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Suggestions & Questions / Re: New player - new questions
« on: 31/05/2015 at 23:57 »
Hey Noah!

If you check out the FAQ page (click here!), there is a list of other wizarding schools in our universe (including Gokstad. :) ) The list is located more towards the middle-bottom of the page.

I hope this helped!


Archived Applications / Rowan Stann
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Application for Hogwarts School

Name: Rowan Stann

Birthday:December 12,1926

Hometown:Derbyshire, England


Magical Strength (pick one):Transfiguration

Magical Weakness (pick one):Conjuring & Summoning

Year (pick two):First choice:2 Second choice: 3

If you are applying to be a first, second, or third year, your biography must be at least one hundred words long.
If you are applying to be a fourth year or above, your biography must be at least three hundred words long.

origin/origine/herkunft: The beginning of something's existence.
All things must have a beginning. A place where it all begins. A path, a journey, a life.

Every child has an origin. A birthplace. A father. A mother.

Rowan Stann had none.

birthplace/lieu de naissance/geburtsort: The place where a person was born.
He was born somewhere. A small German town, probably surrounded by family members, a joyous occasion to behold the birth of the third Stann child. But wherever that place is, it doesn’t exist anymore. At least, not in Rowan’s memories, and not to the British Ministry.

The Stann family moved to France shortly after Rowan’s birth, and they never returned, effectively preventing him from forming any sort of memories of his birthplace, his geburtsort. The only connection he had was through their family name, and through the small amount of German  he’d picked up from his older brother, William.

And now, just when he was starting to think about wanting to go there, not even his brother had the power to make it happen. The Ministry forbid any travel outside of wizarding community, and from the bits of pieces of words floating around, Rowan was sure that one couldn’t even get a pass for Germany. Apparently there were many things happening on the international level, which he didn’t understand, only to know that his home country was even more inaccessible to him.

A boy without a birthplace.

father/père/vater: A man in relation to his natural child or children.

Rowan never knew his father. A man named Jonah, who passed from this life to the next, before Rowan was even an infant. He has seen pictures of the man, noting the small physical similarities which were his only connect to the one who helped give him life. But there was not much else that he knew about him. Asking mother was all but forbidden, a topic too sensitive for her, if one ever found the opportunity to bring it up. William and Giselle could provide him with some information, but hearing the stories was not the same was experiencing them for oneself.

A boy without a father.

mother/mère/mutter: A woman in relation to a child or children to whom she has given birth.

Unlike his father, Anastasia was alive, a real corporal being to be seen and touched. She birthed him, made decisions for the family in reference to where they would live, attend school, major decisions such as those. But that’s all there was to her. Rowan’s mother lacked the ability to nurture, to dry tears, to have any sort of emotional connection to those who were her offspring. She was always too busy in her own affairs, only making her presence known for the most important matters.

A boy without a mother.

loyalty/fidélité/loyalität : A strong feeling of support or allegiance.

Loyalty must be earned. It can not be given freely and is not developed through meaningless interactions or simple connections.

To these things be true: your family, your friends, and your self.

This was Rowan Stann’s motto.

family/famille/familie: A group consisting of parents and children living together.

To Rowan, his family consisted of his brother William, his sister Giselle, and himself. That was all. Not his mother, despite the fact that she gave him life, nor his grandmother, who opened her home to them. His mother had never proved herself to him, never cared for him, or read him bedtime stories. She was merely a face to Rowan Stann, a woman connected by blood, but more of a stranger to him than actual family. And his grandmother, well it didn’t take long for Rowan to figure that her act of kindness was merely generated by honor to the family name, not to her actual grandchildren.

William and Giselle, they were who he had. William had been a father and a mother to him, as well as trying to be a brother. And he did try hard. Rowan cared deeply for him, knew that he carried too much on his shoulders, and not by choice. But he was the best to Rowan and Giselle, and Rowan thought the world of him. Giselle was the only real interactions he had with a female, growing up. She annoyed him at times, but that was only natural. He always forgave her when she was mean, because that’s what families did. Rowan would give all he had for these two people, because they were everything to him.

friend/ami/freund: A person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection.

Making friends was not easy. When he began at Hogwarts, there were no previous connections for him, no classmates whom he knew from before school began. The school was completely new to him, just as England was new to him. The older kids were still a bit scary, but it was nice to be a first year, surrounded by kids who were all in the same boat. At first, living with so many people was really overwhelming, and Rowan had spent much of his first month in his dorm, trying to find a bit of quiet.

That’s when he met Jack, a kid who was even quieter than he was. Not that Rowan would say they were exactly friends, since that would require a little more interaction, but he definitely liked the small boy better than many of other students. At least he always knew that if he wanted to be around people without actually being required to talk, he just had to find Jack.

self/auto/selbst: A person's essential being that distinguishes them from others.

Being the youngest child had it’s pros and cons, even in a very small family. William was always running around, trying to find the best way to care for their family. And Giselle started ignoring Rowan once she became a teenage, and found her own group of friends. So Rowan had a lot of time to himself, creating his own little world to play in, being content on his own. He liked being by himself, because he knew that he couldn’t disappoint himself. He kept all of his own promises, and did whatever he wanted to do. There was no one to shoot down his crazy ideas when he was on his own. So Rowan had created his own little world of happiness, where he could go whenever the castle became too overwhelming.

journey/voyage/reise: An act of traveling from one place to another.

