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Application for Hogwarts School

Name: Henrietta Lucretia Chant

Birthday: 25 December 1933

Hometown: Tinworth, Cornwall

Pureblood (as far as anyone knows...)

Magical Strength (pick one):

Magical Weakness (pick one):
Conjuring & Summoning

Year (pick two): 1st, 2nd

It was half past four in the morning. Henrietta could hear a house elf shuffling down the hallway placing the newly shined shoes outside the bedrooms, but none of the human occupants of Thatcher Hall were awake yet...besides her, of course. She had been awake for hours. She pulled back one of the lace trimmed curtains and peered out her window. The sky was beginning to lighten and she could now see the suggestions of hedges and statues in the garden below. Only a few hours until she began her journey.

She wondered if this Camp Loki place would have a nice garden too. Would she be able to see it from her bedroom window? Cousin Phinny had told her that there were no bedrooms at the camp, but clearly he was lying, because they had to sleep somewhere! He claimed they slept in tents or cabins, but she couldn’t believe that wizards would have any accommodations that…rustic. All of the adults were far too busy to talk to her, other than to confirm that, YES, she WOULD be going to camp and to stop pestering them about it.

She turned away from the window and stared at the large trunk in the middle of the floor. Inside it was everything she would need for camp (according to her house elf Tansy), plus everything extra she managed to cram in after Tansy had left. Henrietta had begged not to be sent away, but she had now reached a state of grudging acceptance of her fate. She would go, but no one could make her like it.

The only bright spot in the situation was that she was told to pack her bathing costume, which meant there must be a lake or ocean or some sort of water nearby. She very much enjoyed swimming, but the estate only had a very small pond that they were allowed to swim in. They had not been allowed onto the beach or in the ocean since the war had started. She'd been told the war was over now, but no one had let them go down to the beach yet.

No one had mentioned anything about her about returning home, either. She was sent out here to the country because her mum said it was too dangerous in London. She knew it really had been dangerous, because Cousin Lucian told her how even St. Mungo’s had been bombed and half the building was blown apart. She had cried for two days about that before anyone bothered to tell her that her mother was fine. But now the war had ended and her mother still had not called her back to London.

She barely remembered what it had been like at “home” now. She knew that they lived near Diagon Alley and she had vague memories about lots of stairs. She also remembered that she hadn’t had a nanny or a house elf then, like she did here. She went to a different house with lots of other kids whose parents had to work during the day. But on the way home, Mum sometimes let them stop at the ice cream parlor for a treat. There were no ice cream parlors out here in the country.

There were barely even any people out here, if you didn’t count family. There was a larger village down the road, but Aunt Cordelia said it was full of “dirty muggles”.  In London, there had been neighbors and strangers and lots of Mum’s friends that were always around. She remembered one called Ed who always made her breakfast and did her eggs just the way she liked them. Out here none of the adults treated her like a friend and they were all grandmothers, aunts, or uncles who told her where to go and how to behave constantly.

Maybe camp wouldn’t be so bad after all, because she would be away from all those critical eyes. When she had arrived out here from London, they were constantly comparing her behavior to a muggle and saying “like mother, like daughter” and "the apple never falls far from the tree". But that had been a long time ago and she knew she was old enough to remember her manners without someone constantly reminding her now. After all, in a few months she would be at Hogwarts for the whole school year, where none of them could see her. She wasn’t going to think about that now, though, because down that road was a whole new set of anxieties. First she had to survive this “camp”.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request: Sort me!

Personality: Henrietta is a study in contradictions. She spent half her life running wild and was extremely self-sufficient for her age. She could read and follow a recipe passably well by the time she was 5. She had enjoyed playing outside and running and climbing, and became very adept at sneaking in and out of the flat while her mother was sleeping. This child is still lurking inside her, but it’s now usually repressed by years of bouncing between pampering and punishment. She second guesses all her thoughts now, and will adapt her behavior to fit in with or please whomever she is with. She thinks that if she can just be the smartest and best behaved, then she will finally be good enough for both her mother and her aunts. Despite this, she is pretty spoiled, though she doesn’t realize it. She has become used to the lifestyle at the family’s large estate and just expects things will be done for her. Her sense of entitlement and privilege is largely subconscious. She doesn’t actively dislike or wish ill of those of “lower” status, as many of the family members do.

Appearance: She’s average height for her age, but thin and dainty and often mistaken for being a year or two younger (much to her annoyance). She has wavy dark brown hair, grey-blue eyes, and a round face with a dusting of freckles.

Please reply to one of the Sample Roleplays below.

Hen crept along the corridor, stopping at intervals to bang on the stone wall with her small fist, muttering a soft “ow!” after each time.

She had been down in the dungeons a few times already, for their Potions lesson, but the corridors had not seemed so dark and foreboding with packs of students hurrying back and forth. Coming down here to search for the rumored swimming pool had seemed like a much better idea then.

In fact, it had seemed like a downright good idea. When she overheard some older students gossiping about the existence of a swimming pool down here, she knew she needed to find it. They hadn’t said where it might be, however, and even though she “got lost” on the way to Potions class and took a long ramble through the dungeons, it hadn’t shown itself.

She knew what she had to do next. In the mystery novels she liked to read, they always found hidden rooms by tapping on the walls. She would likely to be branded a weirdo if she just went about the castle banging on walls, so obviously she had to wait until night to try her new plan. So that was how she found herself sneaking around in the dark in the creepiest part of the castle after curfew.

She raised her fist for the next knock and then froze. What was that sound? A voice? A ghost?! Another sound came echoing out of the darkness.

"Hello! Is Emma Birch here?”

Hen nearly shouted in fear, but managed to control herself. It couldn't be an angry ghost. Ghosts said things like “aaaaahOOOOoooo” and “Boo!” not “Is Emma Birch here”. She suddenly remembered that she had a wand for a reason and pulled it out of her sleeve and pointed it down the corridor before muttering “Lumos!

“Who’s Emma Birch?”


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Verity Blythe, Lydia Chant, Pippa Thatcher, Cassandra Chant
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