people come from?  He sighed as he held his wife’s and son’s hands tightly as they moozied their way through the chaos.

 As if the chaos couldn’t get any worse with all the jabbering going around, out of the blue Kynan found himself covered with silver, gold, and red tinsel all over his winter jacket and some blathering idiot (probably a former Hufflepuff) crashed into him.  Kynan was not amused and lost it.

“Walk often?” he spat coldly as he tried to brush all the tinsel off of him which was fast going to lead into a sneezing fit if he didn’t get it off his nose especially quickly.

Kynan was going to let the man have it some more, but just then he remembered that he was here with his wife and child, and didn’t want to cause a scene with them around.  Plus Kynan’s wife was constantly nagging him about keeping his temper in check so that he could be a good role model for his son Adrick, so he took a few calming breaths and let go of his wife’s hand momentarily and attempted to fish out his wand reluctantly and tried to help the man pick up the mess with a Wingardium Leviosa or two.

“Are you alright?  Perhaps you should try delivering packages on a broom to escape this madness next time,” Kynan suggested matter-of-factly as he continued to try to keep his temper in check.

And with that Kynan waited for a response.

How did you find us? | Other-Oldy wanting to come back

OOC Note:  I know I powerplayed Kynan's wife and son a bit, but since they are NPCs right I hope that is okay.  If not, I will happily edit.

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