Life was a never-ending journey. Always going from here to there, never stopping.

Along the way, one must make time for discovery, adventure, and destiny.

Thus is the life of Rowan Stann.

discovery/découverte/entdeckung: The action or process of finding something unexpected.

1937: The house was huge. Rowan wasn’t sure he had ever seen a place so big. William confirmed that it was a family place, but Rowan never remembered setting foot inside. Standing at the gates, he noticed the woman in the window, but he stood silent, hand in his mouth, as William and Giselle had a discussion. When the gates finally opened, Rowan followed obediently after his brother, his other hand attached firmly to his brothers while he continued to chew on the back of his hand.

Every day in the new house was a different discovery. Rowan made it his goal to find new rooms, passageways, and closets to explore. Often, he was found wandering in off-limit locations, and reprimanded before being directed back to his quarters. Eventually, the newness wore off, and his only discovery was that his extended family was no different from his mother, which would make sense, considering it was her family.

1938: The Pura Manor did not prepare him for the castle at Hogwarts School. It was impossibly large, and Rowan was sure he would never find an end to it all. Better yet, there usually weren’t people trying to push him back to his dorm all of time, unless it was after curfew. But Rowan never liked the night much anyway, so he was usually in the house area well before the required time.

But during the day, he wandered as much as he could, unless he had to be in class. Rowan didn’t quite see the point of having to be stuffed in a classroom all day when there was so much around them, but there wasn’t much arguing the rule. He was a student, the whole reasoning for being there was classes and learning. One could argue to him that learning was discovery, but Rowan didn’t find it very appealing if someone was leading him in that direction. True discovery was done by oneself.

adventure/aventure/abenteuer: An unusual and exciting experience or activity.

The act of looking for discoveries almost always landed a person in a new adventure. Rowan thrived on adventure. Anytime he could do something new, he wanted to try it, even if he knew he wasn’t old enough, or perhaps it was forbidden. Life was boring without adventure. What most people failed to realize though, was that Rowan often created his adventure in his own mind. So while someone might observe the boy, talking to himself, or having conversation with leaves and other inanimate objects, Rowan was deep in his mind, making plans, having his own adventures, completely immersed in the world he created.

destiny/destin/schicksal: The power believed to control what will happen in the future.

Rowan was by no means an unhappy child. Circumstances were less than ideal, and he knew that his family did not function as they were supposed to, but that didn’t mean he was without. His brother did all he could to make sure Rowan and Giselle had all they needed, and were raised in a proper fashion. They had money, they had provision, they had each other. For a growing child, it was enough.

One should never be satisfied to merely be content, though.

There were things he wanted to do, places to see, adventures far beyond the reaches of the castle and the family manor. Rowan knew that something more was calling him. To find his origin, to discover the side of the family he never knew. His father’s family, the other half of his gene pool shut away, not mentioned by those around him. Why didn’t they speak of Germany? Why couldn’t they go visit their other family? For a boy of 12, these questions linger at the back of his mind, waiting until the moment that destiny can finally pull him towards those discoveries.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request: Hufflepuff

Personality: Rowan tends to get lost in his own little world. He zones out unless conversation is being directed at him. Not because of boredom, but only because he’s creating some adventure in his mind, trying to find a way to connect the current situation to what he knows. When spoken to, he’s generally receptive, and wants to make a good impression to people. Rowan doesn’t often create negative thoughts on others, but he also won’t open up to a person until they’ve proved that they’ve earned it.

Appearance: Rowan stands at 5’6”, a skinny, lanky 12 year old. It’s not for lack of appetite, because he eats just as much as any preteen boy. He’s just grown up more than he’s grown out. His shaggy dark hair is not often combed out, but just pushed around, and out of his eyes. Rowan owns a pair of glasses, but mostly uses them for reading, and tries to go without any time he can. Even when he does wear them, he ends up chewing on one of the earpieces more than they end up sitting on his nose.

Please reply to one of the Sample Roleplays below.
Rowan followed the light on the floor, always moving ahead of him, reflected from the metal spoon in his hand. Sure, he probably wasn’t allowed to take it out of the dining hall, but it’s not like he did it on purpose. The boy had been chewing on the handle when he finished lunch and went to return to his dorm.

As soon as he entered the corridor, the lights reflected off of the shiny metal, creating the mini spotlight which he was now following. If he paid attention closely, maybe he would find a secret crack in the floor, or hidden arrows leading to an undiscovered room. Anything was possible.

He was so engrossed in his activity that Rowan did not hear or see the student until she was right in front of him, quill and parchment in hand, asking something about frog legs. What was this? Rowan didn’t know the girl, but from the looks of it, she wasn’t going to go away until she got an answer.

“Cuisses de grenouille?” He quickly associated the English name with the French cuisine. “I think it’s tasty, but only if it’s cooked the right way. Have you ever tried them?”


Previous Characters (if applicable): Tegan Owensby, et. al.

How did you find us?: I’m an oldie. :P

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